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Saturday, August 19, 2017

How to Save Money on a Family Camping Trip

If you’re looking for a cheap way to go on vacation with your family, camping may be the perfect option. Instead of having to pay for an expensive hotel room and invest in high-priced airline tickets, you can save thousands on a local camping excursion you and your family drive to and pay for much lower lodging costs. Even regular inexpensive camping trips can add up, so it’s important to pay attention to your expenses on your trips. Here are some tips to follow to keep your camping trip costs low and the fun endless.

Bring Your Own Gear

Camping can be a great way to save money on your stay if you prepare ahead of time. Most places have a nominal fee for a campsite if you have your own camping gear. Your best bet is to purchase your own family tent, cookware, chairs, and other camping gear so you aren’t forced to stay in a rental cabin or use the campsite’s equipment. High-quality camping supplies can be used for years down the road.

Learn to Cook Over the Camp Fire

Another great way to keep your camping trip budget-friendly is to take advantage of the camp fire and get started on cooking. Before you head out, look up some creative meal recipes for campers. Experienced campers can save hundreds of dollars by planning out their meals over the camp fire and cooking with their own supplies instead of resorting to fast food or restaurant meals. Your kids will love to help roast their hot dogs by the fire or get their marshmallows nice and toasty for dessert.

Stay at State Parks

Although staying at a campground in a tent site can be deeply discounted compared to hotel rooms, you can save even more money depending on the type of site you choose. Private campgrounds are often much more expensive than public sites, such as state or national parks. Additionally, your local state park is often more scenic and spacious than the typical campground resort set in an RV park. Some states offer yearly discounts if you are a local resident as well.

Buy a Used Travel Trailer or RV

While staying in a tent may be a great experience for some families, others may prefer the protection from the elements that a trailer or an RV offers. The cost of renting an RV or a travel trailer can ruin your budget, so it may be more economically wise to invest in buying your own. The great news is that there are plenty of used trailers out there and RV’s with very little mileage at great prices. Your local insurance agent can even help add a new policy to your insurance plan to keep your purchase protected.

Purchase a Camping Club Membership

Camping enthusiasts can also save huge on all sorts of costs associated with their passion, such as RV supplies, camping gear, and campground fees if they sign up for a camping membership. There are local camping and RV clubs that could help individual families save money, and there are even nationwide enthusiast clubs that give you discounted rates on a large network of campgrounds. This can help lower your cost of your new addiction over time.

Hike Free Trails

Once you get to the campground, you don’t want to bust your budget by paying for pricey activities. Since you’ll already be out in nature, why not take advantage of this country’s network of free hiking trails. Most campground managers can help you get started and offer some trail maps to give you and your family a way to spend some time working together and being active outside.
A campground vacation is a great idea for a family looking to spend a little and get a lot in return. Use these helpful tips to give your camping adventure even more budget-friendly power.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Traveling with Tweens in Mountain State West Virginia

Traveling has been one of those things that my family really enjoy doing whenever we can.  We started  taking our children to  long trips ever since they were way little.  Our son's first  long trip was overseas when he was  only a year old.  We were worried that  he was gonna be uncomfortable and cry but we were surprised that both of them really traveled well.  I think to have his sister who is also a well-traveled  kid was a big advantage because hoe had someone to play with while we are waiting for our flight or even inside the plane.  We never had any issue with them with plane ride and they are also great with long trips on the road.  
The photos  on this  post were taken during our  road trip downstate.  My husband would laugh at me with questions like "How come we are going downstate but then we are going up?"  Then the explanation follows lol.  I love to travel but I am not good  with geographical stuff.  I don't even like looking at maps, ha!  
 The key to having a smooth and enjoyable road trip with tweens lies on the snacks you bring, music you play while on the road, and the conversation that you put out there with your children.   
Luckily for us, our children are both nature lovers so seeing mountains and trees and stuff like that does not bore them.  We try to make our trips as educational as possible.  Before going to a place, hubby and I does a little research that way we can tell our children what we can see along the way.
We are also lucky that  our taste of music  are all similar.  We love country, pop, and  soft rock.  We bring CDs of the songs that we love to listen to  because some of the music on the radio are  sometimes mix and we  don't like  changing stations especially when we are losing signal.

