Friday, January 29, 2010

I Love....

Have I told you lately that I Love YOU? That is the theme of this week's Couple's Corner meme by the beautiful Mom of four, Liz! We had a romantic road trip last Friday when hubby and I flew to Baltimore Maryland to pick up our car. It cost us a few hundred bucks but its worth it because it gave us both some time alone away from the kids. I felt like I was having a first romantic date with him lol. It is so nice to be away even for just one day. It's not really a date but I felt like it. Below is a picture taken of us at Pittsburgh airport while waiting for our flight to board.

My husband and I are very vocal with our love to each other. We seldom goes to sleep without telling each other how much we care. It's heaven whenever John would tell me "Thanks for marrying me hon" because its me who is so much thankful that he married me. I could not ask for more for a husband a Dad to our kids. He is the best! He may have some temper sometimes but it always melts down through my mellow technique hehehe. I love my husband to death, I don't know what he saw from me that he made him marry me but hey, I am so blessed! I love you hon!

Oh before I forgot, he called me this morning when he was in school and I was like in the not-so-good mood. When he told me "Okay, thank you and I love you!" I just said "bye" so he immediately sensed it and said "How come there is no loving?" Nyahahaha, ang asawa ko talaga, puro na lang paglalambing ang hanap lol.

With Love Wednesday's theme for this week is "When I go out, I'd love to..." Well, I am not into pedicure and manicure or something like that because it is so expensive in here in the States. Heck, I even cut my own hair just so I won't spend that much for a haircut lol. Yes, in tagalog I am kuripot, but it's for good naman. I'd rather spend it with something worth for our family. I hate spending that much for myself only. Whenever we go out, all I want to do is eat and record our moments through taking photos.

This is my entry to Shoot Me, a challenge authored by Carin from Forever in Blue Jeans. May all the husbands and wives stay in love with each other as long as they live.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Born Days

I missed the "New Born Days" theme at Mommy Moments meme so I am entwining it with the "welcoming new siblings" on this week's theme. We did not have many photos when I gave birth to Rylie because I had an emergency C-Section. We only had a chance to take pictures when we were getting out of the hospital.

The second picture above was taken in front of the Weirton Medical Center. Below were taken at the hospital room.

Rylie was only nine months old when I found out that I was pregnant with EJ.

I never had a chance to wean Rylie before I gave birth to EJ. So when we brought EJ home, I breastfed both of them for about two weeks then I I was forced to finally weaned Rylie.

Rylie was so happy and at the same time jealous of his brother's coming to our family. Most of the time she was loving to him but there were times that she would hurt him hehehe.
The key is making the eldest one feel that she is part of taking care of the baby. I always involve Rylie in taking care of EJ like changing diapers and such.
It's been almost five years since we welcome these two individuals in our home and since then our home and family are in bliss. I always thank God for giving me two wonderful kids.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

The youngest daughter of my late brother Andy turned one year old today (26th). It made me feel very sad that she won't be able to grow up with her father. I just hope and pray that my sister in law will find strength to carry on all the challenges that she has raising her three daughters without my brother. Happy Birthday Briel!
My Mama is also celebrating her 57th birthday tomorrow. How I wish that I could be there with her, that's one thing that is very hard when you are far away from your family. I pray to God that may He shower my Mom with good health so she could live longer and be with us. I love you very much Ma, I'd be calling you real soon today. I miss you so much. Thank you for being the best Mom that you could be to us!
Photos were taken during our last visit when we sent my brother to rest in peace. Wahhhh, I can't help my tears from falling.

Plans for summer

Hello there everyone, how is the weather at your end? I thought that the snow season is over but I was wrong. It snowed again yesterday. I can't wait till winter is over so that all of us can enjoy the outdoors without bundling up.
One of the reasons why hubby decided to go back to school and not to get a job right away after his retirement is for us to enjoy the summer time without the hassle of work schedule. Spending more time with family while Dad is still active tops the goal.

It would be nice to rent one of those travel trailers and spend some quality time with family during summer time. If budget permits, that is one thing that hubby and I planned. To go for an outing or picnic is one of the plans but of course, it will all depends on the financial budget.

I hope you guys are having a nice weather. Times like this makes me want to go back in the Philippines where its always warm. If only it is near, I'd probably stay there until the winter is over. Have a good day everyone and thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The music in Me

I am not really a good singer but I can sing a tune. I was a member of our school choir during high school days. Then when I was working in school, the non-teaching employees formed a choir which we called the "Nightingales." We used to sing whenever there is a mass at the chapel.

This one here is the picture of my and my classmates in graduate school. We organized a Christmas Carol which aimed to gather funds for our social work. We caroled at the house of one of our professors.
We bought can goods and give it to the poor families in Daraga, Albay.

Can you spot me in the photos?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Perfect Match

I would like to thank Chris for making Rylie and EJ a new pair of pants. After I washed it, they immediately wore it lol.

Champ is very playful. A perfect match for our kids who constantly want to play. All of them three are very energetic. When we visited Dad the other day, Rylie wanted to try the skateboard but Champ wouldn't let her because he wanted to do it too. So Rylie had so much fun playing with Champ.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010


I am seriously looking for coupons to use on my shopping spree because I have to look for ways to save. Luckily, I have found several websites where I could get some discount coupons and codes to use such as and other online sources. I got use to my spending budget overseas where I shop in the Commissary and the prices are much lower especially on the meat and other products.
One thing that I missed are the coupons that they always laid out at the entrance of the store so before you go on shopping, you can take some coupons that you can use. Coming back here, it made me realize how much the difference was between shopping inside the base than shopping here.

