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Friday, July 15, 2016

How To Entertain Your Kids During Bad Weather

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at home or on vacation, rain can make your kids bored and miserable. They might have been looking forward to a day outside in the sunshine, or you might have promised them a family day out. But now they are stuck inside with nothing to do. But being indoors doesn’t have to be boring and you don’t have to stick them in front of the TV all day. Use the following suggestions to keep your kids entertained indoors when there’s bad weather outside.
Get them cooking

No matter what age your children are, they can get involved in the kitchen. It’s an important life skill that can encourage them to adopt healthy habits and lets them discover new foods and flavours. You can use kid’s food blogs or use this YouTube channel to help you decide which recipes you want to create together. Baked goods are fantastic as your children can help mix up the ingredients and decorate the end result after it’s cooked. They can also get creative by using their food to create fun shapes and pictures. Encourage them to feel different ingredients, get messy and to use their imagination. No matter what type of creations you decide to make, your kids will love the experience of making something from scratch.

Have a scavenger hunt

Your kids will love the excitement and mystery of a scavenger hunt, and they can be hours of fun. Create a list of items that they need to find from all over your home or vacation accommodation. These should vary from really easy to more difficult to get them thinking. If you have more than one child, you can turn this into a mini-competition to see who can find each item the fastest. Once they’ve found each item on the list, give them a prize. Remember only to choose items that they can reach and encourage them not to run too quickly.

Create a storybook

If your kids love to hear and tell stories, why not help them create their own storybook. Grab some pieces of paper and come up with a story together. You could use a classic fairytale or plot from a movie they enjoy to help you get started. Just ensure that you make some changes along the way to make it feel more original. You could make your child or one of their favourite toys as the main character for instance. It can be as over the top or as simple as your child likes- there are no rules. If your child is old enough, ask them to write down the words of the story as you create them. They might also enjoy creating a front cover or colourful illustrations for the storybook. Once it is complete, your child can read it aloud and store it on their bookshelf ready for bedtime story time.

While these ideas are ideal for bad weather, nothing is stopping you from using them during fantastic weather either. Your kids will soon discover that staying indoors can be just as exciting and fun as being outside.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

3 of the Best Marinas in the Bahamas

The Bahamas are one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It offers a care free lifestyle, one that is slow and relaxed. And the luxury and amazing hospitality is beneficial as well. If you have booked a Bahamas yacht charter, you do have to think about where you will be docking. Let’s take a look, therefore, at the 3 top yacht spots to choose from.

1. The Bluff House, The Abaco’s

This marine cost several million dollars to build and then again to renovate, with renovation work completed in 2004. 40 slips are available and it is the best of the full service marinas the Abaco’s have to offer. Nothing has been overlooked, including lubricants, Texaco fuels, and professionally dredged entrance channels.

The docks, meanwhile, are made of beautiful Brazilian teak, known as Ipe. The design is angled, which means each yacht has a private deck space. At the marine facility, you can find water, electricity, and fuel hookups and you can bathe and do your laundry. If you happen to be angler as well, then make sure you go out bone fishing while you’re there.

2. The Atlantis Resort and Marina, Paradise Island

Interestingly, the Atlantis Marina doesn’t stand out in terms of its look. However, the dock master and the deckhand staff that work here go above and beyond the call of duty, turning it into a truly luxurious service. They are the finest assets of the resort itself and those who travel on a yacht charter really get treat like royalty. There are some other perks as well, such as fantastic entertainment and attractions right near you.

3. The Grand Bahama Yacht Club, Grand Bahama Island

Last but not least, there is the Grand Bahama Yacht Club. This really is the definition of understated elegance. It is an exclusive club with a reputation that is known all over the world, with people flocking here for the ultimate in luxury travel destination. There are 150 slips to choose from that can even hold 175ft vessels. All docks are concrete and you can access fuel services. High speed pumps will immediately deliver you triple-filtered fuel. Plus, you can decide to spend the night at the Pelican Bay Hotel as well, or eat at the Ferry House Restaurant. Best of all, you can use a free water shuttle service to get there. The Ferry House is five star rating and critically acclaimed, so you know you will eat like a king. Or, if you want to be a bit more down key, enjoy the pool bar and grill instead. You can also enjoy the Olympic sized pool, while the kids are in the children’s pool. This is a true holiday experience.

