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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Do's And Don'ts In Iceland You Need To Know/Famous Hot Dog Stand in Iceland

Iceland is where the world goes to experience many of mother nature’s marvels. From geysers, glaciers and erupting volcanoes to beaches of black lava--you’ll find it all in Iceland. You’ll also see beautiful Icelandic horses, which are a pony-sized wild horse breed native to the island.
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It’s one of the best places on earth to view the northern lights, and the land is kept pristine and protected, making it a majestic hotspot for breathtaking views. As such, traveling and sightseeing in Iceland requires one to respect local customs and the environment, but also taking responsibility for your own safety on the terrain.

Do: Bring the right clothes & gear

Packing for your trip to Iceland is all about being safe and using common sense. If you plan to go hiking, don’t just check the forecast, but consult a proper hiking gear packing list for the time of year you’re visiting in. Even if you’re not planning to hike, you’d want to be able to keep warm outdoors if you had no access to a car or building, for safety reasons. Having the right gear opens you up to more opportunities to explore the natural environment of Iceland, such as its nature reserves where you can go camping and hiking and even see wildlife up close.

Do: Spend time in Reykjavik

Don’t leave Iceland without exploring its capital city, Reykjavik. The city has several museums and tourist destinations, such as Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral, the Harpa Concert Hall and the National Museum of Iceland. You’ll also want to explore the quaint streets of Reykjavik, known for colorful rooftops, nightlife, boutique shops and good restaurants. Speaking of restaurants, you should definitely visit the world’s most famous hot dog stand. Yes, there’s a famous hot dog stand in Iceland called BaejarinsBeztuPylsur, and in fact, it’s the country’s most frequented restaurant. People queue up for the taste of these hot dogs, so be sure to buy two.
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Don’t: Drive off-road

Renting a car for your stay in Iceland is a great idea, but when you’re sightseeing in nature, be sure to avoid driving off-road. Off-road driving is illegal, unsafe and it hurts the natural environment Icelanders wish to preserve. No matter what type of vehicle you have, it’s critical you stay on marked roads at all times.

DON’T be surprised if the weather affects your plans. 

No matter the location, Iceland’s weather is volatile, even in popular tourist spots. Always check the forecast, but also keep in mind that the sunniest of days can turn into blizzards. Despite forecasts, you can’t plan for the fog that rolls in on the day your tour is scheduled or rain that shows up when you had planned to go hiking. With that in mind, plan to be flexible and have backup ideas in case the weather cancels your original plans.

Monday, March 12, 2018

What You Might Need When Staying in an Isolated Log Cabin

When you’re looking for a different kind of vacation adventure, then staying in a log cabin of a friend or relative is a great way to mix things up. It’s important to bear in mind that they won’t necessarily visit this cabin very often and so it might not be well stocked with essential items or necessary tools. In some cases, they have just always done without, and in other cases, they bring the items with them when they occasionally travel to the cabin, so you won’t have access to those items.
Here are some ideas about what you might need when staying in a log cabin that’s a distance away from civilization or a local convenience store.

Chopping Wood

Having an axe to chop wooden branches or logs that you find on the ground nearby is an excellent idea. Check with the cabin owner first, but once it’s been established there’s no axe stored away, it’s time to consider getting one. The good folks at have reviewed the best axes for wood chopping tasks and have recommended a few. Be sure to pick the one that is a suitable length for your height and that matches your arm strength well because wielding an axe that’s clearly too heavy for you makes chopping wood much harder.


A portable generator is useful for cabins that are remote enough not to have any electricity supply to the property. You may already own a suitable model for emergencies at home, but if you don’t, then it’s a great tool to have at hand.

Portable models are fitted with a set of wheels for rolling and a bar at the front to pull them along and wheel them into position. These types of electricity generators aren’t quiet and will require filling up with fuel, so be sure to stock up before you arrive.


Other than an open fire or wood-burning stove, you may want to consider bringing along some warm blankets if you’re planning to go to the cabin during a cold month. Check the weather services for where the cabin is situated as the seasonal weather may differ from back home. Confirm with the owner what linens or comforters there are for the sleeping arrangements and bring what you need with you. Don’t forget a pillow and pillowcase for resting your head; it’s always the most obvious things we forget to bring with us!

First Aid

You can either buy a first aid kit or put one together yourself Don’t rely on a kit being there as you don’t know what medical supplied have already been used and perhaps never replaced, or what items are out of date. Putting a first aid kit together yourself is certainly going to be better than relying on what’s inside a commercially-sold first aid kit, but make sure you have a reliable list of essential items, so you don’t forget anything important. Also, do not forget to bring any necessary medication for the people traveling together and refill any prescriptions before you go.

