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Friday, April 20, 2018

6 Reasons You Should Consider a Camping Trip this Summer

Summer is creeping up on us and that means you’ll be starting to think about your summer vacations. Will it be a beach holiday this year, a city break or an epic backpacking trip across Europe?
If none of those appeals or you are looking to holiday on a budget, then why not give camping a go? It’s inexpensive, it will bring your family together, you’ll be miles away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life and you’ll be reconnecting with Mother Nature.
Still not sold? Here are six reasons why you should consider a camping trip this summer
You’ll be living off the grid
Forgetting about your coffee maker, your iPad and whether you’ve replied to that email from Steve from accounts can help us relax and unwind away from the pressures of modern life. Camping takes us off the grid, out of reach and away from the hurly burly of the everyday.

You can learn new outdoor skills
Camping requires so many skills that we might not otherwise get the chance to develop with urban living. Can you pitch a tent? Light a fire? Fish for your dinner? You might find those basics come in handy out in the wild. For the more adventurous, there is navigating by the stars, rock climbing or hunting for your own dinner. Take a look at Bestriflescopereview.Com if you are planning on going hunting.

It’s inexpensive
Once you’ve purchased camping equipment such as a tent, sleeping bag and any food and drinks you want to take with you, it becomes one of the least expensive vacations you can have. You can do a camping trip foraround $800 all in – Mother Nature costs you nothing to enjoy.

It brings your family together
There is no age limit on who can go camping. Old or young love sitting around the camp fire, singing songs and watching the sun go down. In a day and age where families tend to be less close than they were, a camping vacation can bring everybody back together – there will be nothing but you, your family and the great outdoors.

You’ll get plenty of exercise
Camping is a great way to get exercise. The average hikeburns 500 calories and you can’t go camping without at least one hike. You’ll probably end up backpacking, swimming, kayaking and playing games as well.  All that time moving outside in the fresh air is the perfect way to get some much-needed exercise into you and your family.

You’ll see parts of the world you never knew existed
Camping gives us a reason to visit parts of the world we never thought we would. While a city break to somewhere like New York or Seattle involves going and visiting the Empire State Building or the Space Needle, when you are camping you are free to create your own unique journey and see sights and experiences sounds that none of your friends would. It can be a truly unique experience which creates memories to last a lifetime.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

"Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do"

My daughter's volleyball season has been long gone but I am still yet to post these photos I have captured during their first game.  She can't wait  for the next season to start, she definitely love the sport, just like  I did when I was in school.  Volleyball and Tennis are the two sports she like playing.  
During their first game, they were defeated but it's okay.  They did not have much practice prior to the game so it was expected.  Another factor is that,  the SJS team is  now merged to  another  private school so they were still trying to figure out to work  together as a team.  They were  blessed with  a very motivating coach so  that was a plus.

I am  so happy when I go to other schools and see flag display.  Not all schools proudly displays the flag anymore these days, which is sad.
My daughter wishes that she is a bit taller but  my husband always tell her the quote that Mark Twain have said  "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
We told her that she just need to keep practicing and to try to be  stronger so when she serves, it would always get  over  the net.  Most of the times, she  gets the job done but when it doesn't work, she gets frustrated and get so hard on herself.
I told my daughter not to worry about being little.  I told her that  nobody will miss not to see you because you are the littlest one among the bunch lol.
We are planning to  let her attend a volleyball summer camp this year to help strengthen and  improved her skills.
I like the uniform that they have this season, they are comfortable.
She's  very happy when volleyball season starts because she get to see and play with her close friends.
She plan to play volleyball in High School, hopefully she qualifies.  I think that with proper training, she can  improved her  serves and hit  and be able to make it into the team.  We keep telling our kids that anything is possible as long as they put the work into it.  As John C. Maxwell said "Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do"

Monday, April 16, 2018

Four Ideal Destinations for Your Family Honeymoon

A honeymoon with your kids in tow might seem like a crazy idea, but with more couples than ever before now settling down and having children before tying the knot, the family honeymoon is becoming more commonplace. For most newlyweds today, this new step in their relationship is something for the whole family to celebrate. If you’re planning a honeymoon and want to take your little ones with you, here are some of the best destinations to consider.

