Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Keep The Kids Entertained On A Long Journey In These Novel Ways

The thing about vacations is that you can pay out a lot of money and put some serious time into organizing them, but it can be super tough to get any peace and quiet when you are there. Especially if there is a whole family of you staying in one room! Luckily, below you will find all sorts of creative suggestions that will help to keep the little ones gainfully employed and give you the chance to get at least a few moments peace on your next vacation. 


Obviously, kids can't take their entire toy box on vacation with them. However, you can provide each child with a small backpack, and then they can pack up their favorite must-have items for the holiday. Then they have a store of things to keep them happy and comfortable that they can access themselves. It also keeps the room tidy as well, as they have a place to put them back when they aren't using them. 

Surprise Bags 

Something else that it's worth considering when you are on vacation with little ones are surprise bags. You can buy them ready-made, and themed with their favorite characters, or you can make them yourself by including healthy, edible treats, coloring books, pencils, and games. 

Surprise bags are a great way of providing entertainment for the little ones. 

It also best to hold these until they start to get a little crabby, or bored and then you can produce them as a surprise. Something that can provide a nice distraction. 

Game Apps

If the kids have phones then its also worth downloading some mobile games to keep boredom at bay while in the hotel room, or at dinner during vacations. 

Titles for the younger ones include things like Astro Cat’s Solar System, a cartoon based education game that helps kids learn about the planets. Bubble Witch Saga, the addictive bubble popping challenge game is also very popular with kids of all ages. 

Obviously, for some kids, these will be too ‘babyish’, and so they will want something a bit more grown up but still fun to play. That means instead of going for something with cutsie characters, ask them the question "do you want to be the hero of your own adventure in Final Fantasy 15? I bet they will say yes, as this is a game where they get to build their very own world and fight against evil hordes, all in the final fantasy universe. Something that kids that are gamers will recognize and love, so it should keep them amused for hours!


Audiobooks are another way of entertaining the kids or even the whole family on vacation. They are a bit different than taking a portable DVD player too because the kids can still play, and have fun and seeing new things around them. They also get to use their imagination like they would so if they were reading. 

Of course, if you can't agree on a book for the whole family then you can just allow each child to download an audiobook app onto their phone and use their headphones. Something that can provide you with a few moment of peace in the evenings, or during meal times on vacation too.

Monday, January 22, 2018

How To Look Effortlessly Stylish On A Flight

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to step off a flight looking effortlessly stylish and fresh? There’s always one, who even after a long haul flight looks amazing and well groomed, without a wrinkle or crumple in sight! What you choose to wear when flying, is extremely important for style and comfort. Hopefully this guide will give you some pointers to make your first step onto the tarmac of your holiday destination glamorous and stylish.
The main consideration for choosing an outfit when flying is comfort. The tight confined spaces of an aeroplane, means that you will sit in one place for long periods of time, therefore tight restrictive clothing will cause discomfort. 
For inspiration consider the following advice


Think of how long you spend on your feet whilst checking in, the distance walked to your gate and how long you sit cramped up in your chair on the plane. Your feet deserve to be dressed in the most comfortable shoes possible. The air pressure in the cabin during a flight can cause your feet to swell, so don’t be tempted to wear high shoes or shoes with tight fitting straps. Flats are the best choice and in a slip-on style. Slip-on styles will allow you to slip off your shoes on the plane without having to do laces and buckles. Always wear your shoes at home for a while before you fly, this will ensure comfort and prevent blisters.

Loose clothing

Due to the combination of sitting for long periods in a tight confined space and an increase in air pressure during a flight, there is the potential risk of forming a blood clot (DVT), especially if it’s long-haul. For this reason it is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothes that are not restrictive. The clothing you choose should not be tight, especially in your leg area.

Choose material that is natural and breathable so that you stay cool. Materials such as cotton, silk and linen are ideal, however try to look for non-iron versions, so that you avoid the crumpled look.

It can often get a little chilly whilst flying so it would be advisable to wear lots of layers including womens long sleeve tops, this will enable you to add more layers when cold. Loose fitting skirts, dresses and trousers are a more sensible choice than jeans.

A longline loose cardigan can take the place of a fitted jacket and will have the benefit of being snuggly and warm.

Add your own style

So far we have concentrated more on comfort than style, but if you keep your clothing in neutral classic colours you will have the opportunity of adding your own statement accessories. These could be in the form of a bright scarf, jewellry or handbag. By looking smart and stylish you may even get a free upgrade!

When you arrive at your destination, a stylish pair of sunglasses will polish your look and hide away tired eyes. A quick slick of lip gloss and you will look ultra glamorous as you step onto the tarmac.

