Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Our Relaxing Stay at Homewood Suites in Florence Kentucky

During our 2 days adventure in Kentucky, we stayed at Homewood Suites.  We chose  this  hotel accommodation because we liked it when we stayed with them during our vacation in San Antonio Texas few years ago.
When you have kids, having  a complimentary breakfast is a big plus.    Homewood Suites  always has a nice selection of  breakfast in their  morning menus.  
The room was very spacious, it's a perfect  place to stay if you have  small tots that loves to run around as there is plenty of space.
I also love the fact that they have a sofa bed  which  the kids always use.
The kitchen is complete with  tools and wares for use.
We never used the coffee as we always have our coffee at the  breakfast bar.
I was very impressed that they even  wash the dishes for you if you forget to  run the dishwasher.
Although, we did not  plan to cook there, it was nice having the kitchen because we meet up with a family friend and we  had  plates and silverware to use for our snacks.
Homewood Suites  truly  know that Home is where the heart is. They understand that even  when you travel you still long for the comfort of the home that's why they work harder to make you feel at home by offering their  guests with resourcefulness and flexibility.  I love that about them.  This is our second time staying with them and they never disappoint us.
I love the bathroom!  I wish our bathroom is that big lol.
The mirror has a built-in touch lamp in it, it was pretty cool.
There was a huge  closet to hang clothes, they even have iron and ironing board.
We only stay there for a couple of days and  I highly recommend them. 
They have an indoor poor with jacuzzi.  The kids love the swimming pool, they had some place to swim after a long day of stroll outdoors.
Their employees are really nice and courteous.  I noticed that most of them are hispanic.  
The lobby area is pretty big too.  I just didn't like that the indoor swimming pool is  near the lobby/reception area.  You can smell the  bleach when you come in but other than that, it's an over all  nice play to stay.
I love staying at a place like this because you feel at home.  I think it is a perfect place to stay especially if you are staying longer.
The day we checked in, the receptionist informed us that they are serving a free dinner which was a nice surprise.
If we ever go back to Florence Kentucky, we would surely stay at this hotel again.  Their price is decent.  I am NOT in anyway compensated for this post, I just want to share our great experience with them.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

LifeGuards: Guarding All Life

The July 4th parade in Weirton was held  a bit early this year.  It was held on June the 30th, a couple of days before we went on a vacation.  I am glad they did it earlier because we got to participate  to one of the groups, the Pro Life Association.     This is our first time being part of the parade so we were all  excited.
All of us were wearing a shirt that says "Lifeguard" on the front and "Guarding All Life" at the back.
I understand that this is a very sensitive issue to some but I feel like  we have to stand up for the  protection of the unborn too.  I also understand the predicament that women faces when they are in a situation where they were forced against their will but at least they have the voice  to express their opinions.  The unborn has no voice so if no one will stand up for them, they will always be the victim. 
Anyway, we went early because the start of the parade  has no parking space so we had to park all the way downtown  and then walk to the starting point.
We  had fun on our walk.  We have never  walked on this part of the city so it was nice seeing  it.
For the previous years, we  have  witnessed some people  harassing the Pro Life group where they  verbally  abused Nuns and other religious people that  is part of the  group.  I am glad that this year, there was none of that, at least I did not see any. 
I think that  because there were many children in our group, the pro-choice people  did not say anything which I  was very thankful of.  The kids were were reading some statistics and facts about the impact of  abortion as the parade goes.
Most of the people that we knew at the Pro-Life group were from our  children's school.
Some of the Moms I know from church and school were there too so I felt very comfortable joining.
My husband was tasked to hold  the banner along with another guy.
I was really surprised that there were so many Pro-Life people  who joined this year.  There's not usually this big  from the previous years.
"Beach or no beach, we need lifeguards", some of the  signs that other people brought to the parade.

We would love to join again next year if given the chance.  Our children felt  awesome after  attending this one.  They feel like  they have done  something to raise awareness for the protection of the unborn.

Friday, August 17, 2018

#Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee #LetYourImaginationRunWild

 Through blogging I get to discover beautiful places  that I want to  visit.  I've seen Wonderworks being featured in so many blogs that I thought it would be so cool to see it with my  kids.  So when we went to Tennessee last month, I was excited  that  there was one.
WonderWorks is an entertainment center focused on science exhibits which is right in my  children's  interest.  They like Science so this was a perfect place to visit.  Wonderworks has  different locations in the US including  Orlando, Florida,  Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Panama City Beach, Florida, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,Syracuse, New York, and Branson, Missouri.
Let Your Imagination Run Wild is the company's slogan, looking at it  from the  outside  made my stomach run wild  instead lol. Kudos to the  architect for building such complicated structure.  

 It was the afternoon after we did white water rafting that we decided to see this so we were all tired.
 We went inside looked at few things and did not really have the energy to explore. I did managed to  take some photos.  Looking at the displays from an upside down view  is really fascinating althoughtit made me  dizzy a little bit lol.
 While my daughter was  using the restroom, we  sat down at the bench and our son took some photos of me and hubby.
 Their displays are really interesting.  I love the mirror  in between the restrooms.
 The fact that we went there tired and  with full bellies at the same time, made us want to  go to our hotel and rest.  
We didn't get to do any activity inside but  glad that we were able to see what it looked like in there.  It is as interesting as the outside.  I would probably go to  other location if given the  opportunity and really explore.  For now, I am satisfied that we were able to see the one in Pigeon Forge.  

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