The most important thing is the  snacks.  It is  very important that we  pack on some water and  fresh fruits and other healthy snacks  that we can all  munch on while on the road.  This way, we  avoid  hitting the  food chains and eating unhealthy stuff.  I usually have  trail mix because it fills you up even with small amount of it.
I am showing the  mountain side of  West Virginia as we drove downstate. (down-state, yah know what I mean, that's why I asked idiotic questions like why it is called that way when we are actually going up.  Don't mind me, I just want to  share some giggles).

Not sure why I took a picture of this but I guess the sign makes  a lot of sense.  You don't want to make a wrong  turn on this place.. just kidding folks.

I wish we have a whole week to  do a road trip because one day is not enough to fully explore a place, certainly not the place we visited because it is a long drive.

At the end of the day, this is what matters.  When you see the  children's faces  arriving at the beautiful scenery, all the hassles and  fatigue in driving is worth it.
Jumping for joy that we finally arrive and that we will be  doing a boat ride.  Water rides are relaxing.
More adventures coming up in the next post.  You can check out how beautiful the New River Gorge is.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Family Vacations Planning And Tips

Family vacations can be a pretty stressful deal. You have to plan, to pack to travel and then to make sure everyone is having fun. When planning family vacations, parents have to consider many things including the age of their children, their favorite activities, the perfect destination based on the budget and many other things. With careful planning a family vacation can be a fun, enjoyable experience for all members of the family.

General Tips For Family Vacations

  • Plan your activities in advance and make reservations;
  • Make a list of all the things you want to pack;
  • Start packing at least three days before you leave;
  • Establish a budget and make sure everybody knows about it;
  • Research restaurants and places where you can eat especially if you have someone in the family who suffers from allergies or other food-related problems.

Where Should You Go

Now that we covered the basis, we can talk about the places you can visit during a family vacation. If your kids are old enough you can consult them or show them a list of options they can choose from. In this way you’ll make sure everyone will love the destination.

If your kids are too small, make sure you search for children friendly locations. A city with an energetic nightlife is not a good idea if you have babies or a toddlers since they won’t be able to sleep during the night and they will be grumpy during the day.

An ideal summer vacation usually includes water and sand so choose the beach resort based on your family’s needs. For toddlers, sand and water can be enough but for older children and teenagers you have to do more planning to make sure they won’t be bored during the vacation.

Family Vacations With Toddlers

When travelling with your little ones, you need simple activities that will keep them occupied for a long period of time. Make sure you pack their favorite toys and games and make a list of potential activities. It does not have to be anything fancy: you can include pouring water from a bucket or making sand castles.

Make sure the hotel you want to book offers comfortable rooms that are or can be childproofed.

Family Vacations With Teenagers

Teenagers are more complicated, you need to invest more time and effort in planning the activities for your family vacation. Spending a day at the beach is not enough, you have to think of other ways to keep them entertained. Think of their favorite activities or of fun activities they never tried and you can try together for the first time. Kayaking in the ocean can be a great idea for family vacations with teenagers, but before embarking in such an adventure make sure everyone knows some safety tips.

The Best Time To Go On A Family Vacation

If your kid is not in school, the best time for a family vacation is extra season since the resorts or tourist destinations are less crowded and the prices are lower. You can try to plan your trip for May or September. These months are usually warm enough to have a vacation with summer vibes and to avoid the summer season madness.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Devil's Den Bridge in Hanover Township Park

During our fun  road trip   downstate , we had to drive though  part of PA to get to our destination.  This part of Burgettstown PA is really pretty despite its narrow roads.  Burgettstown is a borough in Washington County, Pennsylvania. It is a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA.   It's a small  place but I like it when we drive through there especially the outskirt part of it.  Anyway, here are some drive by shots I took during our trip.
 I always admire  old churches.  There are so many of these along the way.
 I always favored the farm areas because it is relaxing to see.
 We all adored this red cabin log house, it looks so pretty.  The picture doesn't give it justice but it was gorgeous.  It's hard taking pictures when  the vehicle is moving.
 I noticed that in PA and WV, I have seen so many of these  three crosses and they  are all like these.  I always wonder if   the same people put all of these crosses in different places.  
 There are  scenic spots  in Burgettstown but we haven't  explore  it yet.  The only place  we have gone so far and enjoyed is the Hanover Township Park where the covered bridge is.

