Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Keep The Kids Entertained On A Long Journey In These Novel Ways

The thing about vacations is that you can pay out a lot of money and put some serious time into organizing them, but it can be super tough to get any peace and quiet when you are there. Especially if there is a whole family of you staying in one room! Luckily, below you will find all sorts of creative suggestions that will help to keep the little ones gainfully employed and give you the chance to get at least a few moments peace on your next vacation. 


Obviously, kids can't take their entire toy box on vacation with them. However, you can provide each child with a small backpack, and then they can pack up their favorite must-have items for the holiday. Then they have a store of things to keep them happy and comfortable that they can access themselves. It also keeps the room tidy as well, as they have a place to put them back when they aren't using them. 

Surprise Bags 

Something else that it's worth considering when you are on vacation with little ones are surprise bags. You can buy them ready-made, and themed with their favorite characters, or you can make them yourself by including healthy, edible treats, coloring books, pencils, and games

Surprise bags are a great way of providing entertainment for the little ones. 

It also best to hold these until they start to get a little crabby, or bored and then you can produce them as a surprise. Something that can provide a nice distraction. 

Game Apps

If the kids have phones then its also worth downloading some mobile games to keep boredom at bay while in the hotel room, or at dinner during vacations. 

Titles for the younger ones include things like Astro Cat’s Solar System, a cartoon based education game that helps kids learn about the planets. Bubble Witch Saga, the addictive bubble popping challenge game is also very popular with kids of all ages. 

Obviously, for some kids, these will be too ‘babyish’, and so they will want something a bit more grown up but still fun to play. That means instead of going for something with cutsie characters, ask them the question "do you want to be the hero of your own adventure in Final Fantasy 15? I bet they will say yes, as this is a game where they get to build their very own world and fight against evil hordes, all in the final fantasy universe. Something that kids that are gamers will recognize and love, so it should keep them amused for hours!


Audiobooks are another way of entertaining the kids or even the whole family on vacation. They are a bit different than taking a portable DVD player too because the kids can still play, and have fun and seeing new things around them. They also get to use their imagination like they would so if they were reading. 

Of course, if you can't agree on a book for the whole family then you can just allow each child to download an audiobook app onto their phone and use their headphones. Something that can provide you with a few moment of peace in the evenings, or during meal times on vacation too.

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