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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cold Temperature Once again Tonight

Our current temperature  is 48 degrees, can you believe that?  ThAccording to the weather  advisory, there is a possibility of a frist tonight so I cover  my vegetable plant  because I don't want them to die.  Having said that,  the drastic change in tempertature reminded me of these photos that I ook of my kids in early sprong when they were jumping in the trampoline.  These were taken  in April so everything seems dead stuill,  they are now in full blast green.  I just hope that  there would be no frost tonight.  
I ;ove it when these two  gets along so well and play together nicely.  Yes, there are days that they can't stand each other but most of the times, they  get along just fine.  I giuess, it depends on their moods and  things thatthey like to do.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

American Idol Finalists are Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham

The two finalists in American Idol  music competition was revealed last night. Nick Fradiani and  Clark Beckham were the two lucly finalists and tonight will be the revelation of the winner.  I haven't seen it but whoever wins deserves it.  BOth of these  men are talented, they  know how to play instruments like piano and guita.  I am sure that they are very familiar with the string 200l as they both love to  play guitar.  It is said on the news that that  Season 15 will be the last season of this  competition, it might be because less and less people are watching it.  

The 7th Annual Festival of Nation in Weirton

The 7th annual Festival of Nation was held  at MILLSOP COMMUNITY ENTER on March 21st, 2015.  It was dfifferent this year.  I noticed that  the trees  outside the building are not even budding yet compared to last year.  (Just ignore the head on the photo, my husband was goofing off while I was taking the photo, lol).  

There  was  less number of participants this year as well comparedfrom the numbers of participants last year.  Even the Filipino community have downsized.  I am not sure what happened but this year was not as good from the previous ones.
 Nevertheless, I busied myself from  taking some photos.  Here's my friend's daughter, wearing of the costumes for their cultural dances.
 The St. Joseph Choir always participates and  sing songs.  The Music Director of the school is always  encouraging the kids to  share their talents to people.
 While waiting for the program to start, I got the chance to tke some photos of them while they were  asitting on the bleachers.
 One of the  things that I always find missing when  attending events here is the lack of  decorations in the stage.  When I  was still working in school, whatever events we hold (big or small), we always decorate the stage the details of the events like the theme, the guest speakers, and other  things.  Over here, there's nothing.  I guess, it doesn't mater but I am just used to those stuff  back home that I find it a bit odd.  Anyway, here's the City Mayor giving his opening  remarks to  offially open the  event.
 Sime snap shots I took during the  parade, the presentation of the participants.  There are not many this year.  I missed thecolorful  outfits of those participants from Ukraine last year.  I did not see them this year.
 Our son hasn't participate in the choir yet but I am thinking that next yearm he would be  in it as well as he  is starting to sing with the choir at church.  We will see.
 Most of the cultural dances we've seen this year reoresented Philippines.
 My favorite among their performances was the "Tinikling" dance, they were so good.  I wish I could have captured them in video.  I thought the performers represing India did a great job as well.
 I am glad that the kids are very interested in participating into this kind of events, it hones not only their   talents but their social skills as well.  This kind of exposures help their   self confidence.
I admire the dedication that the music director of the school is putting into this.  Practicing a bunch of kids is not easy but she doe it so well.  I hope that next year, there would be more participants to the said event.  It is always nice to see different cultures through the dances and food.  MY kids wer disappointed that  there was no  Funnerl cakebooth this year.  That's one of their favorite thing to get when attending this kind of  event.  Yep, there were so many things missing this year.  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Travellers Guide to Driving Etiquette

Our family love to travel and we also love going on a road trips.  Roadtrips are fun but I can't help but to feel bad with our main driver, my husband.  I don't like to drive and certainly not comfortable with it so when we go on a road trips, he is the only one that drives.  Luckily, my husband is a really good driver so I am at ease when we are on the road.  Let me share some of o the road trips that we have done in the past.

In 2013,  we have decided to see some scenic spots  in our own  state, Wild and Wonderful, West Virginia.  We went to see the Black Water Falls. It was raining when we arrived at the place so we  were kind of slow in exploring the  place.  The rain did not  stop us to see the  beautiful Falls though.
After seeing the Black Water Falls, we went to see the  beautiful Ceneca Rocks then we headed to see the Ceneca Cavern but unfortunately, we got lost and it was late when we arrived there  and did not catch the last   trip that take people to the actual cave.  We missed to see the cave so we are planning to  go back there and  explore its beauty.  That was our biggest mistaken we should have went to the cave first before   the  Falls but that was the lesson we learned on that road trip.  
We also went to Cleveland Ohio in July 2013 on our daughter's  8th birthday.  We went to  the Cleveland  Museum of Arts then  went to  the beach afterwards.  
Last year, we had the chance to see  one of the beautiful lakes in Pennsylvania, the Lake Arthur Regata.  Coincidentally, it was  a rainy day too.  I don't know, with our luck, we always get rain on our road trips.  The funny thing is, we  always look at the weather advisory  b and make sure that  the weather is great but somehow, the rain wants to be with us.
Thankfully, it was beautiful when we had our long drive going to Ocean City in Maryland last year.
The long drive was all worth it especially when we see the ocean.
Traveling is one pleasure that  a lot of people like to do.  When going to a   place that  isn't familiar to you, it is best to  to know beforehand all the things that you need to know.   You can check out the travelers guide to driving etiquette especially if you are planning to travel abroad.
The most important part when traveling is the safety of everyone.  Make sure to gather as much  information as you can before you go.  Another thing is, take pictures so you can share your travel with family and friends through pictures.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Cinco de Mayo

Yesterday, while waiting for our children to get done playing after school, one of them asked us, if we could go  to one of the Mexican restaurants to celebrate  Cinco de Mayo.  We thought about it and  said "Why not?"  Our  daughter asked us what Cinco de Mayo   is for last night when we were having dinner.  Since hubby and I don't realy know it's history, we looked it up and found out that it is   the celebration to commemorate the  victory of the  Mexican's army's unlikely victory over French forces at the  Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.  According to the  article in Wikipedia that I read, Cinco de Mayo is sometimes mistaken to be Mexico's Independence Day in the United AStates.  Mexico's Independence day is  celebrated on September 16.

Anyway, here are the photos   of us  today when we   had our get together.  
4th Graders
5th Graders
2nd Graders
 In the next three pictures below, you can tell whose daughter is the funny one among the three by looking at the pictures of the Moms.  
I don't think they realized they did  similar things but as they say "Like Mother, like dDaughter" lol.  
I wish we could this often.  My family doesn't attend  parties too often  but it is nice to go out with close friends once in a while.  To all our Mexican friends, hapy Cinco de Mayo.  This is  a great  day to remember.  School is getting close  to its summer vacation, we only have like  two more weeks of school and we will be done for this school year. I can't wait to spending  time with my kiddos everyday.  We can explore the woods again without  having to worry about   homeworks and projects.  Looking forward to a great summer!


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