Have a fabulous holiday!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Merging Routines With Your Dog To Live Healthier

Just as we get up every morning at a particular time, so do our furry friends. Human beings have immense creativity bubbling away at the back of our minds all the time. But in truth, we’re actually animals that love routine and order. Living a chaotic lifestyle that doesn’t have periods throughout the day or breakfast, midday, evening and night make us about as rigid as a plate of jelly. This is why the term body-clock came into fashion because it describes the routine our mind and body has within in. We’re by not nocturnal animals by nature, so when we get up in the morning, it's good to know you’re preparing for the rest of the day. The daylight hours are the time we spend to live our lives. Right from the off this means we need a routine to help us get into this mode and stay on the tracks. Our pets, namely our dogs are orderly animals themselves. They need a routine for when you’re not at home, i.e. at work, and for one when the pack leader comes home again.

Help each other to wake up

Getting up the morning and being functional don’t always go hand in hand. We’re in a daze when we first get up, purely just moving off of our instincts. Dogs aren’t normally that way, and they have a lot of primal instincts that come to the fore. To help each other wake up properly in both mind and body, you should consider a morning routine. Dogs are pack animals, and thus they feel the need to protect their territory. They obviously don’t know that the neighborhood you live isn’t theirs to own. But nevertheless, waking up and going for an early dawn walk with your dog is beneficial for both of you. Firstly it's a psychological reaffirmation to the dog that you run the agenda, i.e. you’re the pack leader. As your dog sniffs around, exciting his or her senses, this is your chance to get your own joints and muscles in gear. It takes us a little time to get the gears in our minds to move but having a task that isn’t physically taxing to do such as ‘patrolling’ with your dog helps to shake the cobwebs loose.

Caring about nutrition works both ways

As dog owners, we consciously don’t feed them junk food or food that would harm them. Yet we’re only too happy to eat things ourselves that we know we shouldn’t. Hence, by being conscious of what you’re feeding your dog at breakfast time, this attitude to nutrition might rub off on you subconsciously. Dogs are similar when it comes to the morning meal. They don’t like heavy, protein and fat-rich food that will make them feel sluggish and bloated. A simple choice for your pooch is lean boiled or grilled chicken breast with a little bit of kibble. Alternatively, you can get creative and make carrot, apple, and oat biscuits that dogs will be more than happy to munch down. Hopefully, for the moral reasons you give your dog healthy and energizing food, you’ll also take on the same kind of diet. Don’t be afraid to slide in some blueberries, grapes, raspberries and strawberries into your breakfast meal. Again, lighter foods are better so take the banana to work with you rather than eating it with your toast or cereal.

Evening treats and prepared snacks

After a long hard day at work, sometimes you just want to bury your face in a bar of chocolate or a bag of donuts. These are essentially guilty pleasures that one may determine to be treated. It's a thin line as most of us know treats are basically justified junk food. It doesn't have to be this way actually. Start with your dog; you don’t want to get them fat and groggy so what might you feed them? Evenings are great for teatime treats that stops dogs from wanting to eat early or too much. But again, it doesn’t have to be a fatty and salty duck liver or oxtail your dog nibbles on. Looking at the lineup on Betsy Farms, you have options of lean grilled chicken strips and meatballs. For an extra punch of flavor, dried out meats such as duck and turkey jerky are great for dogs who reject blander treats. The classic pig’s ear is also available for dogs who want their treats to last and maybe play with them too. For yourself coming home and wanting a quick snack shouldn’t have to be a chore. Instead, have something ready waiting in the fridge. Part of the reason why we resort to the quick unhealthy option is that we don’t want to stand in the kitchen and make food from scratch, just after finishing an 8-hour shift. Make ready a roast chicken salad, bean burrito, or finger food such as mini quiches so you can just take them out and eat with no effort. 

Before the final meal

Dinner is the final meal of the day, and it's something that we don’t miss because as aforementioned, we’re creatures of routine. However, before you plate-up and begin eating, think about what your dog wants to do just as the light begins to fade. He or she wants to finish off the day, just as their routine began; with a walk of course. Leave whatever you’ve got cooking on the stove or better yet plan you are cooking as such. Allow the final moments of cooking to happen at a lower heat or just let the already cooked meal cooldown. Take your dog out for a walk again, on the same path and some direction you took in the morning. You’ll get your body moving again and keep yourself healthy while your dog will be in his or her own world again.
Mixing your routine with your dog’s has a lot of benefits. First and foremost you’ll become more physically active which helps to keep the unwanted weight off. Secondly, a morning walk bolsters both of your routines. It will help you to get up early and stick to your alarm time rather than shutting it off for an extra five minutes; after all, you have your dog waiting for your downstairs. Thirdly, it will help you to be more conscious of what you put in your own body and improve your diet in the making. 

