Friday, August 29, 2014

Father's Day Spent at Pittsburgh Zoo

Hey there everyone. Here's another very late post  that I should have done two months ago but you know, being a stay-at-home Mom is not that easy as other perceived it to be.  We have a lot of things to do everyday and it seems like things were never get accomplished. Time flies and sometimes you  don't realize the day is  over already. Just like months, I can't believe that it is mid-August again, whew!  Anyway, we spent  this year's Father's day at Pittsburgh Zoo.
Our children were still little when we went there last time so we  thought of taking them there now that they are a little older and can handle a lot of walking.  I prepared some drinks and chopped some fruits for snacks to keep their belly full and keep them hydrated. My husband  supported the idea but he doesn't like  pulling the cooler.  I don't mind it but he stil  carries them anyway lol.
I love watching my husband with our children. Not many kids have  a col Dad like him  and I always tel my  kids that they are so lucky to have a loving father like their Daddy!
 I love that my husband is so dedicated to teaching our children with god values. We both want them to be good citizens that's why we strive hard to  guide them the  right way we thought possible. We might not be the perfect parents (I don't think there is one, right?) but we do our best that we can to be god parents for them.

 Overall, we had a really nice day at the zoo. The kids learned so many things about the animals and above all, they had fun!
Parenting is never easy, we learned things everyday!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Incredible Tips For Families Visiting Rome


Travelling with your family takes much more planning than if you were to travel alone. Children don't always appreciate sightseeing and tourism the way that adults do. You might find it quite tricky to keep your children entertained whilst on holiday. It is vital that before you book your holiday you make a detailed plan of things to do for you and your children. You want to get the most out of the holiday itself and enjoy seeing the sights. You also need to make sure that your children have a great time. If they get bored during the trip, you will know about it. Children tend to act out when they don't have anything better to do. Failing to play entertainment for your children could result in a family holiday you'll want to forget. 

Rome is a stunning city and the true heart of Italy. The city is home to plenty of family friendly attractions that will be ideal for you and your little ones. If you are planning a big family getaway this year then, you must consider Rome. The city is full of cultural experiences and scenic views. The city has both modern and old-fashioned architecture, which compliment one another. When you take a trip to Rome, you know that it is a trip you will never forget. Here are some incredible tips for enjoying Rome with your family. 

The Trip Is A Learning Experience

Whilst in Rome you should attempt to speak the language. Italian is a beautiful, romantic language and so attempting a few phrases will make all the difference. Before you go away invest in a good quality phrasebook. You and your children should attempt to learn a few key phrases before you set off. Knowing bits of the language will help you to navigate the city and learn more about the authentic Italian culture. If your children are young, it is an ideal time for them to start to learn an extra language. Children have a large capacity for learning languages when they are little. 

Make History Interesting For Your Children

Rome is if rife with Italian history. When your children are looking at old buildings, sometimes they fail to appreciate the history behind them. Make the city more interesting for your children by teaching them about the history of the buildings as your visit them. Take the Colosseum, for example. Your children might find it quite boring to stand and stare at the grand building in the center of Rome. Teach them the rather gruesome history behind the building though, and they will love it. The will find a sudden fascination with the structure. 

Find A Place To Stay For The Family

You will find it quite difficult to find a hotel to suit your family's needs. If you have a large family, then getting a hotel is expensive and troublesome. You can save yourself a lot of hassle by booking an apartment. Look into Rome apartments with Housetrip, which are reasonable for family stays. Having an apartment means that you can continue with family life in a new environment. The apartment will act as your base during your holiday, and you can sit down for family meals in a normal home. Many children find travelling stressful, so having a good base for your holiday will make all the difference. 

Get A Guide For Your Trip 

Many of the attractions in Rome are expensive and popular. That means that you might spend much of the day waiting to catch a glimpse of a famous building. To avoid the queues you should consider getting a tour guide for your stay. Many companies in Italy offer a family tour of the city. These tours cut out all the waiting, as the tour guides can take you straight to the front of the queue. With a tour guide, you will also get the benefit of learning about the history of the city as you walk around it.

Find Free Things To Do In The City 

If you're on a budget then, you can find many free things to do in Rome. Sure, the top tourist attractions are expensive, but there are also plenty of free things to see in the city. You can catch a movie for free in the Villa Borghese. The villa is a pavilion in the city, where they often put on free movies. You and your family can watch a classic film for free amongst nature. If movies aren't your thing, then why not take a trip to the Burcardo Theatre Museum. The exhibits within the museum are completely free. Your children will love looking at some expensive costumes and learning about the history of theatre. 

Rent Bikes In The City 

One way to stay fit and see the sights that Rome has to offer is to hire bikes in the city. Many of the local Italians use bikes as their main form of transport, so hiring a bike is easy. It won't cost you much to hire a bike. Set aside around ten euros per person for this activity. Rome is the perfect environment for biking around and so you should find the streets easy to get around. Taking a bike tour means that you can cover more ground faster and enjoy the sights of the city at a good pace. Children will love getting active while travelling around Rome. 

Explore The Streets Without Getting Lost

Whilst Rome is beautiful, it can also be quite intimidating. The city is large, and you can get lost in it with no trouble at all. You can, of course, take a map with you when you visit the city, but you might find it easier to download an app instead. Google Maps is the ideal app for navigating new cities. You can use the 'Places' function in the app to find local restaurants, attractions and cafes. The app will also come in handy should you and your family get lost. The app uses a GPS to find you and can show you the way back to your hotel.

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