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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Ships for the 4th of July

These are the ships model  displayed at the Brooke County Historical Museum  in Wellsburgh.  I think that people who can do these models are really talented because even though these are smalls. a lot of details  goes into it.  It's amazing how they can build  this looking exactly like the real thing.  
 I wish I have  information  for every  ship on the display but unfortunately, I have none.
 But I thought these are good photos to post since the 4th of July is coming.
 I think that as time passes by, less and less people are appreciative of what  men and women in unifprm are doing for the country.
I am not exactly sure though if these are war shhips or just  ships that carried cargos and other stuff on the river.  ne thing for sure is that, they are beautifully made!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Top Tips for Renting a Vacation House With Small Children

Renting a vacation house on your holiday is a great idea. You will get to enjoy the freedom that you don't get in a hotel, and you can find somewhere perfectly situated to enjoy all of the things to do in the area and make it into a home away from home.
Pensacola, Florida 2006
But traveling with kids brings its own challenges. So how can you ensure you find the right accommodation for everyone? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Find Somewhere with Plenty of Space

Kids need lots of space when you go on vacation, so this is one thing to keep in mind. Ideally, search for somewhere that as plenty of outside space to play in, but inside space is also welcome. If there is not much space, try to find somewhere near to a park or the beach.

Ensure It's in the Right Location

Location is essential when choosing a vacation home. You may want to be as near to the main amenities as possible, whether that is a beach, local attractions, or the ski slopes. Always factor in the extra traveling time required to get to these places. Find out about distances involved and don't be duped by a map that makes them seem nearby when they are far away.

Look for a Good Selection of Facilities

You will probably want a good selection of facilities where you stay, and these should be listed on the website. Things like a television, Wi-Fi, DVD player, washer, and perhaps a highchair and cot are great, as well as other things like board games and outdoor games for the beach.

Address Safety Concerns

Safety is paramount on vacation when you have young children. This is especially important if you have a swimming pool, lake, balconies, and stairs, although how concerned you are will depend on the age of your children.

Also consider the overall child-friendliness of the place. Is it advertised for families? Have families stayed there before? Some places may prefer adults only, so always keep this in mind.

Do some research of your own, and you may also want to read the guide in USA Today regarding other ways to prevent things from going wrong on your vacation.

Start Your Search ASAP

When you have a good idea about what you are looking for, don't hang around and instead get searching as soon as you can. The best places will go quickly, especially in popular resorts. For example, if you are looking for Park City lodging, you will want to book the best place you can before it gets snapped up.

Find Your Ideal Family Vacation House

Wherever you are going with your family, make sure you keep these tips in mind when looking for your vacation home. You will often have many options to choose from, but getting the right one can make a big difference to your vacation. So start looking early and book up your vacation home as soon as you find one that ticks all the boxes.

Joyce Evans has held a number of positions in the travel industry. She enjoys extensive travel herself and likes to share her thoughts and experiences online. You can find other articles written by her on a number of different sites.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Family Portraits

Our church  announced  in April that a company will come to take  family  pictures for the church directory. We have never done anything like that so we thought of doing it this year so we can be included in it.   The company is called Re:MEMBER Church Directories.  It's a company from North Carolina that  offer to take pictures  for free for  churches.  The church doesn't pay them anything for their services but to  compensate for their time,  they would encourage and  talk  the families into ordering their photo packages.  Just like us, we didn't really plan on getting  the package as the photo session entitled us a free 8 x 8 copy of the photo.  But our plan changed as the photographer  talked us into ordering a package.
Anyway, I didn't like that  I am a little hunchback in some of these shots.  An excellent photographer would tell you to correct your posture .  An excellent photographer is a good director.  I don't even like how my  daughter's posture lok like.
 We ordered the 10x20 Trio Portrait.  It has a cherry frame  and a black digital mat.  We paid $179.51 for it.  The package   comes with a touch up and a CD from which I copied these photos.  The touch up includes  soften  facial lines, remove blemishes,  and whiten teeth.  Honestly, I don't think they did a good job in  the touchup because our teeth still looks the same and our fine lines are still visible.  What I don't like is the oily face that we have lol.
 The only thing that encouraged us to order is the fact that the photographer is very friendly .
 I don't like the poses that he instructed my daughter to do.  Her arms doestn't look good at all.  I should have watched when they were having their photos taken.  I could have told her that her posture wasn't right.  But, the fact that it was a professional photographer, I rest my trust in him that he would do a great job.
 On another note, the frame arrived  safely then a couple of weeks later, we received the  photos.

 The photos were packaged neatly but one of the cormers of the trio photo was damaged as shown in the photo above.   The frame doesn't have a  glass but the photo was thicker than regular photo.  I still have to hang this on our wall, I will show you it when I finish my project.
If I have to rate the overall experience, I'll give it 3 stars.  For the  price I paid, I expect  much better but it's okay, you live and you learn.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Prince Charming

Rye Bear (Ms. Burrito) is not feeling well today, she is a little bit fevered so it  changed the plan we had for today.  We were suppose to go for a long walk in the park but she was hot when  she woke up this morning.  I gave her some medicine but stil feeling bad till now.  
 I took EJ for a bike ride around our neighborhood for 15-20 minutes to prevent him from being bored.  He is not allowed to use  electronics  so  all he could do is read, do stuff with us, and  practice his piano.
 He love to ride a bike so it was a perfect date for me and my  prince charming.
These photos were not taken today though.  This was  taken few weeks ago  when he first got his eye glasses.  It is apparent that I can't control their growth, they are  growing bigger and bigger each day.  

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Children are Precious Gift!

Time flies! I feel like my children are starting to slip away from my grip. It seems like it was just yesterday when I became a Mom and now I have two growing up kids that are full of personalities. Oh boy, I think the age is showing on me already lol. Looking back at the Birth Announcement Cards that we sent out when we had our babies makes me miss having small bundles of joy at home. My husband sometimes tells me that he wishes that we could have another one but I don't think I could handle another pregnancy. Both of my pregnancies were both hard so I really don't want to go through that again. My first born almost died at birth so it really scared me. But despite all the complications, children are precious gifts! 

 On a lighter note, getting pregnant is very exciting. Picking out the best designs of    Baby Shower Invitations is a lot of fun especially nowadays where there are so many companies that offer a huge variety of beautiful designs and options. Basic Invite is one of the leading companies when it comes to invitation and cards. They have a big selection of designs for baby shower, birthday invitation, wedding invitations, and many moire special occasion. I've seen one design there that I really like for birth announcement. It says "Anchor Aweigh". I wish I could have had that when I had my son. My husband is a retired Navy so this could have been a perfect for my son's birthday announcement. 

 I can still remember when I sent out the First Birthday Invitations for my daughter. I was still new here in the US so I only sent a few because I don't have many friend yet. It was a very exciting moment for us to see our first born turned one, now she is almost 10 years old. She will be ten next month which led me to the question, where did the time go? I was just thinking, in five years, we will have a teen driver and it makes me sad, scared, and happy at the same time. 

 But anyway, if you are looking for some unique design for cards or invitation, check out Basic Invite. They definitely have a great selection for any occasion. Check out the photo below. I like the simplicity and elegance of it. Oh, don't forget to check out their baby shower invites, they are having a 40% sale until Sunday, just use the code BABY40. Lastly, you can enjoy a 15% everything when you use the code 15FF51.


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