#1. Orlando, Florida:

Orlando may not be the first place that comes to mind when thinking of romantic honeymoon destinations, but it is the perfect place for a fun-filled, memorable family trip. Aside from all the kids’ entertainment, theme parks, and Disney, there’s plenty for the happy couple to enjoy. Some of Orlando’s best attractions, including Universal Studios, Busch Gardens, and Disney World are designed for the whole family to enjoy, with rides, tours and activities to suit all ages. Head to downtown Orlando, where you’ll find an array of galleries, museums, and excellent restaurants to explore. Nearby Daytona, Cocoa and New Smyrna beaches are perfect for laid-back days in the sun, whilst tourist hotspot Miami Beach is just a three-hour drive away. For more information, visit

#2. Dubai:

The glitz and glamor of Dubai makes it a hugely popular honeymoon destination year after year, but there’s plenty to do here as a family, too. Whether you spend your time sliding down the slopes at Ski Dubai, ride the Marina Water Bus or look out for bright pink flamingos at Ras Al Khor, there’s plenty to keep the whole family entertained inDubai. Find family friendly-accommodation with romantic touches for your honeymoon nestled on the coast close to some of the city’s best shopping and attractions, with perfect views of the sea and sunset.

#3. Vietnam:

If you’re hoping for a cultural trip rather than a standard family vacation for your honeymoon, then look no further than Vietnam. A gorgeous country full of rich heritage, cultural charm and interesting history, Vietnam is the perfect destination for a memorable, eye-opening experience for the whole family, making it an ideal choice for a family honeymoon with teens and older kids. But, even families with younger children can enjoy a trip to Vietnam, with specially designed family tours and activities for anyone above the age of six.

#4. St Lucia:

St. Lucia is an ideal destination for a honeymoon, with the right combination of romance, peace and quiet mixed with fun-filled family activities. Enjoy quality time together basking in the sun on one of the many idyllic beaches, or make memories with your family enjoying some of the many water sports, outdoor activities, and excursions on offer. With many family-friendly resorts where you can leave your kids having fun whilst you spend some time together as a couple, St. Lucia blends a romantic getaway with a fun family break.
With more couples waiting until after having children to get married, family honeymoons are becoming more popular. Which destination would you choose?

Friday, April 13, 2018

Circus Circus Hotel and Resort

We stayed at Circus Circus hotel during our Las Vegas vacation last year.  It is an iconic hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip  which is close to shopping. It is a nice place to stay, a little bit confusing at first because it is huge.   There are  circus acts, a carnival midway, and the adventuredome indoor theme park featuring 25 rides and attractions.  Just like many or most hotels in last vegas, guests also enjoy casinos and nightly entertainment.   The funny thing is, we  stayed there but never ate at their dining outlets.  
I wasn't really impressed with  the  rooms, tome,  it's a bit outdated.  The best part though of the room that we got is the view  especially during at night time.  We always look at the window and see the beautiful Stratosphere hotel which when light up, it's beautiful.
If the view is beautiful during night time, it is even gorgeous when the sun is rising.
One thing that  we noticed during our stay in Las Vegas, people are out in full force during night time but when you  go out early, the city seems dead.  The only ones you see are drunk people or  some  runners.  I think it has to do with the season that we were there.  We went there on summer time so it was  soooo hot, we felt like we were in the oven  all the time.   
We love going out early because it is not crowded and we can eat breakfast  in peace. 
Despite the super hot weather, we had a fun time.  I don't think we will ever come back there during summer not will be staying again at that hotel but maybe we could go back someday  during Fall or Winter.
We  actually had more  fun  on our road trip from Vegas to Grand Canyon than our  Vegas adventure itself.  Here's the lobby of Circus Circus in the morning, it's quiet but when you arrive there  during midday, it is packed!  You can't even find a place to sit while waiting  for your turn to be checked in.  It's overwhelming actually.  I love the feel of  small hotells rather than larger ones like this.
I also didn't like that the casinos  are right in your face when you come in.  To me, it's not really a place to stay when you have children with you  just like  we do.  
See how empty the streets are early in the morning?  
If it wasn't for our plan of going to Grand Canyon, I wouldn't have  agreed to go to Vegas last year but it was nice seeing the city that everyone talks about.  I think Las Vegas is overrated but that's just my opinion.  I am sure  people will disagree but that's just my own preference when it comes to vacation and stuff.  I like  relaxing  getaways, nature-related type of adventure more than the city fun.  I don't drink nor gamble and I  am not a  night life kind of gal so Vegas is okay but not my type of vacation.    How about you, what do you like when  it comes to vacation type of places to visit?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Delhi and Mumbai – Two Cities You Really Must Visit on a Tour of India

