Saturday, November 21, 2015

The BoardWalk at Hershey Park

When I hear the word Boardwal;k, the first thing that comes to mind is  Ocean City.  That notion changed though when we went to Hershey Park, the kids had so much fun  running around the Boardwalk.
 The artist who pauted this really good.  It looks so real that it makes for a good photo.
 It sparked my children's interest in eusung of these someday.
 I read an interesting  fact about  this new addition in Hershey Park that stated that the Boardwalk was  opened in 2007 to mark the 100th anniversary of the theme park opened by Milton S. Hershey in 1907. It originally featured five water‐based attractions and is the single biggest financial investment in the park’s history, at a cost of $21 million USD.  I think our kids went thru so many of these  water-based attaction.

 I guess every one of these water  feature here represents  something from other  places like Ocean City and Coney Island.
My son  just want to  run in everyone of them.  It was a bit chilly that day but kids  doesn't mind the cold as long as they are having fun!
 I am glad that they are now big enough to qualify for most of therides in the park.  They get frustrated when their heughts are not enough to  go on a ride that they like to try.
Going to Hershey Park was our last minute decision as our previous plan of going to another place was cancelled.  I think it was meant to be for us to go there because we ended up having a blast.  

Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Tribute for our Fallen Heroes: Our Visit to the Memorial Park in Weirton

After we  attended the Sunday mass for  All Saints Day celebration, we headed out  to the Memorial Park in Weirton since tomorrow will be All Souls Day, it would be appropriate to remember all the fallen heroes from West Virginia.
 It's nice to hear my husband  tell the kids about  his experiences  in the Navy.  This is the perfect place to educate them about the military.
 We used to come here when my father-in-law  is still able to walk far.  Whenever my husband see how  Dad is now,  it makes him feel sad because  he used to be very active  and his mind was still sharp in remembering everything.  I remember how happy he was telling the kids about his experiences in the military during the World War 2.  My father-in-law and my husband are my kids real heroes.
 It is so nice that Weirton has this little place dedicated to the services members who sacrificed a lot to defend  the country.
 My son is very interested in this kind of stuff.  I wouldn't be surprised if  he   show interest in joining the service when he grows up.  He truly admire his  Grandpa's bravery  during the WW2 and his Dad's  20 years of service  in the Navy.
 While I sit on the bench watching my husband and son, my daughter took some snapshots of me.
I wish that this memorial park is not on the busy street.  It would have been relaxing to  come here.  I seldom see people here but it makes a good landmark for people who are coming to WEirton.
 I can't believe that this kind of artillery shell was  being used back then, these are humongous!
 My husband is planning to purchase one brick on these memorial to put his Dad's name  and honor him.  I told him that he should get two so his uncle who died in Normandy will have one as well.
 We have two veterans to honor  this year, Grandpa and Daddy.  I feel bad that a lot of people are off on  Veteran's day but my husband isn't wahh.  The company he works for does not give veterans off for this holiday, which I wish they would.
 This is one of those spontaneous thing that we do.  No plans, just random urge to do something.  We just wanted to take opportunity of the good weather and have a little fun with the kids.
 This artillery shell us as tall an as big as me lol.
 My little explorer having fun.  He asked if he would be a good soldier, we told him that he might.
 We did not stay very long because This little lady did not bring her sweater, she left it at the car and it was a bit chilly for her.
 I am grateful that the city of Weirton is keeping everything in this park in  great condition.
 It's a great way for young generation to learn a little bit about military history.
 For our fallen heroes, thank you for sacrificing  for our freedom.  We salute and thank you for your bravery.  This post is a tribute for all the real "heroes".   

How to Buy a Good Travel Trailer

How to Buy a Good Travel Trailer

RVs, motorhomes and travel trailers are all one and the same thing. They are very popular, because they allow people to live and travel at the same time. Indeed, some people live their entire life in these types of trailers, moving from one place to the next. However, there are so many different types of trailers on the market today so it is important that you know what to look for. Luckily, most of the following tips can be applied whenever you view trailers for sale Denver and regardless of the type of trailer.

The Weight Balance

Weight balance is absolutely vital. You must make sure that you can tow the trailer, after all. Never overload the truck, as your towing experience will not just be uncomfortable but also very dangerous. Do not necessarily believe what the salesman tells you either, but take the time to look it up.

Take it for a Test Drive

Once you have seen something that you believe will be right for you, you need to take it for a test drive first. This isn’t just about seeing how it drives, but also about how the lights work, whether the shower and toilet are operational, whether the microwave needs replacing and so on. You need to get to know your trailer and decide whether or not it is the right one for you.

Go to a Good Dealer

This should go without saying, but if you are going to buy a trailer, you need to make sure you buy it from a reputable source. Reputable sources should be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, they should know quite a lot about the trailer such as where it came from, what sort of journeys it has been on, what type of family owned it before you, how many miles it has done, what it’s service history is and so on. You have to feel like you can genuinely trust your dealer before you buy.

Compare Prices

Never walk away with the keys to your new trailer as soon as you go out shopping. Pick something you like, then go home and do some research. Find out whether it really is the right trailer for your needs. Looking into what experiences other people have had, and so on. Also take a look at comparing prices to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Opt for Rental First

Finally, if you are still unsure and you would like to know more about the trailer, you may want to consider renting it first. Again, this is something that is true for all types of trailers, from RV to lorry trailers. There will usually be companies out there that also offer it for rent, so that is an opportunity for you to go on a slightly more extensive drive to find out how it handles and whether or not you are happy with it. Then and only then should you decide whether or not to buy it.​

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