Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nostalgic Blue

Actually, I am so sleepy right now but I am trying to post this before I got to bed (addict lol). I went to bed at past two am last night because I finished the tasks that was given to me by PU2 and I am glad that I did because we had an emergency this morning, we rushed Rylie to the doctor. I planned to wake up late this morning but Champ woke us up early (grrrr) and its already 11:13 and I am just starting to blog haizz...

Okay, enough complaining before you finally close your page and leave lol. Here is my entry for Mommy Moment's Blue theme this week.

You might have seen this at my husband's blog but I am reposting it anyway.

Here's my husband's stolen shot of me at Tomlinson Run last Friday.
Thanks for taking us there Hon, we love you!
We bought this slippers for EJ.

He is so natural with it, hubby calls him pure Pinoy as he is so good walking with slippers hehehe.

This is one of the dresses that I traded when she wants to buy the tutu that is so expensive hehehe. See anak, aren't you glad you listen to me?

Alrighty guys, I really have to go to sleep, I can barely open my eyes now lol. I will visit you back tomorrow when we finish with our fencing project. Thanks for coming by.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Doing Laundry - Old Style

We bought our daughter some summer dresses when we went to the store last weekend so when we came home she wants to try them on but I told her that we need to wash them first. She said "Okay, let's toss them in the washer" but I told her that we have to wash it by hand so I can teach her how to do it like the way we do it in the Philippines.
She had fun but she said at the end "It was a little hard" lol. Then we hanged it by their swing set outside. The combination of wind and sunshine dry the clothes fast.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Portrait

I was frustrated with something last week so I secretly shed tears outside our back porch. I did not know that they saw me, then my son came out and asked "are you okay Mom?" and he gave me a hug. So I calmed down and said "I'm okay EJ". I just need to breath that fresh air I guess.

But anyhow, when I came in my daughter handed me this drawing that she made and said "Cheer up Mom". I knelt down and gave her a tight hug and said "I love you Anak". So here you go guys, our family portrait according to our four year old artist.

Later that day, we went to my FIL's house to visit him and she made this art work.

I am so thankful that God blessed me with two adorable and loving children who always paints a a smile on my face. Mommy loves you guys very much!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Well Spent

Our weekend are usually spent by going to church in the morning then proceeds to my father-in-law's house after the mass. Our family and my sister-in-law's family get together there to keep that's company during weekend. Although we visit him almost everyday, we see to it to get together as a family to give the kids time to play and the adults to catch up. It's a joy for Dad too to see every one of us. Last weekend, my SIL's family got sis, so its only us who showed up.

John take the kids for a ride to this wagon made by my SIL for the kids.
While Dad and John are talking about politics, the kids are talking about something else hehehe.

EJ giving Pap a big sweet hug!

Rylie was getting annoyed with me while I was taking pictures of her when she was eating her cookies lol.
Okay baby, what's up with the feet?
Hey, I gotta have at least one pic hahaha. Thanks for dropping by everyone. Your valauable comments is always appreciated!

Times like this might be ordinary for some but it is a time well spent for us as it is spent with love ones!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cruisin n' Bruisin

The theme for this week Mommy Moments is something red. After having a very high fever for a couple of nights, they got a little better so the next day, we let them play a little bit outside for them t get some fresh air. They ride their newly charged Lamborghini.

Ate Rylie volunteered to drive first and Daddy said that she is like Mommy who drive recklessly (grins). After a couple of laps, we heard EJ cried. She somehow drove the car too close to the patio cement and mashed EJ's finger.
At first he only puckered like this.

Then he let it out loud hahaha. Poor little fella. I can't help but laugh because it wasn't that bad but he cried like, it was a big of a deal.
So doctor Daddy came to the rescue with the assistant nurse Ate Rye.
So that was how the cruisin ended up and that is why I got a tile of cruisin 'n brusin lol.
Our poor little thing had a bobo. The fun thing is that while I was taking pictures and he was crying, he kept saying "lemme see the pictures of my bobo". My husband and I were both cracking out loud. EJ is something I tell ya!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Date with my Daughter

Lately, I've been getting these remarks from my daughter:
  • "You're the best Mommy I could ever have in the whole wide world"
  • "I love you so much Mom, You are the best"
  • "I am so proud of you Mom"
.... and that is when I am letting her involve everything that I do especially in the kitchen...... BUT... when I have a lot of online tasks and my butt is pasted on the chair and my eyes are glued on the computer's screen.. this is what I get''''

"You are always working on the computer and you don't have time to play with us anymore and that is not good." It broke my heart when I heard that and I cried so hard that my eyes swelled up, but it woke me up.

So when we went to visit my FIL last Thursday, I asked Rylie if she would love to go for a walk with me in the neighborhood and she agreed, so she and I had a date. It was a long walk and we both enjoyed it.

The rain actually almost poured on us but my little princess told me that we need to keep going because I told her that I will show her the river that her Dad and I love to go to when we take our walks. Even if she has to use the rest room really bad, she managed to keep it in control just to see the river. She was so determined and I admire that about her. Here are some of the photos that we took.

That's the river that is separating West Virginia from Ohio.
I love this tree, isn't that gorgeous?

She managed to take some pictures of me too.

We had so much fun and enjoyed the beautiful sceneries.

She wanted to rest a little bit, found some dandelion, picked it and gave it to me. It's weeds flowers but hey, it's really sweet, don't you think?
With a smile like that, even a stinky flower will do lol.

I told her to take a picture of the tree because the flowers are pretty but it's me who was fully captured lol.

She was showing me her balancing skill here.. She told me that she wants to be a gymnast someday.
Alrighty folks, that's our memorable date. A walk to remember.. My date with my lovely daughter!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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