Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Land of the Morning Calm

These photos were taken during our last days in South Korea, the Land of the Morning Calm.  My Burritos  have a vivid memories of the house we lived in inside the base.  We did a lot of  fun stuff  there especially during summer.
With our Korean friend, Mr. Ha.  He is the housing manager, a really nice man.
The only person that keeps   her communication with me is my student, Ms. Kim. Her name is Kim Min Young but we call her Amy.   Thanks to the Social media, we were able to connect with each other.  She became  very close to our family.  We invited her for every occasion  that we had in the base.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Mass

My husband took a day off yesterday because it's our son first time in participating in the mass. The Kindergarten class was in-charged of the St. Patrick's day mass at St. Joseph church.  
He was given two  readings   during the mass so he was kind of nervous.  I must admit, I was nervous for him too but he actually did really well  just like all the others.  He was very confident actually, he did not need any help from the  older student who accompanied him in the podium.
Moments like this makes me really appreciate the time that I spent  teaching my kids at home.  I know that the teachers are  doing great with their job but it is important that we as parents are involve with our children when they come home.  It is our role to ensure that they are doing great in school.
After the mass, I went  in  my son's pew to give him a hug before we  go home and I saw him giving his classmate a hug.  I was smiling and asked them if I could take a photo of them, they both smiled.
Reading with my son everyday helped him build his confidence.  Now he can read pretty much every  word  except those long and hard words.  I hope that this would be the start for my son not to doubt his capabilities because I know that he is smart enough to do the things that  he thought he can't.

We are so proud of you Mr. Burrito.  Keep up the good work, we love you!

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Love Ones at the Cemetery

My late MIL could have been 82 this year. She was born , February the 13th. Dad wanted to visit her grave on her birthday but my husband was working that day so we visited last Saturday instead.
We changed the flower in her grave.  There are five family members who are buried in this cemetery.  John's Mom, two brothers,  his nephew, and his Aunt.  Three of them died  from cancer (Mom, Aunt, and brother)
Up top of her grave is her two sons, as you can see my FIL going to see his two sons' grave.  I can see the pain in my FIL's eyes whenever we visits his wife and kids.
When we were leaving, a flower on someone's grave was blown away so my son picked up and  put them back.
They might not be around anymore but  we still  love and remember them all the time.
I hope your Valentine's celebration is a blast.  We did not have a special celebration as my son is sick, I am bringing him to the doctor today.  Have a great weekend everyone.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Everyday Road Trip Contest

This post brought to you by Cooper Tire. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and  children  love to  go for a ride all the time.  They have "Gas Butts" as what my father-in-law would describe it (lol).  I mean,  I love to go places as well but not  like them  who get so bored when we just stay inside the house. Everyday is like a road trip for them which explains why my husband has to change the tires of the car  most often to make sure that it is safe to  drive on the road.

 Last year, he bought  four Cooper Tires because it was on sale at the local store.  When it comes to  car needs, I  leave it solely for my husband to decide  what is best for our vehicle.  He said that he might buy Cooper tires again in the future but it's not his first choice.  He was glad though that he tried it because  he got to gauge its performance.  

On the other note, did you know that there is a Cooper Tire's My Every Day Road Trip Contest this month?  You can either submit  a video, a photo, or a story  about your experience using cooper tires.  For video entries,  you can submit a 3 minute video.  Submission of entries   started March 1 and it will end  on March 29.  Then you will also have an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes by casting your vote on your favorite entry starting April 15th. 

 A lucky winner will receive a $5000 gift card toward free gas for a year.  You can find the full details about the contest  by visiting the Cooper Tire's  Facebook page.  You can also like their page to get their latest deals and updates.  You can also  watch the video  I included below about Cooper Tires and about the contest.  Check it out and have a chance to win the  fabulous prize that could  give you a nice chunk to spend for your gas this summer time.!

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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Longing for Warm Weather

I am so ready for Spring and Summer but it seems that Winter is hanging on for..forever. The sudden change in temperature is causing kids to get sick and it's terrible. My little Miss is down with a sickness again and it's very hard to see them suffer with illness all the time.
I can't wait for the time where we can finally enjoy the warm weather  and do outdoor activities that we truly enjoy such as going to the lake or even just a family walk in the neighborhood.
Can't wait to see beautiful butterflies and birds once again...  

It's been..

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