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How To Look Effortlessly Stylish On A Flight

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to step off a flight looking effortlessly stylish and fresh? There’s always one, who even after a long haul flight looks amazing and well groomed, without a wrinkle or crumple in sight! What you choose to wear when flying, is extremely important for style and comfort. Hopefully this guide will give you some pointers to make your first step onto the tarmac of your holiday destination glamorous and stylish.
The main consideration for choosing an outfit when flying is comfort. The tight confined spaces of an aeroplane, means that you will sit in one place for long periods of time, therefore tight restrictive clothing will cause discomfort. 
For inspiration consider the following advice


Think of how long you spend on your feet whilst checking in, the distance walked to your gate and how long you sit cramped up in your chair on the plane. Your feet deserve to be dressed in the most comfortable shoes possible. The air pressure in the cabin during a flight can cause your feet to swell, so don’t be tempted to wear high shoes or shoes with tight fitting straps. Flats are the best choice and in a slip-on style. Slip-on styles will allow you to slip off your shoes on the plane without having to do laces and buckles. Always wear your shoes at home for a while before you fly, this will ensure comfort and prevent blisters.

Loose clothing

Due to the combination of sitting for long periods in a tight confined space and an increase in air pressure during a flight, there is the potential risk of forming a blood clot (DVT), especially if it’s long-haul. For this reason it is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothes that are not restrictive. The clothing you choose should not be tight, especially in your leg area.

Choose material that is natural and breathable so that you stay cool. Materials such as cotton, silk and linen are ideal, however try to look for non-iron versions, so that you avoid the crumpled look.

It can often get a little chilly whilst flying so it would be advisable to wear lots of layers including womens long sleeve tops, this will enable you to add more layers when cold. Loose fitting skirts, dresses and trousers are a more sensible choice than jeans.

A longline loose cardigan can take the place of a fitted jacket and will have the benefit of being snuggly and warm.

Add your own style

So far we have concentrated more on comfort than style, but if you keep your clothing in neutral classic colours you will have the opportunity of adding your own statement accessories. These could be in the form of a bright scarf, jewellry or handbag. By looking smart and stylish you may even get a free upgrade!

When you arrive at your destination, a stylish pair of sunglasses will polish your look and hide away tired eyes. A quick slick of lip gloss and you will look ultra glamorous as you step onto the tarmac.

Have a fabulous holiday!

3 travelers' comments:

Diane said...

You have pretty much got that right, but if one is tall as my husband is, on a long haul flight in economy you will still look very tired when you get off as sleeping is impossible. Just recently we have upgraded to give him extra leg room, more expensive but so much more comfortable!! Have a good week, Diane

AiringMyLaundry said...

Oh man, I probably look a hot mess on airplanes but I really don't care. I'm in jeans and t-shirts normally, and my hair is shooting all over the place. It is what it is. You look great though!

Glam Karen said...

It's nice to pick comfy pieces that are also cute so you won't have to sacrifice style for comfort. I appreciate all the tips that you shared!

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