Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Wheeling, WV: Small Town Community, Big City Opportunity

After the History Bowl's elimination rounds, everyone were given an  hour to have lunch at River City Ale Works.  The restaurant sponsored the meals for  participants and coaches.  We ate at a separate booth from the students so I couldn't take   pictures.  The place was beautiful but their  food wasn't that good but then again everyone has their own opinion. Some people might find their food  delicious and great but it wasn't the case for me.  It was big let down for me, even my son was complaining about the chicken he got which was soaked in ranch, they could have served it separately than dumping it on the chicken.  Anyway, we ate there since it was recommended by the host of the event.
Anyway, the restaurant was few blocks away from the Independence Hall Museum so it gave us the opportunity to do a little cardio  before and after lunch.  Wheeling is such a beautiful place, there are lots of old building structures to see.  I wish we had extra time to explore but maybe next time we could do that.
I am always drawn to  old but beautiful churches.  Statues that holds historic value is a great plus too.  
Did you know that Wheeling, West Virginia, was the former capital of the newly formed state from 1863 to 1870?  It was moved to Charleston but in 1875, the seat of the government was brought back to Wheeling and remained until 1885.  Then it was transferred again  to Charleston where it has since remained until the present day.  Does any state has a similar  event where the capital has been moved  to another city?  West Virginia definitely  had.
Our state is not very famous, in fact some American people  don't know  the difference between  the states of Virginia and West Virginia.  I remember when we were in South Korea and would tell people where we came from, they would often ask, where are you from Virginia when we clearly said West Virginia?  It gets frustrating to have to explain it every time but that's what happen most of the time.
West Virginia is  considered one of the more scenic states in the nation.  Aside from it's natural beauty, West Virginia is also known for its Civil War history,  resorts and architectural feats.  So if you are looking for a place to explore, try Almost Heaven, our beautiful state of WEST VIRGINIA.

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