Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Arts Time

John and Rylie was in the mood for coloring the art book that Tita Chris gave Rylie. I am the observer and the photographer of course. Then I was having fun eating some clementine's and hubby though of taking shots of my go0finess lol. You might be wondering where our little boy was, he is taking a little snooze at that time.

Some people are not really fond of capturing photos but I encourage you to do so because when you're kids grow up, you will have something to look back too when you miss having them around.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Big Kid Now

I was supposed to blog about this last week but since our Internet connection is acting up due to the weather condition, I got side tracked and forgot about it. I am proud and happy to share to you the success that we achieved on EJ's potty training. It took him 6 weeks to finally get used to using the bathroom for his business. Now he can go to bed without using pull ups potty training pants anymore. I am so proud of you EJ!

He now tells me when he has to weewee but whenever he is busy playing or watching TV I have to constantly ask him about it so he won't forget. We are still working on the popo part, he is still a little hesitant in using the toilet, I just have to watch for the clue when he has to go. Ever time he is standing in the corner of the house that is the cue that he is trying to push a log.

For that, we are now awarding this official big kid certificate to our young man Eldon Jennings. Thanks to Chris (my SIL) who suggested on using a small stool for EJ to use so he could use the big toilet. He liked it more than the potty one. I still have to go with him though whenever he weewee and hold it down for him so the pee won't go anywhere lol.

With my daughter, I never had any problem with her. I think the early training helped her to learn it at a young age. I started potty trining Rylie when she was 8 months old so when she she turned 2 years old and nine months, she was completely potty trained.

For those Mommy out there who plans to potty train their kids, it really depends on your child's interest or should I say eagerness to learn,. But you can try as early as possible then if they are not ready yet, don't force it. I tried and failed so many times with EJ but when he turned three, we talked and explained to him that he is getting big for diapers. I am glad that he understood us. It would be a big savings too, Imagine 9 bucks for a diaper every week. So we could save almost forty bucks a month for it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Back in 1996

That's how I look like 14 years ago. A photo taken in Iriga City (Camarines Sur, Philippines) with my cousin Kuya Lito.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Contented Playing Alone

When EJ has his favorite toy, he can just sit by himself and play with it like this.
He is even studying how his toy was made (I think) lol.
Thanks for visiting and commenting folks.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will You?

This was taken during the Valentine's get together at my father-in-law's house!

The theme for this week's Couple's Corner is "Will you still love me tomorrow?" Hmnnnn only my husband who is celebrating his birthday today can answer that. Happy birthday Hon, I hope that God will give you good health so that we would be able to enjoy each other's company even if we already have grey hair and to be able to witness and enjoy our grand kids or great grand kids.

As for me, I will love my husband as long as I am breathing. He is my soul mate whom God has given to me so YES, I will still love him kahit maputi na ang mga buhok namin.

Happy birthday and I love you very much!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We celebrated it with Family

We celebrated this year's Valentine's day with family. We went to Dad's house, my sis-in-law and her family also went there. We had so much fun and we made Dad so happy on heart's day.
You can't deny the happinees on thieir faces.
The Valentine fairy was busy distributing gifts to the kids.
Gracie thinks that Valentine's day is so much fun and full of LOVE.
While everyone were busy doing something, EJ was having so much fun cleaning the floor.
Chris made some valentine's cookies too.
There's a lot of rubies on this post which is perfect for

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pre-Valentine Family Date

We decided to go to the Robinson Mall in PA today even though it was snowing because we won't have enough time to buy my husband his present on his nth birthday this coming 17th.

The kids were very very happy after a long time of being stuck inside the house, they finally see something new . After we did some shopping, we let them play and play until they got tired of it.

These two shots are my favorite!

We did not eat at the mall because Rylie wanted to eat at the Chinese resto in Weirton. So after Robinson, we dropped by at ToysRUs and bought them a couple of books and we drove home.

