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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Indian Echo Caverns: Inside View: Part3

This is the continuation of my Indian Echo Caverns posts that you can find here and here.  I love the tour guide that was assigned to us, he was very entertaining and  knows a whoiole lot about the cave.
He showed us different shapes that you can see such as this one below.  If you look closely, you can see a  crocodile's head in there.  The tour guide  told us a  made-up stoy about the crocodile which made us all  laugh.
The following photos are just different formatuins that I thought were pretty neat.  It's not a everyday thing that you get to go inside a cavern so I took lots of photos.
It's nice that they  put lighting system in  every part of the cave,  There are times that tour guide will turn off the life just to let you experience  how it is  inside during the  days when there's no light in there yet.
At the end of the tour, he took us a place where a guy lived there for years and died there but that would be another post.  Fir now, I want you to enjoy these different photos inside the cavern.
Glad we had hats that day, water are dripping and if you're not lucky, you'll get wet and it's not a good thing as it was cold inside the cavern.

Please tune uun for more photos next time.

Tops Tips for Enjoying Cold Weather Sports With Your Whole Family

Winter is a great opportunity to get outside with your family and enjoy some activities. There are so many opportunities to have fun, especially if you head to a dedicated resort where you will find plenty of activities to enjoy. Here's what you need to know to make the most of your time in the cold.
Why Get Outside in the Cold?

Getting outside in the winter is healthy and fun. It's great to keep active even though it's cold, and it stops your kids from getting too bored inside. There are many activities that you can only do in the winter, and now is the time to enjoy them or you will miss out until next year. Many of the activities are fast and furious and perfect for kids, so give some of them a go.
Book a Winter Activity Holiday

One of the best ways to enjoy the winter is to go somewhere like a ski resort where there will be lots to do. A winter holiday resort like Mont Tremblant in Quebec is ideal because it is fully geared up to provide you and your family with everything you need for a great time. There are plenty of Tremblant hotel deals to take advantage of, as well as lots of activities, clubs, restaurants, attractions, and stunning scenery.

Choose Some Activities

There are plenty of activities you could try on your vacation, and it depends how old your kids are. They can ski from a young age as long as they get proper instruction, but there are many other activities you may want to try together like dog sledding, tobogganing, snowshoeing, hiking in the Laurentian Mountains, and more.

Stay Safe in the Snow

Always wrap up warm when you head out into the cold for any length of time, and make sure your children don't get too cold. If they start complaining that they are cold, take them back to your accommodation, get them into a warm bath and prepare some warm drinks.
You should also take hot drinks out with you during the day, and make sure they use suitable clothing and equipment for the activities that you have planned. If they are not experienced in an activity like skiing, make sure they have classes with a certified instructor.

Watch Out for Frostbite and Frostnip

Frostbite is when body tissue freezes, and it can result in permanent damage. It often affects exposed areas like fingers, feet, and the face. Kids are at more risk because they often play outside for longer and they may not cover up properly. They also lose heat more quickly, so make sure you keep a close eye on them.

Frostnip is milder, but it can be uncomfortable. It is when skin that is exposed to the cold, like fingers and ears, become red and numb. This can be treated at home by warming the affected area with warm water.

Have Fun This Winter

Start thinking about the winter holidays and all the fun you can have. Family holidays in the snow are a fantastic way to make the most of the winter and have a great time. So find a resort that you can visit, plan your activities, and make sure everyone stays safe. Then have an amazing time this winter with your family.

Richard Page is a fitness instructor and passionate about sport. He enjoys the chance to share his insights online and has already posted across a number of relevant websites.

Super-Fun Snow Day Activities in Jackson Hole Sans the Skis

To outdoor lovers, the mention of Jackson Hole conjures images of fresh powder and premier skiing, yet locals know that skiing the slopes is just one activity taking place on a snow day.  Below, find a range of exercises and pastimes to take part in when the snow graces the grounds at Jackson Hole.

Wyoming features incredible wildlife and focal points.  Taking a snowmobile tour is a great way to see the sights while enjoying the ride.  Most tours include transport, clothing, and lunch.  Call ahead to ensure you can get a reservation.  If you’re a seasoned expert, enlist in the Hill Climb hosted on Snow King Mountain.  The four-day event unmasks the man or woman who has what it takes to master their machine on the hills.

Alternatively, book a snowcoach tour (which can be combined with a snowmobile tour).  Tours cost somewhere between $200 and $350 per person.  Lastly, if you feel comfortable guiding a snowmobile through the landscape alone or with friends, rent snowmobiles for a self-guided tour.  Rental cost between $100 and $200 per person.

Sleigh Rides

Take a half-hour or one-hour tour of the country slide in an old-fashioned sleigh.  Dress appropriately and take along a warm beverage as you prepare to be pulled along at a leisurely pace by a horse.  Depending on time of day and your mood, combine the ride with subsequent dinner and entertainment.  You can find an outfitter close to Jackson Hole lodging or venture farther from the main park area.  The National Elk Refuge charges $18 per person, and if you want to combine dinner, the price ranges from $100 to $150 per person.


Take a snowshoe tour through the Bradley Taggart Lakes area.  Paths spread far and wide from the trailhead, so it’s easy to find a road previously untaken.  For safety and time management purposes, grab a map from the trailhead and embrace the wilderness.  Alternatively, Jenny Lake is a groomed road and well traveled, yet the trail to the lake is not a short walk; plan to spend the full day trekking and pack food and necessary provisions.

