Thursday, November 28, 2013

Filipino Martyrs Celebration #Traditional Costumes

Most of the Filipinos here in  Weirton have different traditional costume except me.  For some reason, I am not  comfortable wearing costume.  It;s not something that I can just  do and not feel conscious about it.  It's not that I am not proud of  the Filipino culture but it is not just my thing.  I love  looking at them wearing different kinds of traditional costume though.  Here are some.

As you can see in the last photo, only hubby and I are the ones not wearing costume  during the Filipino Martyrs Celebration.
How about you, do you like wearing traditional costumes?

Franciscan University

I have always wanted to capture a shot of the entrance of the Franciscan University in Steubenville Ohio.  Unfortunately, the  place where it is located, it is hard to   get a good angle when you are driving by unless of course if you will stop and take a picture.    This is  the only good one that I took.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Filipino Martyrs Celebration #Reception

After the mass for the Filipino martyr celebration, came the reception at St. Joseph Gymnasium.  Here are some  photos I snapped right before  the  meals were served.  A friend's daughter whom we used to take care of when she was still a baby  is getting bigger.  We seldom see her but she still recognize us which is really nice.

The St. Joseph  Children Choir  sang the song  that was personally picked by the priest, "Light Your Candle" before  dinner.

It's nice to see familiar faces that day.  I seldom attend to Filipino parties so it was quite a treat to see  them.

Most of the Filipinos came in traditional clothing except me. I will be posting more photos  when I have time.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Capsule Wardrobe: Packing Light for a City Breaks

From Germany’s quaint Christmas markets to the winter romance of Paris, there is just something so magical about taking a city break at this time of year! Luckily, thanks to low-cost airline deals, you can easily get away for couple of days without breaking the bank.

To save even more money on your city break, forget taking a large suitcase in favour of discount cabin luggage. Most airlines allow a generous 10kg hand luggage entitlement – and there are a number of leading luggage brands that offer cheap suitcases available in convenient hand luggage sizes such as Carlton luggage and Delsey luggage.

Now here is where it gets tricky, you have so many favourite outfits but won’t be able to squeeze them all into your hand luggage bag – so it is time to be brutal with your outfit choices. Here are a few tips to help you compile the perfect capsule wardrobe…

Keep colours dark 
Ideal for the winter months, keeping your clothes in a similar colour palette will help you mix and match pieces while the dark colours are ideal for wearing in the day or for dressing up at night. A good idea is to choose dark skinny jeans as they are perfect for wearing when you are sightseeing and for when you are going out for dinner in the evening – team them with a chunky jumper in the day and a chic blouse at night. 

Choose Statement accessories
To help dress up your items, make sure you pack some statement accessories – an oversized jewelled necklace will add extra glamour to your evening outfit while a printed scarf is perfect for keeping you snug in the day and will look just as good worn with jeans and a tee for a laid-back evening look. 

Pack one ‘dressy’ outfit
It is always a good idea to pack one dress just in case you end up going to a formal restaurant or bar. A good idea is to pack a black dress which can be dressed down with a scarf or a blazer jacket should you choose to wear it again on your trip. 

Once your clothes have taken up most of the space in your suitcase, there may not be much room left over for shoes. On city breaks it is a good idea to take a pair of comfy shoes with you (you will be doing plenty of walking about when you go sightseeing!), you should also pack a pair of heels or dressy flat shoes should you end up going out for a meal or drinks. To save space, wear your comfy shoes on the flight and pack the other pair of shoes. 
Toiletries & Makeup 
Airline rules mean that you can only take a certain amount of liquids – so if you are packing toiletries, why not save money by decanting your current shampoo, conditioner and shower gel into travel sized bottles. Most liquid foundations are within the liquid amount restrictions – just remember to display any liquids in a clear bag when going through airport security!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mini Golf at Perry's GloPutt

As our children continues to impress us with their grades,  we  reward them once in a while.  A couple of weeks ago,  they both have all perfect scores on their tests so we  took them at Perry's GloPutt located in Fort  Steuben  Mall.  It's a place  full of video games, and  other games.  My kids are very interested in playing mini golf so that's what they did.

My kids are very competitive  so this is a perfect outlet for them as  they score as they  play.  Depending on how good they can  hit the golf balls and  shoot in the holes, the lesser hits, the better.  My daughter really pays attention to details so she always wins but my son would just hit the ball without  properly aiming through the holes.  Nevertheless, they both have fun playing mini golf. 

They've been there three times already but I only went once because  the  dark room with bright neon paints  really triggered my migraine.  By the time they finish the game, my head was already thumping.  Yeah, I am a party pooper sometimes dues to my severe migraine.   Every child  pays $5 for  the mini golf so  for $10, it was a total enjoyment.