They were both taking a little snooze when we arrived at the restaurant so hubby just bought some foods and took it home. We ate it at Dad's. Hmmmnn I can stil savor the taste of those crab legs yum lol. Okidoci guys, thanks a lot for all your visits and comments. Pardon if my visit these days is very limited, I am just a little busy here.

Cars are affected too

During the first snow storm that hit us. My husband's classes were cancelled so he did not have to drive the car somewhere. On the third day, he decided to start the car because the kids, hubby and I wanted to visit my father-in-law. But the engine did not start, hubby figured out that the battery of the car worn out already. He can't drive the truck because it was covered with snow so he walked in the nearby auto zone store and bought us a new battery for the car. Weather can really affect the performance of the vehicle.

After the winter, the next thing that most of the vehicle owners has to take care of is the auto air conditioning. If you want to drive around your car comfortably, you have to make sure that every part of it is taking care of so it won't fail you. Speaking of summer, how I wish it is summer now as this cold weather is getting so old. No wonder some people get depressed because activities outdoor is very limited. Hope you guys are having a wonderful Valentine's day celebration!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Plan

When my husband return from school today, I asked him if he has any plans for this year's Valentine's day and he said that we can't really do anything special in this kind of weather. I agree, besides it is me who always just want to stay at home, you know me puro pagtitipid ang nasa isip lol. I always tell my husband that a simple card is always always a delight for me.

Since it is snowing real hard again, we goof in front of the camera and acted silly. I think we can celebrate Valentine's day as simple as this and its FUN!

I love you my Superman!

Last year, he gave me a bouquet of roses and my first reaction was "How much did you pay for this?" He just smiled and said, "don't worry about it, just enjoy it." As I have mentioned before, I am not into flowers because you can't really preserve it unless you put it in the freezer or dry them. For me a simple card is enough.

Hope you guys have a wonderful plan for your dates this coming Valentine's day. I just wish that the roads will be a little smoother so that we can go to the mall this coming weekend. I still did not buy my husband his birthday present.

Ultimate Fighting Champions

It's so funny to remember that when I was pregnant with EJ, I love watching boxing and Ultimate Fighting Champions. Hubby and I has its own favorite fighters. I still love watching it once in a while but not that addicted anymore compared then.
UFC 111: Jake Ellenberger Replaces Martin Kampmann Versus Ben Saunders
What I love about ufc fighting is that you will see different kinds of styles and skills in fighting. There's martial arts, boxing, kick boxing, and other styles. so it is kinda like a mixed of all rolled into one. It is so exciting to watch this sports, it will make you sit tight on your couch while the fight is going on.

But anyhow, if you are an ultimate fan of UFC, visit because they have all the updates in there. You will see all the best fighters who win the battle of ultimate fighting. They post updates on what is going in the UFC fighting arena everyday.

One True LOVE

"How do I love Thee" is the topic that we have for Couple's Corner. Let's see, bakit nga ba mahal ko tong mokong na ito hehehe. Well, I am sure that most of you guys already read things that I wrote in my blogs about John. He is a loving, caring, sweet, thoughtful, and very responsible man. I am so blessed for having a husband like John. I prayed of having just a responsible man but God exceeded my prayers and gave a lot of extras. I am grateful for that everyday.

A note like this in the morning can make your world wonderful, inspirational, happy, which makes y0u feel so loved! Kakakilig minsan lol. I miss this little notes though. He wrote me this three years ago. I was cleaning the top part of our refrigerator and I found this.

I am so touched whenever we are driving and there is a car that would suddenly stop in front of us and John would always put his right hand in front of me. I think that it's very loving.

My husband also helps me with house chores which I think not all husbands do. He cooks breakfast for us, do the laundry sometimes, clean the house and oftentimes clean the dishes. Oh diba, bihira na ang ganyan nowadays diba.

Okay I have to stop now, sa next episodes naman ang iba hehehe. Don't worry Hon, I will buy you the gift you want for your birthday, mwah!

It's been..

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