The picture above was one of the cookies that I miss being overseas. I used to buy that when we were still there. It is so delicious. My daughter and son loved that too. I couldn't find it here though.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bonding with Champ

EJ is getting better dealing with Champ. When we first got Champ, he would always tease him to the point that Champ is ready to bite him. But now, whenever he is watching TV and Champ wants to sit with him, he pet him now and don't try to hurt him. I took these photos yesterday which I think was sweet of them. In this photo, EJ was playing with Champ's mouth.

EJ was telling Champ to look at the TV.

Champ is yawnbing now and ready to take a nap hehehe.

One of the many advantages of having Champ in our family is that it somehow influences EJ's potty training. We always praise Champ whenever he does his business outside which inspires EJ to learn his thing. Today, EJ successfully did it for the first time. He told me that he need to pee so I took him to the bathroom and he did it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We know each other so Well

Another week.. another episode of challenge authored by Carin of Forever in Blue Jeans. The first photo was taken last weekend when we visited my FIL.

My daughter took this one last night at my FIL's house.

It's been a while since I last participated to the Couple's Corner Meme. So to catch up, I will include some that I missed. First up some things that somehow annoys me.
  1. hugging and kissing me while I am doing dishes. It's sweet and cute but I don't like it since I can't hug him back hahaha.
  2. He is very good in giving sarcastic comments. I'd rather be told of what I am doing wrong than hearing side comments which really annoys me.
The thing that annoys him that I always do is getting out of the door without closing it wahhh or I always let him lock the door because I don't have my keys lol.
This week's theme is "How well do we know each other?"

We have been together for six years and nine months now and I can say that we can read each other's mind and hearts already.
  1. He knows when I am not feeling well even if I don't tell him. I am the same way with him.
  2. He knows when something is bothering me. I know too when something is bothering him. We both keep silent when we are worrying about something.
  3. We both know when to stop and what to do when we have misunderstanding. But mas malambing sya hehehe, ako hinahayaan ko lang till sumuko sya wahhh, dami ko kasing pride chicken lol.

I won't elaborate the things we know from each other because it is so madami so hanggang dito na lang hehehe. I just know that for almost seven years, we know each other very well na because I can tell if it's his fart or not lol I also know deep in my heart and soul how great John is as a husband and Dad!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Birthday EJ

Last week was a pretty busy week for me from trying to finish putting things in order, cleaning, and grocery shopping in preparation for EJ's birthday party. We didn't invite many people just close friends and family.

The highlight of it was a friend blogger, Shy of Milestones came over all the way from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to Weirton, West Virginia. Thanks a lot Bakla for coming over, it's a great pleasure to have you guys in our humble abode. I hope that you have a great time.

Here's Rylie with Jake (Shy's son).

Raquel and Shy in the kitchen, thanks guys for the help!

A picture taken by Rylie.

The MEN, Bob, Tom (Raquel's husband), hubby, and Joe (Shy's husband). It is so good to have a gathering once in a while because you get to talk to friends. The men had a good time talking with each other about things, family, business, and other stuff and such. The ladies had a great time talking about stuff and in their own lingo so the guys don't have any idea what they were talking about hahaha.

My husband turned on the Filipino chan nel (TFC) on TV and the kids had so fun dancing. Shy's son, Jake is a very good dancer.

Jake and I had so much fun. He was smiling in front of the camera all the time.

Joops with his sweetheart and ninang Raquel

Jen and the ladies Shelby, Lexie, and Jessie. Thanks a lot guys for coming over.

Rquel, Shy, and Jen's daughter, Gracie.

Chris, Jen, Jim, Hailey, Bob and hubby.

The kids were into the playing mood after eating so I took them downstairs so they could play freely without disturbing the chit chat of the adults.

Cake and Ice cream time..

The lovely mom and daughter, Shy and Justine.

Shelby and Champ relaxing on the couch.

After most of the guests were gone, my SIL Chris, Raquel and I took some pictures in the living room.

So there it is my little man's 3rd birthday celebration! 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lady of Guadalupe

This picture was taken in Bula Camarines Sur where the big statue of the Lady of Guadalupe was built. This is on top of the mountain where you can see the whole city of Bula and the neighboring towns of Camarines Sur. This was taken in the mid 90's.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine's Flower

The price of the flowers in Korea is cheaper compared to the flowers over here so I am wondering if I would receive any here hahaha. The bouquet below was given to my by hubby Valentine's day last year when we were still in Korea. It wasn't purchase outside the market though. The grade school students inside the base we're making a fund raising that time and one of those students was my husband's boss' daughter, so she made him order it lol.

I love receiving flowers however due to its prize I'd rather receive a card than a fresh flower for any occasion. Card can be kept but with flowers you can't. But I think most women prefers to receive fresh flowers, they say its romantic. So for those men who want's to give your wife or girlfriend fresh flower this coming Valentine's gift, here is a Proflowers code that you can use to save money in ordering flowers online.

It's been..

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