When you get to the Bahamas on a yacht charter instead of a cruise liner, you will be able to go through expedited customs and immigration services as well. Plus, you can always use the complimentary shuttle to go to the Port Lucaya Marketplace from any of the marinas.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day with Dad at Gables

The past couple of months has been  very busy for us so we haven't gone to church as much as we  normally would.  This year's Father's  Day though, we  made our effort to  attend the mass.  It was  special because the kids   were altar servers with the new priest of St. Joseph.  
A photo posted by Chubskulit Rose (@chubskulitrose) on
Even on Father's day, we went to the house after we ate breakfast and work there before we  came back home  and go to church.  That's how  crazy our schedule is  because we are  getting ready to move this weekend and there's still a lot of things to be done.  I wish my family is here, I could have ask them to help me but they are so far away.  Hubby and I and the kids are the only ones working on it.  
After the mass, we headed to  Hopedale Ohio to visit  my father-in-law whom we haven't see for few weeks as we  have so busy  working at the house we just bought.  Gables Care Center is a nice facility with really nice  employees, they do take care of their  residents really well.  I just wish it is near us so we could visit more often.  
While we visit and talked to Dad, the kids played checkers.  Dad was sitting in the hallway when we arrived.  It was sad seeing him alone in there.  He had a blank stare  in his face.  He was happy to see us though.
He didn't talk much, I don't even know if they know who we are.  The Alzheimer's really made a big impact on his well-being.  It is so sad to see him from a bubbly and active man to not being able to take care of himself.
My BIL and SIL Rick and Jill came  afterwards.  We got to catch up with them before we left.
My husband's Father's Day was simple but a meaningul one since we  spent it with family.  

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Essentials Of Taking The Whole Clan On A Road Vacation

We know that the thought of it might already be giving some of you stress. We love our families, but holidays together can be a whole cluster issues popping up. Taking the family out on a road vacation is no different. There are risks to your fun from the start to the finish. However, with a little prep work, you can make it a much more pleasant experience all round. Not that any trip with a big family is ever going to be completely free of hiccups. If you get rid of the big problems, however, the little stuff can make the trip.

Keeping everyone comfy
The first thing that can go wrong with a lot of long trips is the car ride itself. When it comes to a road trip, even family cars can be a bit of a cramped space for everyone to spend all that time in. Instead, you should get something that keeps everyone comfy. In a family sized RV, there’s a lot more space for the family to relax in their own spots. It also helps to be able to stop wherever you feel like and have all the comforts of a mobile home with you.

Plans for entertainment
We’re not going to start listing off places you should visit. No doubt, you already have plans for your own route and plenty of lively debates on which stops to hit up. Instead, we’re thinking about the entertainment factors you need on the road. Sure, people will need their own space to unwind and relax. However, you also want to make it a family vacation, which means involving the family in some games. I Spy isn’t going to keep anyone too entertained. Instead, think of long term games, like picking up the goofiest souvenirs from stops.

The gear you need
You can’t forget all the stuff you need to pack, as well. Maps, as well as a GPS, for a start. You don’t want to be without automated navigation, but you shouldn’t find yourself lost if your GPS starts to fail. You should always be prepared for the potential of the vehicle breaking down, as well. Have your jumper cables and safety equipment to keep your vehicle safe on the side of the road. Keep a fully charged cell phone switched off as well. Have a directory of mechanics for the areas you plan on visiting so you’re not stranded any longer than you need to be.

Give yourself a real trip to remember
It’s not just about the fun you have in the moment. It’s also about how you save and share the memories of the trip. It might be as simple as taking photos, like we did for our West Virginia drive. It might be collecting physical memories like the souvenirs from the game played with the family. Whatever way you choose to do it, focus on making those memories. Not only does it give you something to take home. It helps you more fully pay attention to the experience as it happens.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Everything You Need to Know about Taxis in Edinburgh

Getting around Edinburgh is easy, thanks to the wide availability of taxis in the city. Whether you need a late-night ride home from Peartree House or are planning an outing to the Museum on the Mound, local taxi drivers can help you connect to your destination. In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about taxis in Edinburgh.

Types of Taxis Available in Edinburgh

As with London, Edinburgh has its own fleet of black cabs. These are spacious vehicles that can comfortably seat up to five passengers. And some of the newer black cabs in Edinburgh can even seat six.

