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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sled Ride Fun

All the snow have melted  already but I am glad that we  took advantage of it when it was still here.  We went sled riding by the college.  John and Rye went first because I was waiting for my son to finish doing   something.  When we were finally out, the two were coming back home.  So I wasn't able to take pictures of  the little lady when she wiped out lol.  Nevertheless, I took a picture of her in our front porch before  my son and I left.
We are having a very mild weather this year.  We were in the lower 50s today which was really nice.  We could have went for a walk but we   did some important stuff so we were not able to do our  outdoor walk.
 Anyway, this little guys here is a lot of fun to go sled riding with.  He can stay  outside as long as you let him to.
 We had so much fun out there but  I couldn't take the  wind  blowing in our faces so our stay wasn't very long.  I asked him for us to go home.
 He agreed for us to go home in one condition, that I would go down too lol.
 I didn't really want to do it but I did anyway just so we could go home.
 I tell you, sled riding is a lot of exercise.  You laugh a lot and the walk going up is a good exercise.
 After I went down a couple of times, I thought we were ready to go but he bargained for another round, whew.
 How can I say no to this  smiley face.
 Overall it was a lot of fun, my son and I  definitely had a good laugh and exercise  with what we did.   Every year, when winter hits, we try to have fun in the snow because we feel bad that the kids are always confined inside the house.  It gets boring inside so even though it's freezing outside, we  try to go out and have fun.  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Playing Piano

The kids' piano lesson  went  well yesterday.   Our son hasn't practice  as much as he should but I guess he is  doing alright.  Our daughter on the other hand can't  help but play the piano everyday.  I wonder if one of these  joe bonamassa guitars would  inspire  EJ to engage more into music.  I mean he is not  complaining that he doesn't like it but he is not as motivated as our little lady.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Snow Day Fun and my Little Helpers in Shoveling Snow

When we had the very first  snowfall this year, the children's school was cancelled/closed so   to give them some things to do, we went out to the drive way and shoveled the snow.  It was  freezing that day so  we made sure to bundle up good so we won't get sick.  
 Children doesn't really care about the freezing weather as long as they can play, that's what matter.
 Just looking at these photos is making me so cold already already even though I am drinking a cup of my hot  ginger tea.  I am always cold, when the temperature is below  50, I am cold.  My husband calls my hands "ice cold hands" because they are always cold.  Luckily, I married a guy whose hands are always warm so we  compliment perfectly.
 I love that aside from playing they always want to help me shovel the snow.  Shoveling snow is a great exercise.  I think I burned more calories shoveling snow  than walking in the treadmill.
 I don't mind the snow as long as the wind is not blowing but when it is, it is bitter cold and I can't stand it.
 I can tell that the  kids have  strong immune system  now  because they seldom get sick.  Those regular long walks that my family did over the summer and eating healthy  helps  them build a stronger immunity.
 We live a block away from their school so we walk every school days, rain or shine, freezing or not.   They are  great troopers!
 My little man is all about playing but the little miss always wants to make snowman when she's out  there with  snow.
 Lolo Don, our neighbor, was shoveling snow that day too so the kids  extended their fun and   went at their yard.
 Rylie helped Lolo shoveled the  walkway.
 I always want to take pictures of  my kids with our neighbors because they truly are like our family.  They treat my kids like their own grand kids.  Not many people are blessed with great neighbors so I am always thankful that we are blessed with them.
 That is one  of the two things I love in this place, the reason why I  am conflicted of moving to another place.  Our neighbors are great!
Anyway, our adventured  was put to a halt when the strong wind started blowing  and the snow was getting in our faces.  Their faces were so pink when they got inside.  They took a hot bath and they were fine.  Hot coco also warmed our bodies after the fun outside.

Kalahari Resort: Sandusky Ohio Part 2

To continue my post about our adventures to Kalahari Resort, here is the second part.

While my husband rests for a while at our table, I decided to look around the resort and took some photos.  There was a safari grille  near our table but we  chose not to eat there because it isn't  a smart choice due to the prices of food there.  
We didn't do our research thoroughly  so we didn't know if  we were allowed to bring snacks inside.  We left ours in the car.
As I explore the resort, I see families who has their own  food so the next time, I know what to do.
Kalahari really do have some  good features inside their indoor water  park that kids of all ages can enjoy.
It's amazing how   full the resort was.  I wish that West Virginia has a facility like this  so we don't have to drive all the way here to have some fun time.
Kalahari has hot tubs that leads to the outside.  My husband said that it is very hot so the kids would stay there whenever they are getting cold.

They were braved to go to the outside and they told me that it is not cold even though they are outside because the water is too hot.
Here's how it looked like outside.

Aside from slides and other fun things, Kalahari also has  wave pool.

There are also shopping area  inside the  water park.  This piece intrigued me.
I love the  eco-friendly hut for the tables.  The only thing that bothered me there  are thesmokers who  proped the  doors open so they can smoke outside.  The problem is, the freezing  temperature comes in and so the smoke.  I gave me migraine!  I think that Kalahari should provide a smoking area for  the smokers so they don't have to bother going out and affect the people inside.  Either that, smokers should just hold on to not smoking until they  go home.
Another thing we didn't know is that, Kalahari  provide the  towels to all guests.  We brought some towels so we used it  when we drying off to go home.
While Daddy is checking out, I got the chance to take  photos of the kids.
Shadow Shots
I really want to see their outdoor park during summer so hopefully we could go back there someday.
I am happy that the kids had a blast.  My son always say "It's my best birthday ever" every year so hopefully we could keep up.  Our ten hour-adventure was  fun.  Although 6 hours was spent on the road and only 4 hours was the actual fun, it was all worth it.  Nothing fulfilling that seeing your children enjoy and have fun.  Our daughter is already asking where are we speding her birthday.  Her birthday is on July so an outdoor adventure would be great.  Any suggestion?


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