Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who Deserve to win the $5,000, Puppies or Babies?

So who do you think deserve to win the whopping $5,000.00 prize for the Puppies vs. Babies online contest at Animal Planet?This battle between the Puppies vs. Babies is pretty exciting so if you haven't cast your vote yet, you still have until the 23rd to  help your favorite baby or puppy win.  Please share  your opinion through the comment section of this post to who do you think is deserving  to  grab the fabulous prize.  We have voted for this baby named Noelle because she is just so cute and pretty.  I hope that she wins as she deserves it.

Next month will be the  second year  when we got our  first family pet.  Champ is a Jack Russell Terrier and  he is always full of energy ready to rock our world.  He love to play goalie and Frisbee .  I think that if we dedicate our  whole day to him, he won't be tired of playing.    I just wish that I have that kind of energy hahaha.    As you can see in the photos at my sidebar, we used to have  a Pomeranian too.  The kids loved her but we have to let her go because we couldn't contain her inside, she love to run away every chance she gets.  Please don't forget to  share via  comment section, who are you going to vote for.  Thanks!

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analou said...

Hello Rose. How are you? Both babies and puppies are so cute. Since I have no kid/s but I have a dog, I voted for a puppy because of so many personal reasons which I shared in one of my blogs.

take care Rose.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Analou, thanks for leaving a comment. Yeah,. I think the contest is a little out for me because I love both. They should make a contest just for the dogs or just for babies. But, it's the organizer's prerogatives and we are just here to share our own opinion.

nuts said...

oh how cute naman ng pic na to! haay my pet shih tzu is giving me a lot of tasks everyday. It's a high maintenance pet kaya ang hirap, after giving a bath, need blower ng matagal. :(

Chubskulit Rose said...

Talking about work, our JRT decided to crap in his cage last night wahhhh. It stunk so bad, I had to scrub his bed and the blanket, whew! It's like having a third child for me lol.

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