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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jewelries for sale

Okay I am a bit late for this but better late than never right? We are busy preparing for our next big travel so each day we are doing some preparation.

My husband is never "kuripot" when it comes to giving gifts so when I met him, I started getting jewelries which I never had then. I actually don't approve it that he gives me gift every occasion because when he buys a gift, he wants high quality which means high price too. It doesn't matter how much it cost for it, as long as he like it, he will buy it (It's different now though, I am now in control lol). Which is my contrary because I am all about saving for the future. But anyhow, when I was still in the Philippines I have no control about his spending habit so I got all these.
He gave me this photo necklace for Mother's day in 2006. Our names and initials are engraved on it.

I received this one from a dear friend over in the Philippines. She was the owner of the photo studio that covered our wedding video and photos. She was one of our Ninangs (god mother) during our wedding.

My former boss, also our ninang to our wedding and John's godmother in baptismal and confirmation, gave me this one. Ninang Rose and I shared the same first names.
This one is suppose to be a healing bracelet that I bought here in Korea..

These are our wedding bands when we got married in civil. He planned to buy a set of ring every year but I said no. But he did bought another set for our church wedding (he is a spender ya know).

The one at the center is my college ring. That's the only jewelry I bought for myself when I was working already. The other two are my husband's.
John bought this one in eBay, he said that it protects you from harm.

The Ruby ring was given to me by my father in law. It belonged to my mother-In-law whose name is Ruby. The other one was made as a payment to me by a former friend who borrowed money from me but can't pay it so she gave me her ring.
The watches that John gave me. I love the gucci one but also like the seikos.
These are the first set of jewelry he first gave me when he first met me. I love the style of the ring but not very fond of the bracelet. Too big and flashy lol.. I only wore it once. So if anyone would want to buy it, just contact me (I am serious).

She gave me this as a wedding gift during our church wedding. The bracelet has different color, I haven't clean it lately. I used the bracelet often.

He also gave me this earrings as wedding gift. I wore this and the bracelet and necklace on my wedding day.

Oh I love hoops earrings! Dhemz gave me the guess one (thank you so much manang ko). Hubby gave me the little ones for my birthday last 2007. He gave me the big one for mother's day this year.

This is my favorite ring. A 2 karat diamond with a guard ring. The guard ring is separated from the main ring, I usually don't use the guard ring.
This one is also his first gift to me, a combination of white, rose, and yellow gold chain with a rose flower pendant.
So that is it... If you want to buy some of those, just contact me. I am seriously want to get rid of some coz I don't use them. I care for sentimental values but I want to be practical. what do you think?

29 travelers' comments:

kikamz said...

wow naman ate rose! naninilaw at nagniningning ikaw sa dami ng jewels mo! aken na isa! joke!

meron talaga ganyang tao.. mahilig mamigay ng precious items as gifts. ganda ng collection mo. you keep them para family heirloom nyo na lang din. rylie would appreciate receiving one of yours pag older na cya.

naku, empake na naman kayo? san na naman kayo after korea ate? naku, ganyan talaga yan. kami rin, empake ulit after 3 years. naku, ingat ha! hugs ate rose!

shelo's garden said...

sis penge naman.. grabe dami nyan ah.. tindahan na yata ang closet mo eh.. hehehe, puro naman mga expensive glories yan..

Dee said...

Wow, ang dami! And ang gaganda pa! I think ang pinaka-favorite ko in all is iyong 2 karat diamond ring with guard ring - ganda ha- super! :)

Prettymom said...

wow ang dami at ang gaganda naman ng collection mo. Looks expensive too..hehe

i love the photo necklace :)

d kb nanghihinayag or ok lng b kay hubz mo if bebenta mo one of those? ika nga may sentimental value.. pamana mo n lng s mga anak nio.. for sure they'll love it :)

Seiko said...

Wow! Ang dami nyan ah Rose parang nasa jewelry store na ako when I saw this.I love the Ruby the most,simple yet so lovely.
I just came home & nagyon pa lang din ako magpopost ng GT ko.
Hindi ako nakakapasyal dito.MIL's in the hospital since last week & 'm preety quite busy out here & can't do my usual blog hoppibg like 'm always do.But then pag may time for sure will read all your post in here.I 'missed visiting here Rose.
I'll visit your Copule's Corner post too,tapusin ko lang yung ibang gawain ko.Mwah!
Hugs & kisses to Rylie & EJ!
Sana manalo si Rylie sa contest ano.

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

These are lovely pieces of jewellery. You have keep them well.