Preparing to spend any amount of time in a log cabin that’s isolated in the woods or off the beaten path, you should assume the worst in terms of supplies. Bring enough food and water to last more than the planned length of stay to ensure you do not run out. And don’t forget the snacks!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Snoball Fun #SlimeaStressReliever

While  public schools were closed today due to President's Day,  St. Joseph the Worker  was open which I love because  that would be one day in advance that we will be getting off  for the summer.  We used the holiday to make up for the snow days that we have had  this Winter.  When the kids came home today, they  decided to  try one of the Snoball BattlePack that we received from Zimpli Kids.  They  did the Slime Baff the other  day and had a blast with it.
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It's always great to have something to do for the kids when they arrive home  so they could have fun  before they do their homework.  My son and I did a lot of studying for his test today so he was so anxious this morning.  When he came home, he told me "I was stressing out for nothing, the test was really easy!"  I told him, it was easy because he studied for it.  It would have been a different story if he didn't review.
But anyway,  there's four packs of this  snowball battlepack but they only used one.  It was still cold outside so they just played with it  on top of the table.  I didn't let them   pass this around the house because the dogs might  eat it while they are playing.  
This snoball battlepack also smells good but they like the slime's scent better.
My daughter  tried to make a snowman but it collapses everytime lol.
They saved three packs of this for the summer when they can hit each other  with it outside  when the  weather is warm.  
This was easier to clean up than the slime and the best thing is that, the snoball disintegrates eventually.  
Of course they  wanted me to try it so I stuck my fingers in there and it did  feels good on your skin.  Unlike the slime, this  one uses  cold water. 
Here's the video I recorded of them playing with it.

Friday, February 16, 2018

The Travelers Guide to Train Travel Around Europe

There is nothing quite like a train journey. No other means of transportation offers you the same ability to sit back, relax, and watch the world go by. In the United States, travel by rail is more complicated than in Europe. The network that operates across the US is patchy, services are spotty outside of big cities and urban areas. Europe, on the other hand, is well served by rail, in fact, you can take a train around the entire continent!
Coming from a country where rail travel is less common, the train is the perfect way to experience everything that Europe has to offer. The service is dependable and comfortable, European countries often invest in their public services in a way that makes many Americans jealous.

Arrive Right Where the Action is

Train stations throughout Europe are located in the hearts of the towns and cities that they serve. This means that when you step off a train, you will already be in the town center, you don’t need to spend any more time or money traveling on to your destination; you are already there!

No Long Check-In Lines

Flying is the fastest way of covering long distances, but the whole experience of flying is often much more stressful than other transportation methods. The train is one of the most relaxing ways of traveling and is well suited for those who would like to take in the sights around them as they travel from point to point. One of the key differences between air and rail travel is the extra security measures at an airport. This increased security creates long check-in and arrivals lines, which add time and stress to your journey.

No Luggage Charges

When traveling by rail, you can bring as much luggage as you can carry without having to pay any extra charges. For those who are traveling light, this can make using rail services a much more straightforward and desirable experience than trying to navigate the various rules and restrictions that airlines place on luggage.

A Vast Network

The European rail network is vast, connecting every single country on the continent via one huge rail network. You can travel between the biggest cities to the most rural towns with ease. Not only are there a huge number of potential destinations which are easily reached by train, but there are also nearly always multiple trains running throughout the day to take you wherever you want to go. Check out for some recommendations for destinations to visit around Europe.

Be Spontaneous

Perhaps the greatest attraction of traveling by rail is how easy it is to do spontaneously. You can book your tickets in advance (in many cases you will save money by doing so), but you don’t have to book ahead. You can just as easily hop on the next available train, whenever that may be. For travelers who like to plan their time as they go, the rail network offers the most freedom.

The rail network is perhaps the best way to experience Europe. It is a convenient and affordable method of transportation that can get you wherever you want to go.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fun Options for Exploring Oklahoma

If you are considering where you want to take your family on your next annual vacation, you may not initially consider Oklahoma. After all, you may tell yourself that there are far better places with more history, larger nature preserves and more bustling metropolitan areas than this state has. However, if you have not actively explored this state before, you may not know what you are missing out on seeing. In fact, Oklahoma is a great place to explore no matter where your interests lie or what time of the year you visit. Consider these fun options for exploring Oklahoma despite the size of your budget.

Head to the City

Oklahoma City is the largest metropolitan area in the state, and it boasts plenty of great hotels, fine dining and great shopping. It is also home to some of the most highly rated attractions in the state, including the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Science Museum and the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum. If you are traveling with children, you may also want to check out Frontier City and White Water Bay, which are both amusement parks for all ages.

Enjoy Nature

Oklahoma also boasts plenty of natural resources and a diverse landscape. From rolling green hills along the eastern side of the state to the waving grass of the western plains, Oklahoma has it all. If you love hiking, biking, hunting and rock climbing, this is where you should be. You can even enjoy boating and fishing on some of the lakes in the east. Consider staying in a secluded natural area, such as Beavers Bend Lodging, where you can relax, get away from the daily grind and enjoy as many outdoor activities as you like.
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Take a Drive

A portion of the famed Route 66 runs through Oklahoma and gives you a great way to get a taste for the state along with a lesson in history. Route 66 will take you through Tulsa and Oklahoma City but will also have you driving past fun roadside attractions, such as historical filling stations, the Route 66 Museum and the Golden Driller.

Remember History

Oklahoma has a rich history and heritage, particularly in Western themes. You can enjoy this at many of the history museums located throughout the state, such as the Cherokee Heritage Center and the Oklahoma History Center. Specialty museums also abound for certain interests, such as the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, the JM Davis Arms and Historical Museum and the Banjo Museum.

Engage in Fine Culture

If nature and history are not your favorites, you can indulge in great cultural activities at some of the state’s fine museums. Check out the Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa, which houses international artistry in a Renaissance-style home and garden. You may also want to visit the Oklahoma City Museum of Art or the Gilcrease Museum.

Oklahoma has a little bit of everything that you could want. From the metropolitan center of Oklahoma City to the rolling plains in the western part of the state, Oklahoma boasts cultural experiences, natural wonders and an amazing history. When you travel through the state, you will enjoy gorgeous vistas, small-town charm and fine museums, and you will surely want to return once again.


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