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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Things to Explore on Your Next Visit to Rome

A paradise for people who are in love with history, art and architecture, Rome will never disappoint you whenever you visit this one of the most beautiful places on earth. The old architectures are something to admire and there are thousands of sites to explore. Additionally, there are several other interesting and exciting things to do too when you are in Rome. Want to know what are the most exciting things to explore during your Rome vacation? Let’s take a look into some of the most interesting things that you can explore here.
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Visit the Colosseum
This is like a must to do kind of thing when you visit Rome taking benefit of SaveMyPocket as it is one of the grandest architectures on the planet.

The things to explore:
The Colossus amphitheatre built during the Roman Empire could hold more than 50,000 people at one time. Although, there are ruins left now, but even with the broken architecture, the stadium looks really impressive.
Take a tour both inside and outside the Colosseum and do not forget to book your tickets beforehand. There are hundreds of tourists who visit this piece of history daily.

Gaze into the sky inside the Pantheon
Pantheon is another iconic building in Rome and the architectural beauty will leave you spellbound.
The things to explore:
In fact, it is the largest concrete dome that has ever been built and it is massive. Visit the Pantheon and gaze heavenwards. The feeling is definitely heavenly.
Check out the statues and other stone carved items that are inside and have a surreal time here.

Trevi Fountain
A trip to Rome would go incomplete if you do not visit the Trevi Fountain.
The things to explore:
It is one of the most visited tourist spots and you will get to know so much more about the mythological characters of Rome. Best thing to do would be to take a tour around and do not forget to take a guide along.
Also, throw coins in the fountain. Who knows, you can get your wish fulfilled.

Explore the Vatican
Explore the entire Vatican City can take quite some time. Keep a separate day to visit this place.
The things to explore:
 You will get to see the works of Michelangelo and other artists here. Start your day by visiting the Piazza di San Pietro and then move on to the many museums that Vatican has. The antique sculptures, old master paintings and Raphael Rooms will take you back in time.
If you want to get some solace, then pay a visit to Castel Sant’Angelo. You will never get bored by the beauty that surrounds Vatican.

St.Peter’s Basilica
This is like the epicenter of Rome and another must visit place that you simply cannot afford to miss.
The things to explore:
 If you love light treks, then try reaching the top of the dome. You will find many fellow tourists enjoying this trek. Climb all the 323 steps and when you are on top, you will get a panoramic view of Rome’s beautiful landscape.
Do not forget to take your camera along because you will not want to miss the view for one second.

Many may say that Rome is for historians and budding architects, but as a general tourist, you are bound to fall in love with this place. So, plan your Rome vacation right today using and get ready to explore the bunch of exciting things that it has for you in it store. After all, the history and beauty that Rome has is incomparable to any other city.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Mass with the Bishop

Hubby and I were talking about his Dad last night.  It has been a month since his Dad  passed and we thought  of him and all  the kindness and wisdom he taught us.  Coming here in the US wasn't very easy for me especially when I first got here because my husband was still in the service and my FIL made me feel at home and I will be forever grateful for that.  The photos below was taken in March 10, the day my husband came home from work to say his final goodbye to  Dad.
I was attending a school mass   on that day because my children wanted me there.   They sang in the choir and  EJ  read as well.  It was a special mass since the Bishop  came and deliver the homily.
In his homily, he reiterated the importance of smiling.  He said that when you smile, the world smile back at you, which is true.
I am glad that we were able to send our children to  a catholic school.  Faith is a big part of our family and we want our kids to  incorporate that in their  daily lives.

Here are the videos of the songs the SJS choir sung during the mass

On The Meowve: How To Make Travel Easier On Your Cat

If your journeys to the vets with your cat in tow bear close resemblance to the soundtrack from a slasher film, this is the guide for you. Cats are notoriously bad at car travel, with yowling, shrieking, hissing, and occasionally vomiting, all the way to the location - it’s just one of their odd little nuances. Without resorting to heavy sedation, it can be tricky to see how you can make this easier on your furry friend, but it is totally possible.

Get them used to their travel environment

First things first, they need to feel comfortable in their travel environment. If you take them in a crate, it needs to be cozy and familiar. Rather than keeping it tucked away in storage, try keeping it in an area she uses frequently. While she’s unlikely to climb in for a nap, she’s less likely to react with utter repulsion the next time you get it out for vet time. It’s also a great idea to use soft furnishings that she is used to inside the crate. Before you set off, put some of her personal bedding in, and even one of your own, worn t-shirts to act as a reassuring scent.