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Another Beautiful Part of Tappan Lake

During our Fall visit to Sugarcreek, we expanded our  adventure by driving through another part of the Tappan Lake on our way home.  We have never been to this part of the lake, it is on the other end  so we wanted to see what's in it.  Lo and behold, we have found another gem to this  place.  It was beautiful out there.
 There was a couple with  fishing gear in their truck when we arrived.  We thought it would be neat to watch them.
 The sound of the water flowing  was very relaxing.  It made me wish we have  an ample time to kill so we could set up a picnic  right there and then but we could only enjoy the place for a brief moment since we still had a long  way to drive home.
 It was neat  watching the  man  catch fish with a net.  We always see people  catching fish with the fishing hawk and line but this was the first time my kids saw somebody  using a fish net.  I grew up seeing this kind of fishing so it was  not new to me but to my kids, it was amazing.
 I think we spent ten minutes watching the guy and   with that time, he managed to  fill two  medium size Styrofoam with fish!  I am so glad, we ventured out that way, my kids got to witness something new and we  were all blessed to see another beautiful  piece of the Tappan Lake where we   always love to take family pictures.  I think the next time we want our family picture taken, I would love this  spot to be the place.  

Monday, January 8, 2018

Rhinos & Rhinitis: The Best Pets For Children With Allergies

There are many concerns we all have when it comes to adopting a pet, and apart from the practicalities of a pet in the home, the other aspect that can be a big concern is if you or your children have an undiagnosed allergy to animals. Lots of people have allergies to cats, and while an allergy can be treated with antihistamines, these don't necessarily treat the problem but mask the symptoms. So if you have children with allergies, and they want a pet, are there any specific ones that are best for your house? 

A Hypoallergenic Cat

There are various breeds of cats that can help. In fact, it's not the cat hair that people are allergic to for the most part, but it's actually proteins that are secreted by the skin, known as the Fel D1 protein. The best types of cats include the Cornish Rex, Russian Blue, Siberian cats as well as the Norwegian cat, also known as the Norwegian Forest Cat. But no cat is completely hypoallergenic, so it's important for anyone with allergies to check their symptoms around a specific breed of cat.


Of course, this is the first pet for many people, but it's a very good one if you have children with major allergies. The fact is that they are in water, so there is no airborne contact, which will minimize any sort of allergies. The one thing to be aware of though if you plan on handling the fish a lot, is that you could get fish handler's disease, where contact with the fish against a cut causes a red circle to develop and results in itchiness and burning.


All reptiles have no fur, but, of course, they have scaly skin. When it comes to having reptiles as pets, there is no chance of an allergic reaction as they like the proteins to cause these reactions. It should be noted that the main concern with reptiles in terms of illness is that you could get exposed to salmonella. This is very rare, but some reptiles have salmonella as part of their bacteria in the intestines. Salmonella can cause lots of problems for your children, as their immune system isn't fully developed yet. And this is why healthy practices, such as washing your hands, can help prevent a lot of these illnesses.

Short-Haired Dogs

This is a case of trial and error, finding the best breed of dog for your children. And why are short-haired dogs aren't always the best option, the fact is that because short haired dogs have a lot less hair, the chance for an allergy is reduced greatly. The best approach when looking for a short-haired dog is to spend some time with a pediatrician and ask the relevant questions, and what medication your child should have to hand if they were to have an allergic reaction. The best approach is to visit the breed of animal and spend time, roughly an hour, to check if an allergic reaction develops.

While having a pet can be a fantastic addition to any household, the potential allergic reactions mean that you really need to do your research and check you and your child's ability to be exposed to these animals.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Are Your Children Happy At Home?

As a parent, one of your main concerns at all times is whether or not your children are happy on the whole. It can be surprisingly hard to keep track of whether they are happy, and even harder to know what to do when they are not, but it is something that you need to try and get used to if you want to be the best possible parents you can be. Something that can affect their happiness greatly is the nature of the home, as this is where they spend their time, and as such the atmosphere within it makes a huge difference to how they feel at all times. If you are keen to make sure they are happy, then you might want to take a look at the following pieces of advice.

Working On The Atmosphere

Building a positive and loving home atmosphere is no small task, but it is also essential if you genuinely care about your children and want them to be happy. So if you want to make sure that your children are as happy as possible, you will need to work on ensuring that your home atmosphere is as loving and caring and happy as possible. The only way to really do this is to make sure that you are acting in that way when you are at home - although of course nobody can feel this way literally all the time, you can make an effort to cultivate it as much as possible. If you improve the atmosphere within the home, you can be sure of happier children at all times. This will then create a virtuous cycle which can help greatly in the future.

Moving Home

Sometimes the home itself is not conducive to keeping children or yourself as happy as possible. This can be for any number of reasons, and sometimes it is very hard indeed to make it work. If you find that your home simply does not do anything to keep your children happy, then you might want to think about the simple but necessary step of moving home. This can be a powerful way to make sure that your children are getting much more of what they need from the home, and it is something that all families have to go through at some point or another. Of course, there are many great movers to choose from, and you will want to make sure that you do so if you are keen to make it as stress-free as possible. But as long as you do that, you will find this can really help your children be happier.

Other Aspects Of Life

For children who are at school, or otherwise engaged in the days, you have to remember that the home itself is not the only thing to think about. It might well be that there are many other things affecting how happy or not they are, so you need to make sure you are not putting too much on us on the home itself.

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