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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Last Glance at Busch Garden

Busch Garden is a fun place but man, you  have to be ready to have lots of energy when you go there so you can enjoy exploring without feeling spent lol.  Going on an amusement park is fun especially if you have kids but man, it's a lot of walking.  I am not complaining because walking is the only part that I enjoy because I don't like rides.  
With all the news I see about freak accidents in amusement rides, I have no intention in riding any of these fast and high rides.  
The only ride I  always go to is the  train ride as it is relaxing and not that fast.  You can basically see the whole  place by  riding the  train.  We should have done this when we visited Disney World few years ago but we didn't, we ran out of time.
Here's a short video clip of how much fun you can get in Busch Gardens.
Yes, we did go to Water Country as well.  It was fun although the heat was unbearable.  

I love the landscape at the front, we can't leave without  some photos just because.. it might be the last time we will ever go there.
The entrance booth  is very quaint.
Even the parking lot sign is quite nice.
Leaving the Busch Garden vicinity, we have  seen some places where we could  explore.
We planned on going to this place but we didn't have much time.  Maybe  next time when we visit  Williamsburg again, we will.
There's  so much things to do and see in Williamsburg, Virginia, you just have to have plenty of time and moolah of course.  It was fun for all of us and definitely one memories that we would love to reminisce.  So here you go, our last glimpse of Busch Garden.  It would take years before we could visit again.. or not.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Including Exercise Into Your Kid's Day-To-Day Life

With all of the options available to entertain kids without having to lift a finger, it’s hard to push yourself to take your kids out to get some exercise. Unfortunately, though, for a child to be healthy they need exercise. It will improve their school work and could even make them live longer. So, it’s worth starting early when it comes to making exercise a part of their everyday lives.

Exercise doesn’t always mean hitting the gym and running for miles. Simple daily walks can be enough, for the most part. Your child may have the chance to walk to school. This is worth it for them, as it will help to make their brain more active for the day. The more they walk; the more they’ll enjoy it. So, if you instill this activity early on, they’ll always want to do it.

Of course, this doesn’t give them that much exercise, though. And, kids have loads of energy, which will need to be burned. Some of the best ways to do this come in the form of scooters and bikes. Bikes give you child a chance to travel much further than they could on foot. You give them a chance to try a truly grueling exercise if they want to. Scooters are better for short distances. They reward exercise by being fun; which is what your kid probably cares about the most. They’re much safer than bikes. So, they’re better for your child to use on their own. Certain types of scooters will be off the cards. To avoid embarrassment, it’s best to try and get children a pro scooters.

To eliminate almost all danger from their exercise, you can take the swimming. Once a child has learned to swim and is confident, they won’t have any problems getting right into it. Modern pools always have trained lifeguards, too. So, your kid is always safe. Swimming is unlikely to cause any physical damage to your kid’s body. When you swim, your body is completely suspended. This means that your joints to have to deal with impacts and you don’t have anything to collide with. Swimming is an important skill that your child could use for loads of different purposes in the future. Giving your child this gift can give them a great start in life.

All of these activities can be done as a family or group. This gives you a chance to get out with your kids. Especially when they’re young, kids will enjoy exercise a lot more when they’re doing it with their family. It;s a great way to motivate them to get out there, without having to force them. It is also a great chance for you to get some exercise, as well. There are very few opportunities with this many benefits, so it’s well worth trying to take them while you can.

Hopefully, this will give you a good idea of what need to be done to get a modern kid outside and active. This is going to become more and more important for new parents to think about as technology progresses. With so many ways to entertain ourselves, there’s nearly no reason to go outside.

TeamSnap App for my Children's Sports

A friend informed me yesterday that the wrestling will start in  a couple of weeks.  I haven't received the memo from the school yet but I look forward to it.  Our son is not involved in many  sports but  we encourage him to continue wrestling, football and tennis.  He tried out  for basketball but he didn't like it so  after just one practice, he did not want to go back.  I think he feel  inferior that most of the kids   that practiced that day were  good and he  was just learning the basic.  
Anyway', back to wrestling, the photo above was the medal he got from  last year's event.  He won his first match and I think he had  so much fun.  It was  fun watching  them wrestle as  he  was very gentle, he didn't want to hurt his opponent because  he was his friend.  I think it would change as he get older.  
 This year, I want to make sure that we won't miss any practice and games  so I signed up  with TeamSnap.  They have an awesome  app that  you can use and  the cool thing is you can personalize it.  I also love that you can connect your facebook and the result will be shared automatically.  I love how technology progresses these days, there is an app  for everything.
I love that  there are many features like the  calendar sync, messaging, notifications, tracking, statistics  and a lot more.  So you can add  a team from your account and never miss a thing again.  I can't wait for this season to start, it's fun watching kids wrestle.  I am not sure if I would feel the same watching  adult wrestle as they are pretty aggressive.  I might get nervous when my little man   become wrestler when he's adult.  I am sure that even in high school,  wrestling is already very intense so we will see.
 For now,  I am enjoying his goofiness with the sport.
My daughter is  starting  the new season for volleyball here very soon.  I am glad,  I am all set up with the TeamSnap app as I am ready to roll.  Based from my experience we haven't miss a game  from previous season but it is a lot safer to have an app that reminds you for the schedule of events.
 Last year, my daughter's team was undefeated so we will see how they  perform this year.  I hope they do good again, that would be awesome.  She is  a bit worried because we haven't  practice  in a while.  She need to work on her serving, she can't wait for the season to start.
I am excited for the season to start.  It's fun watching our kids play.   I get so   excited and gets louder at times which embarrasses the kids but hey, what can I do lol.
Here's wishing that this year's sports is as successful and fun as last year's.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Pompeii, Germany, and the Curse of Dar Kastle