Whether traveling for pleasure or business, two cities you really must visit on a tour of India are Delhi and Mumbai. Both are leading financial centers and this is one reason why so many international travelers fly into both cities at any given time of year. This is a side of India you won’t see elsewhere because Mumbai and Delhi, respectively, are the two richest cities in the country. Knowing that each city has a healthy tourist trade may help make planning your itinerary a little easier. Whether you fly from Mumbai to Delhi, or from Delhi to Mumbai, you can feel confident that you will be landing in a city that caters to travelers from around the globe.

India’s Capital – Delhi

As the capital of India, Delhi is home to 18 billionaires and has a GDP estimated at almost $294 billion. The amazing thing about traveling to Delhi is the fact that the service industry contributes at least 75% of the city’s economy and has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country. Among the leading sectors are:
  • ·         Retail
  • ·         Telecommunications
  • ·         Information technology (IT)
  • ·         Media
  • ·         Hotels
  • ·         Power
  • ·         Banking
  • ·         Real estate
  • ·         Construction

While there are poor areas of the city, you will find that many of the areas with 5-star hotels cater to tourists, and are unlikely to be in poorer neighborhoods. If you should get out and about in Delhi, don’t be surprised to see areas which are in sharp contrast to the city center where all international finance is commenced. However, those outlying neighborhoods are where you’re likely to get to taste some authentic cuisine from street food vendors and an authentic ‘flavor’ of traditional Indian culture.

Mumbai – Capital of Maharashtra

As the second-most populous of India’s states and the third largest by area, Maharashtra lays claim to India’s wealthiest city, Mumbai. Formerly called Bombay, Mumbai is estimated to have a GDP of just over $310 billion and has made the top ten list of cities with the largest number of billionaires. While there are 18 billionaires in Delhi, Mumbai can boast 28.
As a leading financial epicenter in Asia, Mumbai realizes revenue differently than does Delhi. The GDP of Mumbai is broken down as:
  • ·         60 percent from customs duty
  • ·         30 percent from the collection of income tax
  • ·         10 percent from employment in factories

And, amazingly, 6% of the national GDP is derived from Mumbai’s economy. The banking sector is huge in Mumbai and this is where you’ll find:
  • ·         Reserve Bank of India Headquarters
  • ·         Bombay Stock Exchange
  • ·         National Stock Exchange

It is no wonder that Mumbai (Bombay) is the wealthiest city in India with so much financial trade taking place in this city located on the western coast and easily accessible by water, land and air.
Both cities have a long and rich history which you can learn of in the many museums and cultural centers throughout. With modern infrastructure and a large portion of the population fluent in English, you should have no trouble getting around. Both Mumbai and Delhi are exciting cities to visit and well worth planning to stay a bit longer in so that you have time to really see 21st Century India.


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