Chie Wilks said...

agoy ate rose andami at ang gaganda.. i love them all....parang ang hirap pumili kong papipiliin ako puro magaganda eh... pero ok na sa aking ung gucci na watch na may pink strap heheheh

Willa said...

dami naman, at least Rylie don't have to worry about buying in the near future, lol!

chrisau said... got a generous hubby. hmm..dun let my wife see this post. LOL

anne said...

is this really for sale rose? magkano? pd may discount? joke! hehehe ang ganda at kumukuti kutitap pa mine is up please take a peak thanks

Rossel said...

pwede bang pahingi ng isa? lol! ang dami ha? galante si john.

dito sa pinas di mo maisusuot yan kung magko-commute ka. malingat ka lang, pag-uwi mo wala ka ng alahas. grabe dito.

Mom of Four said...

Ang dami naman, parang jewelry store na ah, hehehe..kabaligtaran talaga ng hubby mo ang sa hubby, minsan lang akong binilhan ng jewelry, yung wedding ring ko..for 8 years, di na naulit..hahaha!!

ruby said...

love the hoops earrings mami? are you goingto sell those? how much?/ LOLZ as if my pera..

Anonymous said...

wow ang dami! pahingi! heheehe...

anyway, love the hoops earrings!

Dhemz said...

aha...nanakawin ko ang mga ito...hehehhe!

my golly gosh gosh sis bakla...super galante talaga ni juan ano....kaka envy yung mga jewels mo....pede pahiram yung!

parehas pa tayo ng earrings...tapos yung hearth pendant din...hehehhe!

Lulu said...

bakit ako walang jewels!!!!! naku inggit naman ako sa mga babaeng pinagpala katulad ni mami rose at ni mami dhemz hehehe

seriously, ganda ng mga alahas mo...

Clarissa said...

Oh-la-la!!Ang daming jewels dito!!Nakakasilaw!!How envious!!HAnggang tingin na lang ako dear!!Ang sa akin naka prenda na lol!!\(^0^)/

nikogirl said...

i would like to buy the 2k diamond ring with guard ring :) i love it! how much does it costs?? ihhhh pag ipunan ko yan ng aking blog moolah! :)

u are so lucky to have a great spender husband.. prang napapakanta nga ko ng spender... hmmmm ung sa mga broadway hahaha. seriously ha dami mong accessories girl!!!! kalaway nga eh haahah

salamat mare at kahit busy ka join ka pa rin.. dahan dahan sa pag iimpake ha.. ingat lagi!!

see u next week fave drinks naman tau.. i know u love tea! :) ihhh

mwah mwah

Anonymous said...

Sayang naman kung ibebenta mo...
Hintayin mo na lang sana,lumaki ang anak mo.
lalo na galing sa hubby mo.

Meryl (proud pinay) said...

Ang dami din ng jewelries mo sis. They all look gorgeous ^_^. Si mister talagang in love na in love sa iyo ^_^

eden said...

woww. ang dami mo ng jewelry collection Rose. ganda naman nyan. very sweet talaga si hubby.

bambie said...

my gosh sis rose, nakakasilaw mga pieces mo!☺ you're children are very fortunate kasi madami heirloom pieces which you can pass on to them.☺

thanks for visiting my blog sis!

happy weekend!☺

Jac said...

I love all the accessories so fab. Nakaka lula ang dami. =)
mine is up! na late ng post lol...
happy weekend =)

nuts said...

i agree with you, for practical reason. but that's already an investment. habang tumatagal, tumataas din value.
drooling over your 2karat diamond ring..

kandi said...

Hi mommy! Wow! You have alot of jewelries talaga! Sarap kaya maka-receive ng jewelry during different occasions... Galing ni hubby kasi mahilig mag-regalo ng jewelries...

Nance said...

what do i think? I will not sell them if i were you. those were given by your love ones, you have good memories on each of them. puwede mong pamana kay Rylie pag malaki na sya.

Bambie dear ★ said...

gosh ang dami mo naman ginto.. walang kuripot sa lalaking nagmamahal. That's what I think.. Si hubby din, never naging kuripot, pero in control na rin ako kasi nakakapanghinayang na. Like ko snaa yung gucci mo kaso if you'll gonna ask me kung ibebenta mo sila, wag muna.. Lalo na mga ginto mo haller.. pwedi mo pa ipamana yan sa lil girl mo. AT syempre, sayang. Sentimental din kasi ako kaya my opinion is keep them

Cecile said...

wow, daming nangingislap :-); they love you so much that is why!

Hazel said...

enjoy ako sis sa katatanaw. love that green box which u have your MIL's ruby ring on. i'm sure yan ang hindi for sale heheh... i'm clicking on your posts at random. matagal na rin akong naghiatus from blogging, minsan nlang talaga. but then i always wanted to join your nostalgia meme so i'm lurking on your sites again. so many memories i don't know where to begin but i'll get there soon. miss u, sis! at ang cute na rylie at ej. hugs then pala kay champ. sino si chelsea? bagong bunso mo? ang saya naman! i'll ne around :-)

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