Organizing made Easy

Oh I just love blogging  not only because it is a relaxing hobby for me but  it comes with so many perks as well.  Not to mention the knowledge you gain in reading different topics from different  bloggers.  I love it because  as a stay at home Mom, I learned so much.  Creative things to do for my kids, doing chores  the easy way, and there are so many stuff that you learn everyday.  Product reviews  gives me the opportunity to try out new products  at no cost.  Just like the  products that I received from one of the companies that I regularly do review with.  They sent me different  office supplies and organizers for my cabinets.  Things that I can use to organize my files.  I usually do the filing at the end of the year.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ways to Promote your Company

There are so many ways to promote your company's product and services nowadays. One common way is through giving out promotional products to prospective clients and to your present costumers who are loyally patronizing your company. I remember when I was still working as a secretary in one the offices of the college that I used to work with. At the end of the school year, printing company's goes to our office to offer their services in making the yearbook of the graduating students and as a token of entertaining them, they would bring us samples and other promotional products from their company. I find it neat because you will remember them through the personalized logos printed in their products.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Veteran's Day, a long Weekend for Us!

Yay, I got to sleep in today because the kids were off from school.  IT's Parents and Teacher's conference today although I did not sign up because  my  kids teachers  says that I don't have to as they are doing great in their respective classes, which is a great news.    We have a long weekend  as Monday is also a day off for Veteran's Day.  The kids are off  but sad to say, the Veteran himself  is not  off as  there is no off for them at  the company where he works.  

Anyway, sharing you some snaps I took yesterday when hubby and I went to New Cumberland, I saw  this memorial  spot  dedicated to the men and women  of New Cumberland who served the country in all wars.

It is very touching when you see this kind  of  dedication and appreciation.  Not many appreciates the sacrifices that military men and women  is doing for   the  people and country.

In Weirton, there is a big Memorial place  also.  I hardly see people visit the place  but  my family visits there  on warm days.  We even brought my father -in-law who is also a  WW2 Veteran.  Below are some photos.

You can see more photos here Wishing you all a happy weekend. My family salutes to all the Veterans and to men and women who are currently serving the military.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fall Foliage, New Cumberland West Virginia

Hubby took a day off today because we had so many things to do.  Our morning started off by sending our son to school, then we drove  our daughter to other school to catch the bus for their field trip as part of the gifted program special event.  We then headed to New Cumberland Candle Company  to claim the plates that the kids has painted at Homer Laughlin, Newell West Virginia last October 5th.
While we were heading to New Cumberland, I took some photos of the remaining Fall foliage.  The heavy winds a couple of  days ago knocked off most of the beautiful leaves.

I will make a separate post about the plate that we   picked up next time.  I just want to show  the  remaining Fall foliage    over at our end.  Anyway, when we came back  from New Cumberland, hubby took  our  Honda  for car maintenance  service.  Then after picking up the kids, we  brought them to the dentist for their tooth filling.   Then we headed to visit my FIL afterwards.  Now I am pooped!

BugOut Moment

When it comes to BugOut moment, I consider  snake to be the one that could literally  make me  scared to death.  The only place I could be brave seeing snake is  when we go to the zoo as they are in a very secure place and would chase me or anything like that.  Even that, I still cringe when I look at them.  The photos below were taken by my husband when we went to the zoo few years ago.  He knows that I am terrified of s snakes so he teased me to take  photos myself, I just said "Forget it" lol.
If you want  to see the scariest and deadliest bugs in the world, you should check out  the Orkin Ecologist website.  They have tons of it.    I have never seen so many bugs in my life until I discovered this website.    Being a Mom, I definitely learn  different things everyday because of my kids.  As you introduce them to different stuff, you learn along the way as well.  

Me and my kids love gardening so we   used to seeing different kinds of bugs during the summer  month.  My son is scared of bees because he got stung once  so everytime he would see one in our garden, he would ran  and scream lol.  One of the most interesting thing that I learned from Orkin Ecologist website is that Yucca Moth which I   did not know the name before.  I just see them around our yucca plant when it is blooming.  It says that these species are so dependent to one another that they can not exist on its own.    It's amazing  to learn these things especially with my kids.  If you have kids like mine who loves bugs, you should give Orkin a try.  It's an awesome  learning experience for both parents and kids.

Monday, November 4, 2013

All Saint's Day 2013 at St. Joe's

The Kindergarten and First Graders were the ones  in-charged for the All Saint's day celebration at St. Joseph Church.  My son was very excited  because he was one of the readers  at the mass and he also brought the bread at the altar   during the offertory rites.  I asked my husband to go to his work later that day because he kept missing  our son's involvement in school  so he did.  I am glad that he  attended because it made our son very proud of what he can do.  Here are the photo I took last Friday.
The kindergarten and First Graders  have to wear  either a saint costume or an angel  costume.  My son is wearing a St. Joseph costume.  Below are some snapshots during the offertory procession as the children brings  the saint banner for their  classes.
It is a joy to  watch the little kids acts like adults in the ceremony.  I salute  those teachers who  patiently teaches the kids for these.  I like it that they  train the kids at an early age to build their self confidence.  
After the mass, we got to take a group picture of them.
I remember when my son first did this  when he was in Kindergarten, my husband was not there so he was a bit bummed out.  He did great but this time, he did even better knowing that his Dad was with me.  I think that father figure is very important for the kid's development.    I think that, it is one role that we can not do as Moms, the father  figure to our children's life.

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