You may want to complement the exercise with a bit of learning.  Take a tour with a ranger who can tell you about the area and a bit about how to survive in the wilderness.  The Grand Teton National Park offers tours and shoe rentals; shoes are $5 but the tour is free of charge.

Ice Skating

Sure, in the winter you can likely go ice skating in a number of indoor or outdoor locales, but very few will offer the kind of atmosphere that Jackson Hole can provide.  While in the area, head to Town Square to enjoy live music, cocoa, and rent skates.  Also, Snow King Arena, at the base of Snow King Mountain can deliver an incredible skating experience.  Additionally, Owen Birch Park, Rodeo Grounds, and Kolter Ice Arena (in Idaho) are venues for ice skating.

Sure, there is unbelievable skiing to be found at Jackson Hole, but that’s only one activity among many to enjoy alone or with the entire family!

Patricia May works in a senior role as a travel consultant. She likes to share her insights with an online audience and has already written for a variety of different websites.

Indian Echo Caverns - Part3

As I have mentioned on part  2 of our cavern adventure, here are some of the  photos  of what you can see  inside the Indian Echo Caverns.  According to our tour guide, the Caverns were first opened to the general public in 1929, when Mr. John Bieber opened the doors to the caverns. 
 Mr. Bieber realized that many people wishing to visit the caverns might be put off by the treacherous, uneven terrain that nature created. Bieber undertook a massive commercialization process, in which all of the pathways in the caverns were made safe for travel, as well as opening up many rooms closed off because of huge mineral deposits.
 The caverns were a natural Mecca of the region, attracting thousands of visitors in its first years. However, sadly, the caverns fell upon hard times during the Great Depression, and Mr. Bieber lost ownership to the bank. 
 All was not lost, for in 1942, Mr. Edward S. Swartz, a Hershey native purchased the caverns. Today, the ownership of the caverns still remain in his family, with hundreds of thousands of visitors walking the paths of the Susquehannocks each year.
 If I were to get lost there, U would be scared especially if the  lights are off  because it  would be a total darkness inside and cold too!
 It's amazing how this natural beauty  could  make your  imagination travel to a different  time and place.  
 Seeing all of these beautiful formation  inspired my daughter to dream of becoming a geologist.
 The tour guide was very pleased when we told him about what  our daughter said and what she think she should do when she grows up.
 There are so many things that tour guide have told us including make up stories of the  different shapes of the stalactites and stalagmites
More photos to come  in the next series of photos.  Thanks for reading and for leaving your thoughts.

Beauty All Year Long: Hiking and Camping Mont-Tremblant National Park

There are scores of reasons to visit the Mont-Tremblant region, and if you’re interested in fresh air, exercise, and pristine views, hiking is a major one.  Those who head to the National Park are doubly rewarded, enjoying Mont-Tremblant’s views and the peace of mind in knowing the property is used responsibly, for entertainment purposes while maintaining the land’s beauty and dignity.  If you’re considering going out to the region and putting your boots to its grounds, consider the following.
Respectful Exercise

The National Park is open to the public while philosophies are set in place to preserve and protect the land.  The philosophy of those behind the development and preservation of the trails focus on three major points.  Firstly, all visitors must be respectful of the environment and promote the sentiments of having a minimal impact on immediate surroundings.  Secondly, all participants must keep safe, being concerned about their own safety and promoting techniques and thoughts that protect other people, animals, and the land.  Lastly, preservationists want the most appealing landscapes to be enjoyed by goers, and continually develop trails to capture the attention and wonder of those visiting the park.
Classification Systems

Those overseeing the development and preservation of Mont-Tremblant National Park use classification systems to indicate the difficulty level to newcomers and seasoned hikers.  An “easy trail” does not require any previous experience of hiking and involves minimal physical effort.  An intermediate trail is reserved for those with rich experience and who behold a technical knowledge of the area and the sport of hiking.  Finally, a trail labeled difficult warrants mastery of walking techniques, demands those traveling be in good shape, and invites those who are more than comfortable in a forest setting.
Park Specifics

Mont-Tremblant is a destination for both hikers and backpackers due to its diverse trails, hundreds of lakes and rivers, and breathtaking surroundings.  Also as an added note, those who enjoy the pastime of bird watching flock to the area; it hosts 196 species.  Specifically, the backpacking network involves 120 km of trails, lined with communal huts that can hold 2 to eighteen people.  The Diable route is 47.6 km, considered an intermediate trail, and usually takes 3 days and 2 nights to complete.  Of course, other Mont Tremblant accommodations are available for those opting to reserve only a few hours for hiking each day of their stay.

Short Hikes

As suggested, you don’t have to commit to a multi-day hike through the area.  For those who are beginners or taking small family members, beginner and shorter hikes are suggested.  You won’t miss the majesty of the mountainous region while staying close to more family-fitted accommodations.  Aside from hiking and backpacking, runners are free to test their endurance along the trails.  Also, dogs and family pets are more than welcome in the pedestrian village yet are not allowed to traverse the mountain with you.  To save time and gain access to a bird’s eye view, take note of the gondola schedule, which is a nice option to have at the end of the day if you’re tired and decide to take an expedited passage back down the mountain.     

Louise Harrison has been working as a travel consultant for a number of years. She enjoys the opportunity to offer her insights with an online audience. Her thoughts have been shared across a number of travel-related websites.                        


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