Thursday, May 27, 2010

Nostalgia # 2 - Church & Baptism

First of all, I want to thank everyone who participated on the kick off of this Nostalgia. Keep traveling with me down memory lane and keep it going. My second entry are the churches that we are/were members to.
First up is the St. Paul, this is where we attended since I arrived in the States until 2008. Our last attendance to this church was two weeks before we left to Korea.

This is the view at the back. Adjacent to it is is the St. Paul School which we originally planned to send our kids to but since we bought this home near at St. Josh, our plan was changed.
Aside from membership, this is also where our two children got baptized. We were friends with Fr. Tony, he is a very sincere and friendly priest. I remember when I first came to their church, he asked me if he can bless my baby inside my tummy which made a big impact in me. He was the one who baptized Rylie (Dec. 2005) and EJ (Dec. 2007). When Rylie was baptized, my FIL wasn't able to come so we thought that he won't attend to EJ's baptism either but we were surprised because he did.

Our new church is St. Joseph the Worker. We decided to change our membership from St. Paul's to this one because it is within our neighborhood. We can just walk from our house to the church whenever we want to. Me and Rylie walked last Sunday when we attended church without the boys.

One more reason we transfered is the fact that Rylie will start school this year and for us to avail the discount at St. Joseph school, you have to be a member of the church too. I can just walk my daughter from our home to the school. I really love where we live right now because we are so near with a lot of establishments like bank, post office, church, school (elementary, high school, college) and stores.

I copied the last photo at St. Joseph's website.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Time for the best DAD!

What, it's that time again? TIME really flies so fast isn't it? We are halfway of 2010 already and the number of my age will change next month (lol). Yup, I will be celebrating my birthday next month but this post is not about it. It is about the TIME to celebrate and enjoy the special day for the best Dads in the world.

My husband is a loving and super duper caring Dad to our two children. He is the best when it comes to playing with them, telling stories during night time, and helping me do most of the things that I regularly do everyday at home. It's funny because when he retired from the service, his old watch that he's been using for year also retired.
I hope that I could earn more so I could get him a movado watch, his ever favorite brand among watches. The photo above is the movado watch that he bought years ago, it is one of his collection. He seldom uses it and I think, he would be happy if I can get him an additional one. Ahem! I hope I could earn more before Father's day so I could buy him one lol. I found some decent designs at Bluedial and I have three favorite ones just in case I could afford to buy one hahaha. Wish me luck folks!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


We got one warm day last week and we took advantage of it. We found a sale of the kid's backyard pool at Walmart and we bought one for the kids. Hubby inflated it with Dad's air compressor and we fill it up with water. Hubby boiled four pots of water to add in the cold water. We chained up the dogs because they really want to swim in there too lol.

I tried to swim with the kids but I couldn't bear the cold water wahhh.

I just stayed with them outside and watched their happy faces while splashing in the water.

EJ stayed very long until he was wore out.
Can you tell, he enjoyed it a lot?

Here's a parenting tip from

Protecting your family from skin cancer doesn’t mean staying indoors. In addition to sunscreen, require that kids to wear wide-brimmed hats, ultraviolet sunglasses, and sun shirts (one size bigger is more comfy). Use lunch and snack breaks to dry and reapply. And set a good example; make sure you’re protected from harmful rays as well! 

Hoopie Explorations

Going down to where my father-in-law grew up was a blast. We took so many pictures because it will take a long time before we could visit there again. That was the kids and I's first time visiting West Union. The kids had so much fun exploring the beauty of the place. They got to ride a horse, had a chance to see animals like goats, turkey, and other critters.

My husband's Aunt has a very huge yard so we had so much fun running around. We played ball too and the kids explore the small stream nearby Aunt Shirley's house.
I think if you want a very relaxing and peaceful place to live, hoopie is the perfect place. You get to enjoy fresh wind and the surrounding is just awesome.

Our kids love down there. In fact, the next morning when we got back home, EJ said "Can we go down hoopie again?"
Can you tell that we had a blast? My husband captured my jump action lol!

Have a great week ahead guys!


First of all, I would like to thank everyone who participated to the kick off the Nostalgia meme. Hope to see you guys every Thursday!

There is a recreation area nearby where we are living so we went there last Friday to let the kids play around a little bit. We had some crazy weather last week where most of the time were cold. Good thing we had such a great day today, the kids had a chance to swim in their inflatable pool (will blog about it later).

But anyhow, it takes 5-10 minutes to get there so it's one of the favorite place to go with by our kids now.

There is a big swimming pool to this memorial park and hubby said that during summer, a lot of people come here to swim, picnic, and play. The place is so big, there is a basketball court, picnic are by the hills, and a play area.
There is also a meeting place next to the play area. We've seen some people gather around there.

I am glad that even though I did not let ur two children go to pre-school, they don't have any problem with socializing with other kids. As soon as they see other kids, they can just mingle and socialize with them easily.

Rylie love adventures and she likes to try everything. She is very careful unlike our little boy, he would just do it without fear lol. She managed to climbed that ladder with ease.

They had so much fun while we were there that they did not want to leave anymore lol.
Can you tell how EJ had a blast?

Interesting rules...
I got to be a kid again lol.

Our very energetic son..

On the first time that we went there, they played with this two kids very well.

Time to snap a photo of Mom and Dad (wink).

Hubby had fun taking pics of the crazy Mom. I'll show you some more on the next post hehehe.

Hope you guys have a great Thursday. We are so busy today, I just want to update this blog quick because we are off to the Carnival tonight.

It's been..

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