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Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Father In Law's 92nd Birthday

My father-in-law turned 92 years old on the 14th of this month. His very active lifestyle back when he was younger is probably the main reason why he is still healthy considering his age. He live by himself at his own house, a home where  my husband grew up.  He said that his parents bought this house when he was about two or three years old.
I feel bad when Dad wishes that his wife is still around.  He said that he misses her terribly.  My MIL died of  cancer ten years ago.  I was able to talked to her on the phone  but  wasn't  able to meet her in person as she passed  one year before I came here.  
If you would meet him in person, you wouldn't think that he is 92 because he looks younger than his age.  We visited him  on the morning of his birthday.  I hope that God will still bless him with more years of healthy life so  we could still enjoy  his company.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Travels and Dining, Ocean City Adventure

Sitting on a traffic for more than two hours makes you tired, grumpy, and hungry. So the moment we arrived in Ocean City and got settled in, our first priority was to find a decent dining place. Through the guide and manual at the hotel, we visited one particular restaurant as recommended by the book. When we entered, the servers were just looking at us and not saying anything, no greetings or anything like that. So we turned around as we didn't like the atmosphere and it stunk in there anyway.
As we walk along the  streets, we found some really neat  places that we can't take but to stop for a while and take some photos.

When we visit  an eating establishments, we look for a warm welcome first.  Nothing can beat the feeling of  being welcomed on your first visit.  So if we don't get that, we immediately lose our interest to eat in a place like that.
Anyway, it was a good experience because it gave us the time to walk around and enjoy the view.  We got the chance to see other restaurants and fabulous hotels.
Traveling is fun especially when you  have your family with you.  It's one way of  building memories that would last for generations.  Which reminds me, I have to  order some  copies of pictures of our travels this year.  I haven't done that yet and hopefully I could, real soon.  Will post some more photos of our   Ocean City adventure soon. Shadow Shots

Saturday, September 13, 2014

An Urban Campus in a Park-Like Setting

On August 18, we  made a trip to  Pittsburgh  to get my husband's books that he needed for his classes in Doquesne's  University's  graduate program.  He is taking Master in Leadership in Professional Administration.  Last year, he  attempted to do his masters  through online school but he did not like the  setting so he cancelled his enrollment.  Then we  enrolled our daughter  at City Music Center in the same university, he decided to do his  schooling there as well.  I admire  my husband's perseverance in  continuing his education.  
Driving around in the city of bridges is very relaxing.  You can see beautiful  old buildings and modern ones as well.   Then as you enter Doquene University, you'll be amazed to see that this is an urban campus in a park-like setting.  It is beautiful inside.  I love how you can comfortably walk around the campus, it's friendly out there and it has the family-oriented atmosphere.  We have been in Robert Morris University several times when my husband was  having his under-graduate there but every time we were there, it feels very different there.
The Power Center is where we picked  his books at.  Instead of buying a new one, he rented it at their bookstore.  There is a skywalk that connects between the Power Center to Doquesne Square where my daughter's music program is being  held at Mary Pappert School of Music building.  
For the next coming weeks, only my  husband and daughter would go there.  I will be  staying at home with my son so he won't be so bored  over there when  his sister is  having her music lessons.  It would also give my husband  some time to do his homework at the library.  I like it that, if you don't have a laptop,  the school would lend you one for you to use.  I am not sure if that's for the graduate students only or it is also available for  college students.  Hubby is taking advantage of the education benefits that the company is giving to them.  He has to shoulder 10% of the expenses but it is so much better than paying  100% out of your pocket.  

Till next time folks.  

Friday, September 12, 2014

Lower Your Interest Rate Through Refinancing

The bills keep coming each month even if your income decreases, but that doesn't mean you have to accumulate a lot of debt. Instead, use these creative tips to stretch your hard-earned dollars.

First, take a look at your biggest expenses. For most consumers, housing is the biggest recurring expense each month. This means that you can make a huge impact on your family's finances if you are able to decrease your housing costs.
Some people choose to move to a smaller residence to save money, but this is not your only option. If you currently have a mortgage, check to see if refinancing is a possibility. Refinancing your loan allows you to lower your interest rate, which is especially helpful for adjustable rate mortgages.

In most cases, you'll need to pay closing costs to refinance, but refinancing can ultimately save you thousands of dollars over the life of the loan. It can also make your monthly payments more affordable.

After you research refinancing, take a look at your other recurring monthly bills. Don't think of these as expenses that are fixed. Instead, think of ways that you can reduce these expenses. 

In some cases, you can reduce your monthly bills simply by asking. Give your phone or cable company a call, and let them know you are living on a tight budget and thinking about reducing or cancelling your services. It's cheaper for the company to retain current customers than it is for them to attract new ones, so they will often offer incentives or better rates to keep you from cancelling.

If you're trying to reduce your expenses, take a look at each bill carefully when it comes in this month. In these days of automatic bill pay, some customers don't even look at the specifics of their monthly charges. You might be paying for services that you don't even need or want. For instance, if your cable bill includes several pricey movie channels, but you only watch one movie a month, you can save painlessly by switching to a lower package.

When you reduce your recurring bills, you'll enjoy saving each month!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Last Part of our Kennywood Adventure

During the company's picnic over at Kennywood, Industrial Scientific provided  portable cameras  in every table to capture guests.  I am not sure if someone ever used them since  everyone seems to be taking photos from their own cameras.   I think, what they should do is to  appoint someone to take photos so that they could have some to post at their  company's website for activities.  Just my two cents.
 Anyway, Ms. Burrito really love face painting.  She would get one ever chance she gets.  She chose this dolphin this year.  My little girl is getting taller.  I remember she was a bit shorter when she had her picture taken  beside Mr. Kenny.
 My son loves the bean bag toss or the corn hole game they have  during the event.
I always love this wind mill display, wish I could have one in my yard hehehe.  
 Overall, we like it more this year  over last year because hubby knows some people already.  Last year, he was  relatively new in the company so he barely knew anyone.  We were kind of feeling like an outcast but this time, we talked to some people.


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