As part of our exploration in Busch Gardens, Germany was  the next stop.  We want to visit Europe and Germany  is one of the many places we want to see but we can't afford it yet so Busch Gardens is the closest that we did for now.  Even just roaming around  on the Germany part of the park  was quite entertaining.
The kids wanted to  try the Curse  of the Dark Kastle so we went in. We fell in line but unfortunately we were not admitted because the kids did not meet the height requirement. 
It would have been nice to experience  deep in the snow covered hills of Bavaria stands a foreboding castle frozen under the spell of a centuries-old curse. In a way, I was  relieved that we werent admitted because even though the ride  begins as an enchanted sleigh ride, it  ends in a bone-chilling chase packed with dizzying drops, surprise twists, and such sensational 3-D visuals.  I would have  peed myself  hahaha.
However, we enjoyed the mist outside and since it was getting so hot, we stayed under the mist for a while.
I think that the festhaus is the  room tucked inside Das Festhaus’s main hall that holds a beer-enthusiast’s paradise.  There are samples of  hand-crafted brews from around the world, with 30 rotating craft beers on draft, including seasonal varieties.  We didn't but it's worth taking a picture lol.
To relieve the disaapointment at DarKastle  attraction, my son rode the karousel while we sit  for a while waiting for him.  
The problem with going to a huge park like this in a very hot weather is, it makes you tired really fast.
We wanted to ride the train so that we could  relax and take a break from walking a little bit but the employees told us that it would be late since they have a mechanical problem, sigh. So we walked around a little bit and then came back afterwards.  
The Busch Gardens Railway is  a 20 minute trip around the park riding the three steam-powered locomotives whisk guests through 100 acres of lush landscaping with stops in Scotland, Festa Italia and New France for a breathtaking tour of the park.
It was a fresh breath of air.  We got to look around the parts of the park that we would have not seen by walking.
By the looks of the display at the entrance of Pompeii attraction, I got the impression that it would be a wild ride so I immediately declined from going.  My son  stayed with me  and later on, my husband came  back and did not go either because he didn't want to get wet.  My daughter was old enough to go alone although I was worried, my husband said to give her a little freedom so we let her go alone.
Pompeii attraction is an adventurous journey through the ancient ruins of Pompeii.  As history has it, even the mighty Roman Empire had been no match for Mt. Vesuvius, which draped Pompeii with a blanket of lava and ash, erasing it from the map for nearly 1,700 years.
My daughter said that the ride would certainly  require you to hold on tight as a leisurely boat ride through the ruins of this great city suddenly turns explosive. 
One rumble from the mighty mountain and the race to escape from Pompeii is on.
 After this attraction, we decided to call it a day.  We were all exhausted not because we walk a lot but because it was so hot that day.  Our time there was when Virginia was having the heat wave so it wasn't that enjoyable to really be out in the sun all day.  We did however had some fun time while out there.  

Friday, December 23, 2016

Beach Breaks: The Best Ways To Make The Most Of Your Time In The Sun

For a lot of parents, beach breaks are the preferred option for family vacations. This is because beach breaks are a lot of fun and aren’t too expensive - once you’ve paid for your accommodation and flights, there’s little else to pay for. The problem is that most sights and attractions in destinations that are popular with tourists are incredibly expensive, and when you’re traveling as a family, you have a budget to stick to. Or, at least, most families do, anyhow.
The great thing about beach breaks is that you don’t need to budget for sights and attractions, as the beach is where you will be spending the majority of your time. Of course, if you spend your entire break doing the same things day in, day out - swimming, sunbathing, and building sand castles - the chances are that your little ones will start to get bored. So it’s important to find ways to make the most of your time in the sun, and ensure that your beach break is everything that you dreamed it would be.

With that in mind, below are some ideas for ensuring that your next beach break is memorable for all the right reasons.

Choose a destination that offers activities
To ensure that while you’re away, the whole family has a good time, look for a beach destination that has plenty on offer in terms of activities. You should be able to find plenty of places that have beaches that offer a range of activities, from pedalo hire to banana boating. Take the time to read up on each destination, to see whether what it offers is suitable for you and your children. Look for beaches that offer family activities, such as Paddle Boarding, for example - to learn more about this sport read up online via sites like Paddleboard Thrills. Surfing is another activity that could be perfect for the whole family, as could kitesurfing, so look for destinations that offer these types of activities.
Have a sandcastle competition

Instead of just letting your little ones build sandcastles, why not make castle building a family affair? For one day while you are on vacation, plan to have a sandcastle building competition. Split off into teams and spend some time building sand castles with your children. Then, once you’ve completed them, ask another beachgoer to judge them and pick a winner. It doesn’t have to be just a basic sandcastle, you can build anything, so make sure to get creative.

Pack beach toys for the kids

For those times when you want to sit back and relax in the sun, it’s worth packing some beach toys for your little ones. That way you can sunbathe while your little ones play in the sand. Pack little toys that are sure to keep them occupied for hours, from beach balls and buckets and spades to blow up toys; there are plenty of things that you can pack to keep your little ones busy on the beach.

There you have it, a guide to how you can make the most of your time in the sun.


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