Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Mickey BIrthday Party

A month ago today, we attended a first birthday party of a a friend's  first born.  The venue of the even was located near our place but we have never been there.  You can tell that we don't go out to eat very often because a restaurant that close was never visited by us.  
 The event reminded me of the  very first birthday of my kids. Both of their  first birthdays was just celebrated at home with close friends and family.  With our daughter, I didn't know much  people then so we only have my in laws and one  Fil Am couple that  we  recently met at the mall.  With our son, we hosted it at our home.  It was a bit crowded since our house is small but invited many.  Both parties were  so much fun tho=ugh.
 We met  two new Fiipinas at the party.  I don't attend Filipino gatherings anyore so I  only knew few  around the area.
 Taking photos on every occasion isd an Asian thing.  We could never get together without taking any photos.
Thanks Aurelyn for inviting us!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Eve with the Cottrill Family

We visited the  family on the 24th.  We always get tgether on Christmas eve but  ever since my kids starting going to school, we can only visit for few hours as the kids has  a function at church.  
 My daughter was very fond of their dog Toby, he is a sweetheart.  He is  16 years old but still look good.  You can tell he is  an old dog though because  he walks  very slowly.

I am not sure what breed he is but he is so gentle and  really nice with kids.
 They opened gifts before we left.  Thanks for the gifts everyone!
Dad was in a very good  spirit  that day.  Although I was told that after the gathering, he did not want to leave.  He  said that it is his house so he isn't living.  He is now living with my sister-in-law and my niece -in-law's family  is the  one living at his former house now.
We are blessed that we are  given another Christmas to spend with  Dad.  
 The Asian cousins. Shelby is 25% Korean and my kids are 50 percent Filipino.  Our family is  mixed race but race is never an issue with us.

I thank God for another  great Christmas!  I have so many things to be thankful for this year. I am looking forward for a great 2016, hopefully it would be another great year.  2015 was a tight year financially but we managed   okay.  This year, I am hoping that with be a lot easier whenit comes to finances.  Other than that, 2015 was  great for my family's health and personal relationship.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Visiting Family

 We visited  Dad at my sister-in-law's house the day after Thanksgiving because we only got to see him for a brief moment  when we went to his former house.  He was out of breath during the Thanksgiving celebration that he has to leave early.  His health is declining  drastically which concerns all of us.
My niece-in-law  is now living  at my FIL's former house so they hosted this year's  Thanksgiving.  We  were late   because I also  made a dinner at home and we ate before we went  and visited everybody.
 It is so hard see your parent get weaker each day.  I remember when I first came here, Dad was  still very strong and healthy.  He is a big part of my children.  We lived at his house for  a year before we bought our home and  he is the best father-in-law anyone could  have.  I am so blessed!
 Even though he doesn't recognize us anymore, I still see him  the same when  I first met him.  He is the kindest person I know.  My kids are very fond of  their memories with him when they were younger and Dad can still drive.  He would visit us and they would take them for a drive going to his house.
 At 93, he still look great but his strength is declining.  He can no longer  walk far.  Just walking to  one room to another, he is catching his breath already.
 I got him to smile  for me.  I told him that I will  show his picture to his sister, so he gave me a  big smile.

When we were about to leave, my sister-in-law's  daughter and granddaughter also visited so we took pictures of them with Dad and kids before we left.
It was a nice visit.  The last time we went and visited, he was asleep so we did not get to see him.  But anyway, here are  my babies having fun in front of the camera.
From my family to yours, Merry Christmas everyone!

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