Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ways to Promote your Company

There are so many ways to promote your company's product and services nowadays. One common way is through giving out promotional products to prospective clients and to your present costumers who are loyally patronizing your company. I remember when I was still working as a secretary in one the offices of the college that I used to work with. At the end of the school year, printing company's goes to our office to offer their services in making the yearbook of the graduating students and as a token of entertaining them, they would bring us samples and other promotional products from their company. I find it neat because you will remember them through the personalized logos printed in their products.

2 travelers' comments:

joei ♥ said...

the best promotional items are the coffee mugs or tumblers coz people really use them ;)


Unknown said...

Dont forget toilet paper also can be promote. Years ago, I received a toilet paper with some kind of butterflies (in different species) printed on it. I dont dare to use it..too beautiful. Hahaa

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