These taxis can be hailed from alongside the street or boarded at any of several taxi ranks around Edinburgh. You’ll find some of the most prominent ranks near North Bridge as well as Haymarket and Waverly stations. There are also ranks at Lauriston Place, Hanover Street, North Street and Andrew Street, to name a few other locations. 

Furthermore, there’s a wide range of private taxi companies in Edinburgh. These consist primarily of minicabs, though you’ll also find firms with MPVs and people carriers available. These are particularly handy because you can call them in advance and forego the need to hail a taxi from the kerb. If you would like to take advantage of the local private taxi service, you’ll need to do some research to locate the appropriate contact information. 

Edinburgh Taxi Fare System

All of the vehicles used in the fleet of Edinburgh taxis are registered and metered. The fares are relatively straightforward. The base fare is £2.10, which covers the first 450 metres of travel. After that, the taxi meter will add an additional 25p for 188 metres of ground covered.

Along those lines, a 2km taxi ride across Edinburgh would work out as follows:
£2.10 for the first 450 metres
£2.06 for the remaining 1,550 metres
Total of £4.16
There are, of course, situations in which the fare will increase. For example, the base fare rises to £3.10 late at night. These fares are in effect for travel within Edinburgh. For service to destinations outside of the city, fixed-rate prices are quoted.

It’s also possible to call ahead of time for taxi service. Metred taxis will add 80p to the base fare in this case. There are also several private taxi companies in Edinburgh that can provide service when required. As always, the trick is knowing who to call when you need assistance.

The meter in your taxi should be prominently displayed. Likewise, a break-down of the fees (including fixed-rate fares for longer journeys) should be posted in the front of the vehicle along with the driver’s ID.

Basic Taxi Etiquette in Edinburgh

Hailing a taxi in Edinburgh is as easy waving or holding your arm up to flag one down. For the taxis on the street, there’s an orange light that is turned on when the vehicle is available. Of course, finding an available taxi can be difficult during peak hours, when there could be more people looking for a cab than there are vehicles to accommodate them.

With that in mind, it’s often easier to simply call and secure your driver ahead of time. In most cases, getting a cab sent directly to where you are is a fast and painless process. All it takes is a quick phone call, and your drive will be on the way.

Cab drivers reserve the right to refuse service under very specific circumstances. For example, some drivers will not allow food or drink in the cab. In other cases, the Marshall stationed at a taxi rank may refuse service to an overly intoxicated person. It should also be noted that, in the event that the passenger becomes ill and makes a mess in the cab, a cleaning fee will be charged.

Private taxis, on the other hand, cannot be hailed on the street. If you would like to arrange a minicab, simply call you preferred service provider, and they will arrange to meet you at your current location. Local taxis operate on a fixed-fare basis, and they’ll quote you a price when you place the call.

Tipping is optional but appreciated. Generally speaking, locals don’t tip for short-haul journeys across the city centre, though they’re likely to round up 50p for longer trips. Tipping is in no way mandatory, but it’s a good way to endear yourself to a driver whose services you would like to avail yourself of again at a later date.

Staying Safe with Taxis in Edinburgh

On the whole, taxis in Edinburgh are very safe. However, news occasionally surfaces of unscrupulous drivers taking advantage of passengers. There are a few steps that passengers can take to ensure that they only deal with above-board taxi drivers in Edinburgh:
  • Only board a vehicle that displays the proper registration and identification; once you’ve boarded, make a note of this information.
  • Insist on only riding in taxis driven by properly licensed drivers
  • When dealing with private taxis and minicabs, only call upon those firms that are listed in a reliable directory such as Thomsonlocal.
  • Avoid walking alone to hail a taxi from the kerb – especially at night.
  • If you know that you will need a taxi ahead of time, do a bit of online research to find a firm that clearly advertises its credentials, contact information and services.
  • When a minicab arrives to pick you up, ask them for the name of the passenger they’re picking up (rather than saying, for example, “Are you here to pick up Ms Jones?”).
  • Don’t hesitate to check the ID of the driver picking you up; they’re professionally (and legally) obligated to display this information and should have no problem presenting it when asked.
On the whole, the transport system in Edinburgh is safe, efficient and affordable. Just remember that it’s best to note down the contact info of a reliable firm so that you have access to it when you need it.


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