Thursday, October 29, 2009

Precious Gifts

Wohooooo time is flying so fast these past couple of weeks. I am glad because in 31 days, we would be flying back to our home sweet home in "Country road, take me home to the place where I belong, West Virginia...." Nyahahaha kinanta na eh.

But anyhow, the them for this week's Mommy Moments is the precious gift that we received from our kids.

I think most Mom would agree with me when I say that the most precious gifts that we have received from our children is when they give us hugs and kisses. And most especially when they say the sweetest five magic words "I love you Mom & Dad". Here are some sweet hugs and kisses from my chubskulit burritoes.
When I was still nursing EJ, he would kiss me first and say "I want mimi".
A loving hug from my sweet princess.
The hug swept away the tiredness I got from climbing Mt. Seorak
A sweet hug and kiss in the morning energizes your whole day..
A set of roses that they gave me on Mother's day this year.
EJ gave me this rose bud that he picked in our garden.

Whenever they go for a walk without me, EJ would always picked up a piece of rock or leaf and gave it to me. I always saved them in a flower basket. I should have wrote the dates but I neglected to do it.
My daughter love picking flowers for me. Even a flower from the weeds. Here are some dandelion flowers.

Old dandelion flower, she calls it whispery blossom because before she blows it, she whisper a wish first. Sometimes she would say "I love you Mama!"

The other day, we were playing in the hill when she brought me this "Leaves barbecue". She said she grilled it for me...
Here are some wild daisies that she gave me.
And another weed flower hehehe.
And she made this flower for me out of clay dough. Thanks a lot kiddoes, Mommy loves you so much!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jewelries for sale

Okay I am a bit late for this but better late than never right? We are busy preparing for our next big travel so each day we are doing some preparation.

My husband is never "kuripot" when it comes to giving gifts so when I met him, I started getting jewelries which I never had then. I actually don't approve it that he gives me gift every occasion because when he buys a gift, he wants high quality which means high price too. It doesn't matter how much it cost for it, as long as he like it, he will buy it (It's different now though, I am now in control lol). Which is my contrary because I am all about saving for the future. But anyhow, when I was still in the Philippines I have no control about his spending habit so I got all these.
He gave me this photo necklace for Mother's day in 2006. Our names and initials are engraved on it.

I received this one from a dear friend over in the Philippines. She was the owner of the photo studio that covered our wedding video and photos. She was one of our Ninangs (god mother) during our wedding.

My former boss, also our ninang to our wedding and John's godmother in baptismal and confirmation, gave me this one. Ninang Rose and I shared the same first names.
This one is suppose to be a healing bracelet that I bought here in Korea..

These are our wedding bands when we got married in civil. He planned to buy a set of ring every year but I said no. But he did bought another set for our church wedding (he is a spender ya know).

The one at the center is my college ring. That's the only jewelry I bought for myself when I was working already. The other two are my husband's.
John bought this one in eBay, he said that it protects you from harm.

The Ruby ring was given to me by my father in law. It belonged to my mother-In-law whose name is Ruby. The other one was made as a payment to me by a former friend who borrowed money from me but can't pay it so she gave me her ring.
The watches that John gave me. I love the gucci one but also like the seikos.
These are the first set of jewelry he first gave me when he first met me. I love the style of the ring but not very fond of the bracelet. Too big and flashy lol.. I only wore it once. So if anyone would want to buy it, just contact me (I am serious).

She gave me this as a wedding gift during our church wedding. The bracelet has different color, I haven't clean it lately. I used the bracelet often.

He also gave me this earrings as wedding gift. I wore this and the bracelet and necklace on my wedding day.

Oh I love hoops earrings! Dhemz gave me the guess one (thank you so much manang ko). Hubby gave me the little ones for my birthday last 2007. He gave me the big one for mother's day this year.

This is my favorite ring. A 2 karat diamond with a guard ring. The guard ring is separated from the main ring, I usually don't use the guard ring.
This one is also his first gift to me, a combination of white, rose, and yellow gold chain with a rose flower pendant.
So that is it... If you want to buy some of those, just contact me. I am seriously want to get rid of some coz I don't use them. I care for sentimental values but I want to be practical. what do you think?

We knew We're In-love...

During the first couple of months of getting to know each other, we talk like we have known each other for a long time. We can just go on with our conversation with just about everything with ease and no hesitation. I think on the third month of our communication online and by phone, he was already discussing about the possibility of getting me out of the Philippines. I thought to myself, this guys is pretty serious because we did not even see each other yet and now he is planning for those stuff including marrying me. What??? Did I tell him the three magic words yet? I can't recall that I did and yet he is planning to see me and marry me wahhhhh..

But to make the things more formal, I asked for some divine intervention (hahaha). I told Papa J from up above that if John calls me on the new year's eve, that will be the sign that he is the one for me. And alas, he did called me! So on the first day of 2003, I confirmed my feelings to him by telling him the real deal. From then on, our conversation is more like a husband and wife. Then two months after I told him that I love him, he came to see me.

I will end this post for now, you have to find out the next chapter next week hehehe.

Photo is courtesy of our four year old wannabe photographer. She took this one last weekend.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Last Glance

These photos were taken five years ago (October 2, 2004) during the President's day. A celebration to welcome the new president of the school where I work then (Divine Word College of Legazpi). This was also my last event with my former office mates, colleagues, and friends.

The non-teaching personnel were wearing blue (which was us), the teaching personnel in College were wearing yellow, and the teaching personnel in High School and Grade School were wearing Red. The venue was in Viento de Mar Resort in Bacacay Albay, Phils.
I miss my close friends there but I am glad to be with my husband and family now.

I truly miss those close friends I met In Divine Word but gladly left the not-so-friendly ones.. Oppps!
With the College professors.

The Grade and High School teachers.
Since I was leaving, I made sure to take pictures from each table with other people lol..
Have a great week everyone!

Malling on Sunday

We spent our Sunday afternoon at the mall. We ate our favorite Bibimbap then we stroll around the pets area, bread section, then at the play area.
Here's our little shoppers.
The model of the cleaning materials lol..

And it's time o play and have fun!

How about a little music maestro?

Ate Rylie should do it too..

How about you folks, how did your weekend goes?

It's been..

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