Keep them cool

When a cat gets too hot, they can start to get very stressed and upset. In a crate in a hot car, perhaps in direct sunlight, they could be getting hotter than you realize. Ensure their crate is in the shade, even if it means hanging a towel over the window, and try to keep the air conditioning on for the duration of the journey - it’s better that they’re on the cool side.

Bring out the stress remedies

Just like humans with a phobia of flying, there are remedies which work for cats too. A Feliway diffuser in your car before you set off can really help - it’s filled with pheromones which cats find reassuring. Putting a couple of drops of Rescue Remedy for pets in her water bowl for a few hours on the lead up to the journey can also help her to feel relaxed as you set off.

Stay nearby

Your furry friend will be reassured by your presence when they’re in a situation that they feel is stressful. In the few hours before the journey spend some extra time cuddling and playing together so they go into the crate feeling extra love, and then stay nearby, preferably within eye line, for most of the journey.  They’ll associate the sight of your with love and safety, and that feeling should help them to get through the stress of the scary situation.

Let them hear your voice

Not only is the sight of you reassuring, but the sound of your voice and the odd stroke through the bars of the cage can be really helpful for keeping them calm. Rather than putting the radio on, chat or even sing to them while you drive. Use soft, reassuring tones - you can even meow back at them occasionally if you like. It isn’t recommended that you allow your cat to roam within the car as they can cause all sorts of potential hazards, but your voice and occasional touch should help them to feel comforted.

Remember, the more you do it, the easier it will get for them. If you have long car journeys ahead, try a few trial runs on the lead up so they can get used to the feeling of being in transit.

Monday, April 10, 2017

How to Teach Your Kids to Stay Safe While Riding Their Bikes Out in Summer

Riding a bike is, for many kids, one of the first real tastes of independence they get. Cycling allows them to have more control over when and how they travel to visit friends, meet up at places that interest them, or go and do their favorite activities, rather than having to rely on getting a ride from parents or using public transport. It is also a fun activity in itself that lets them enjoy the good weather, get some exercise, and have fun riding around with their friends. There are other benefits to letting your childexplore or travel to places they go to regularly on a bike – it can help them learn more about the roads, which will help when they come to learn to drive, and if they learn to love cycling, they may choose it more in later life as an environmentally friendly way to get around.

Many of us have some great memories of riding bikes in the summer months in our own childhoods, but of course, a lot of things have changed and there is a general perception that things aren't as safe as they used to be. This doesn't mean your kids shouldn't get to enjoy cycling, but it is important to talk to them about how to stay safe when they do.

Teach Them to Plan Safe Routes

In general, it is best to teach kids to stick to routes they know and where there are good provisions for cyclists. Older kids with more experience getting around on bikes could be shown how to find good cycling routes to places they have not ridden to before using tools like Google Maps. Show them how to use the GPS on their cell phone and the Google Maps app if they don't already know, as this will help them avoid getting lost.


Your child should always wear a cycling helmet and ensure their cell phone is fully charged before they go out for a ride, in case they need to call you if they get into trouble or use the internet to help them if they are lost. As well as this, some other gear may be important to help them stay safe. A light on their bicycle and reflective clothing are important if your child is old enough to ride after dark, but can be good to have anyway in case of emergencies. It can also get very hot cycling in summer, so make sure you get them the best stainless steel water bottle, which can clip onto their bike, and remind them to fill it before they go out.

Safety in Numbers

While not always possible, remind your child that it is always safer to cycle with other people and that they should never go off anywhere on their own without telling someone where they are going and making sure they have a way to contact you if they need to.

These things, in addition to standard road safety and rules about staying safe when out and about in general (such as not talking to strangers), can help your child to enjoy their freedom on their bike this summer while staying safe.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time Flies!

I came to realize that  the school year is coming to an end soon.   We are on the last week of March and we will only have a couple of months and my babies will be in 7th and 5th grades, whew, time does fly!  These photos were taken on the first day of their classes this school year.  
 I am glad that  they are still doing great and have  good grades.  It's always nice to see straight As on their report cards.  My son sometimes slips through  higher Bs in his tests but he pulls through it and still  get A in the report card so I am very proud of these two.  
My eldest will be   learning how to drive in few more  years and  soon I will have a high school student.  Sometimes, I have these thoughts of  stopping my kids to grow.  It makes me sad to think that soon, they will leave and have their own lives and hubby and I will go back to just the tow of us.  Hubby and I always reminds ourselves to raise them  well so that we can look at them in the future and say "I think we did good in raising them".


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