Above is the McClurg Bridge, a place that is also referred to as the "Devil's Den" Bridge.  It spans a small ravine in Hanover Township Park of Old Stubenville Pike.  We  see it whenever we go to the Hanover Park.  Here are some facts about this bridge:
The Kingpost bridge is 12'3" wide and 24' long. The bridge has red vertical plank siding and has three rectangular windows on each side. The roof is made of cedar shakes and the deck is crosswise planking with U-shaped vertical timber support under the middle of the deck. The bridge is open to foot traffic only. This is one the sites of the annual Covered Bridge Festival held the third weekend in September.

Monday, July 24, 2017


Usually, we all have a special place in our hearts for the place we are born in. However, as we grow up we come across some locations in the globe that are so charismatic that, it makes us rethink. Bangalore is surely one of them.

Still not convinced with the statements? Then, check out the following reasons. This would surely give you the answer to why your next commute should be to this tech-hub of India.

1. An ideal food lover’s den:
Well if you have a fetish over the delicious south Indian delicacies, this place will undoubtedly prove to be your Mecca’.

The incomparable taste of the South Indian dishes at MTR, or CTR or Vidyarthi Bhavan is something one cannot miss at any cost. If this reason does not prove to be sufficient for you, what will definitely drive to this city is the rich aroma of coffee and its seductive taste.
With a CCD residing at almost every corner of the street, you will never find yourself in a scarcity of a place to hang out. But what steals the deal here, is the drifting aroma of the piping hot filter ‘Kapi’.

It comes at an unbeatable by2’ price where you almost get two cups at the price of one. Hatti Kapi offers a cup of south Indian coffee at only 8bucks. Indeed, it is the birthplace of coffee days.

Besides, if you are a diet enthusiast, the city still has something in store for you. Bangalore has a huge tendency towards organic living.
With organic hangouts joints like that of The Yoga House and the Carrot’s Healthy Kitchen, Bangalore has its own statement of healthy living.

2. An extensively rich cultural life:
Dance and music have always been one of the essences of life in Karnataka. However, if one wants to really believe the intensity of that, he needs to pay a visit Nrityangam Dance Village.

The residential school offers professional training in different Indian classical dance forms that include Odissi, Mohiniattam, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Kathakali, and Manipuri.

However, this doesn’t put up an end. This city is one of those few places that still hold the tradition of theater strong. Ranga Shankara, the theater has promoted 2700 performances till date.

But what is more exciting about the stage is that it promotes theater in all languages. Leaving aside this, there is also Jagruti Theatre, Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Ravindra Kala Kshetra, etc.

3. Technology, the nerve system of the hour:
The city witnessed some of the biggest IT giants of India like that of Infosys, Wipro etc. However, that is not the only news.

Bangalore is also the focal point of revolutionary and exciting start-ups like that of Myntra, Flipkart, etc. Perhaps, that is one of the reasons why you would see so many café shops in every part of the city.

4. The beautiful weather:
The weather of Bangalore is something to get readily jealous off. When the whole of the country is thinking of ways to beat the exhausting heat, people in Bangalore is relaxing and enjoying walks in the cool weather of the night.

And the bigger story is that it remains almost the same throughout the year. So are you already jealous?

5. Rejuvenate yourself with sensual massages and spa:
Bangalore is a place where you can treat and revive yourself with different kinds of massages.

From herbal to the aroma, from Thai to Swedish, you can reinvent yourself with the sensations from the massage in Bangalore. Some of the great massage and spa centers are available here from your perusal. Choose according to your choice and refresh yourself with something special in Bangalore.

6. Bangalore Aero show:
If you are one of those enthusiasts who love flying and even watching air planes, then this city has to be your city of dreams’.

Every 2 years, Bangaloreans are treated with a spectacular show where a host of combat and civilian aircraft from across the globe show their mastery in the skies. It is held in the Yelankha Air Force Base. So don’t miss it this year 2017!

7. The heritage of historical monuments:
Not many would know that Bangalore is also a place of archaeological monuments of great historical importance. The oldest temple of Bangalore is just located in the heart of the city. This makes it easier to even reach out to it.

Chokkanathaswamy temple, situated at Dolmur is considered to be the oldest of the temples. In further addition to this, the palace of Tipu Sultan, the old fort at Devanahalli, a couple of pre-historic sites located at Chikkajala, the Spectacular Bangalore Places, and the Savanadurga are some of the other distinctive places that one can resort to visit.

So, these beautiful and amazing things make Bangalore an awesome place to live in or even a great tourist spot.


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