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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tractor Ride at Half Crown Hill Orchard

One last thing that we did at Half Crown Hill Orchard is the tractor ride.  The orchard isn't that bnig but we went to another part where there's no  apple trees.  They  had a field that was filled with pumpkins.  It was a little ride but fun for the kids.
 I just love the fact that we can tour around the orchard without walking.  The sight of the beautiful trees  are a treat for me.  Kind of a relaxing ride.
 We left the orchard after an hour or so of fun.  It was a memorable day for us.
We would definitely love to do this again now that we know where to go.  The kids loved it and so did we.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fun with the Bales of Hay

Here's the continuation of our fun adventures at the Windsheimer's Dairy Farm.  After we explored the   older cows on the  other barn, we  then went to the  other barn on the other side of the hill.  The Windsheimers  rode the quad and we followed them.
 In this barn is where the baby cows are.
 This barn is where  the kids had so much fun.
 They get to  touch and interact with the calves.
 Here's Abby', introducing Rylie to the one-day old calf.
 Abby asked Rylie to name the baby cow so she named her Ivy.
 After they  were done playing with the baby cows, they clibed onto these bales of hay and had fun.
 My kids really had a taste of how  farm life is,  even just for a short period of time.  I think that my kids would strive really well in a farm life.
They are nature-lover kids and  they both  love animals.
 They were sure right at home in the Windsheimer's  farm.
 I love  this old house near the  barn.  Our friend said that it is their grandma's house.
 Look at these silly faces lol.
We went there at 6 pm  and stayed for about  an hour or so.  The kids still wants to stay but since they have  school the next day and  the farm  owners  still has things to do, we kind of forced them to part ways.  We would definitely love to come again next time.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feeling at Home at the Music Store

Our daughter decided to stop going to her piano lessons here in our area so she could concentrate on her music program at Doquesne University. We let her teacher know last month which kind of bummed her out but we supported our daughter's decision. She has been practicing a lot ever since she started at Doq. Univ. and her teacher there noticed the big improvement. My husband said that the teacher was very happy about the transformation.  Anyway, seeing this monster performer 500 instrument cable online reminds me of the trip we did to the music store here in our area.  We needed some books so we went there and I took  a photo of the two of them  while looking for the cool music gears.  
  These two always feels like they are at home at the music store.  

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Windsheimer's Dairy Farm

One of our daughter's classmate, Abby, lives in a farm.  Her parents owns a Dairy farm out in  Burgettstown Pa.  We were all excited when they invited us to come over and see how the milk processing is being done, how to feed the cows and a lot of things that's going on in a Dairy Farm.  
 Just driving to their farm was already a treat since the view are gorgeous.
 The beauty of Fall is already visible  on the trees so  it was a fun a drive.
 We headed straight to the barn where they were waiting for us.
 Our first stop was to see how the milking process is being done.
 Here's Melissa and Ben showing the kids how the milk is being  taken from the cows through the use of the machine.
 They even let the kids  insert their thumb through the tubes  to feel how the milk gets suck down by the machine, it was pretty neat!
 This cow was not feeling good so she was resting.  Her legs were a little swolen or something.
 It's amazing o watch the cows fall in line and advanced through the line every time they hear the sound.
 My son loves milk so he  had his first real encounter with the individuals that produces them.
 After we saw  the milking process, we then tour some part of the  barn.  Melissa and Ben explained to us how every cow is being  monitored in the computer room.  Each cow has  something  where they can see if they are in heat.  It's amazing to learn how  the process is being done.
 Then the kids hopped on the tractor while watching the cows eat.
 Their dog Oreo is so sweet!
 My son was very interested  in the quad lol.

The view from their farm was breathtaking.  It's really beautiful out there.  I'll continue the last part of our cow-tale adventure next time.  My migraine is killing me right now.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Lack of Sleep

I feel bad for my husband   the other night because he couldn't  sleep.  Something was bothering him from work and he  culdn't shake it off .  He got up and watch TV for a little while because he  didn't want me to wake up but in reality, I was awaken already so I couldn't fall back to sleep again.  I wish we have those sleepphones that we could use.  We both woke up  the next day with a bad headaches and it's awful.  I recently watched a  video about those sleepphones and I want to have one like that.  Lack of sleep really gives me bad migraine.


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