Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Thanksgiving 2011

The day before Thanksgiving day, my Burritos and I made some lumpia. Then on the morning of the holiday, we made some putos.  Ms. Burrito is always willing to help out with the kitchen chores and the cooking.
Preserving the memories through taking fotos of the moment.
Everyone  was present but  late Dave, we all miss his presence.
The kids  had so much fun.  It's nice once again to be able to see everyone in the family.
How about you guys, how's your Thanksgiving?  Did you go Black Friday shopping after  the festivities?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Spirit Week

The students at St. Joseph School (SJS) Fall into Fun by doing different   stuff  the whole week.

  • Monday was Fall Fashion Day where  they wore they favorite Fall colors.  I chose three different outfits but daughter picked this set.
  • Tuesday  was Fall into Friendship where they can do something nice for their  classmates.  It could either be something that they do, make, or they can bring  in a small treat.  My daughter made some friendship ring made  out of beads.
She also made some  simple cards and wrote message  to each of them.  She gave  some of her classmates  a copy of her class picture.

  • Wednesday was Wacky Hat Wednesday.  I'll reserve the photos of this one  on letter W of ABC Wednesday hehehe.
  • Thursday was a Treats Day.  They decorated   their own cupcakes.
  • Friday was a Spirit Day, they wore their  SJS apparel to show their school spirit.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  You may join my  giveaway, it will end  on Nov. 30th.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Autumn Breeze Nostalgia # 79

Another walk we did at Marland Heights for us to be able to enjoy the Autumn breeze while it lasts.  Of course, I don't go without my camera in handy hehehe.  Using my point and shoot  Sony, we got some cool shots.  The  coat that Mr. Burrito  is wearing was given to him  by her Godparents a couple of years ago and it just fit  him now.

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Who Deserve to win the $5,000, Puppies or Babies?

So who do you think deserve to win the whopping $5,000.00 prize for the Puppies vs. Babies online contest at Animal Planet?This battle between the Puppies vs. Babies is pretty exciting so if you haven't cast your vote yet, you still have until the 23rd to  help your favorite baby or puppy win.  Please share  your opinion through the comment section of this post to who do you think is deserving  to  grab the fabulous prize.  We have voted for this baby named Noelle because she is just so cute and pretty.  I hope that she wins as she deserves it.

Next month will be the  second year  when we got our  first family pet.  Champ is a Jack Russell Terrier and  he is always full of energy ready to rock our world.  He love to play goalie and Frisbee .  I think that if we dedicate our  whole day to him, he won't be tired of playing.    I just wish that I have that kind of energy hahaha.    As you can see in the photos at my sidebar, we used to have  a Pomeranian too.  The kids loved her but we have to let her go because we couldn't contain her inside, she love to run away every chance she gets.  Please don't forget to  share via  comment section, who are you going to vote for.  Thanks!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Inexpensive Outfit

Just something to do at Dad's house. I went upstairs and set the self timer on my point and shoot Sony and showcased the inexpensive pants I got at JCP. I think, I bought it for under 5 bucks.My Sweater  was bought on sale (can't remember how much but it was cheap) then the shoes I got for free at Listia.
I'm just having fun folks, that's my  key to staying young (at heart) lol.  Nahh, am just testing my flexibility and I found out that  it's deteriorating hahaha.  
Alrighty, hope you are having a nice weekend. Link us your favorite color during Fridays with Color Connection.


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Pink Hat

 Thanks  to Dhemz for giving each of my  Burritos a cowboy/girl hat.  She brought it the other day at  my FIL and we had a  fun time.
 Even Dad joined in the fun!  When we don't go for  walk, we find some things that all of us can enjoy.  Glad  FIL is always a good sport.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Angels And Saints Nostalgia # 78

PhotobucketWhen Ms. Burrito was in kindergarten, she chose to wear a saint costumer for All Saints Day celebration. She dressed up as a St. Agnes, the gown she wore was custom tailored by my friend Agnes and the shawl that she used was given by Clang from Japan.
THe kindergarten and first grader are the ones doing the  All Saint's Day dress up so this year, Ms. Burrito decided that she would be an angel.  I bought this costume online.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quality Time with Family

Meet Erica, my brother-in-law Rick's only daughter who lives in California.  She is the actress in the family.  She was in the  musical movie "Rent".  When she's around, there's no quiet time for us, she's very outspoken and never runs out of topic to talk about.  Erica just recently started her own production company.  Anyhow, she visits the family on occasion.  Due to the passing  of my BIL Dave, she came home and spent quality time with us.
After my BIL's burial, we  all hanged out at Dad's place to cheer him up.

It's been..

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