Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vietnam is in my Travel Bucket List

When we were still living in Korea, part of our plans was to take advantage of the travel package deals that MWR or Moral, Welfare and Recreation inside the Navy base was offering. They would put together some places to visit at a very reasonable prices so that families can enjoy it. We were supposed to visit Vietnam one time but we cancelled the trip because my eldest brother died so suddenly due to motorcycle accident. One of the ladies that I met and became close friend while we were in the Land of the Morning Calm is this beautiful Vietnamese  lady  who was dating a a high ranking officer.  
We  talked about our  countries and she encouraged me to visit their  country.  That's what prompted us to book that  travel deals but unfortunately, it did not materialized.  I still want to visit the place though, I know that there are possible  ways to do that, like getting a tourist visa.  You can actually submit an application online or you can secure Vietnam visa on arrival.  Or if you ever need an urgent Vietnam visa, you can use  the online Vietnam visa service available at  Vietnam visa information at www.tuanlinhtravel.com.  They offer discount  for  travelers who  are  applying in group.  Their  application process takes 3 business days at a very affordable price.  
One of the many beautiful and interesting things that I want to experience and see in Vietnam is their famous  floating market.  You don't see that anywhere bu-t in their  country.  It would be exciting to   experience that even just once  in a lifetime.  
The Halong Bay is one of the many  spectacular places to see in Vietnam.  Oh, it would be so awesome to see  these beauties!  Isn't it obvious that Vietnam is one of the many places in my travel bucket list?

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nova hedges said...

oh nice, i've been wanting to visit the country too because of the lifestyle they have there that is way different from what i've used to know.... i hope someday you'll be able to travel there with your family.

jheylo said...

Looks like a beautiful place to see. Hopefully you will make your dream come true very soon.

AdinB said...

I have heard and seen photos of Vietnam and how beautiful this country is. Never been there before and sorry you guys didn't make it and sorry about our brother's passing. It is fascinating to see their floating market. Lovely ladies!

Mel Cole said...

Those boats and ships are interesting. You get the feeling that you revisited the past. So cool Vietnam!

Kelli Avery said...

I would love to have an experience like that. Such a different way of life than I am accustomed to. Would be a great experience!

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

So much of the far East I would love to see but It will not happen. N cannot travel far in a plane because of his feet and we cannot afford first class! Take care Diane

Oliver said...

2nd photograph is in the Mekong Delta, this place is famous floating market at Cai Rang Can Tho city.
see more: http://bit.ly/1Yv10rf

Mekong Delta said...

Cai Rang floating market is so amazing. I can't believe they can trade on river.

Best Halong bay cruiser said...

The Halong Bay is one of the many spectacular places to see in Vietnam.

Magdalene said...

I’ve got the same feelings towards Vietnam! I’m currently travelling through (South to North) and in Hoi An at the moment (the scamming seems exaggerated here). But I agree, visiting is recommended

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