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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Memorial Weekend Visit to a Special Vietnam Veteran

From the previous years, we always visit and spend time with my  FIL on memorial weekends but  since he passed we have been looking for things to do to  remember him and other veterans who laid their lives for our freedom.  One of our close friends in  the neighborhood has been battling with health issues lately so we paid him a visit at Weirton Medical Center where he was confined.  Don is a  Vietnam Veteran and  a very caring person.  When we still live in the same street as theirs, he would always do stuff with our kids and I thank them for that.  
It's sad  seeing  Don  in this condition because he used to be very active and always walking around our neighborhood but  since January, he has been plagued with health issues.  The doctor found a tumor and his brand and  some cancerous cells in his lungs.

While inside the hospital and visiting, my kids were amazed by this auto hand washing machine that they have in the hospital.
IO think every hospital should install this  because  it is very useful not only to  their employees but for visitors and patients as well.
My kids have always been close to the Fanchers because  they were like  their grandparents.  We might not related by blood but they are like family to us.  They  seldom  miss my children's activities and functions and we miss them for that now that they can't attend.
They made some cards for him.  I thought it was extra special than  store-bought cards.  

The hospital has a beautiful garden so when we came out, we decided to do  a short stroll before  going to the cemetery and visited my FIL.
There were so many beautiful  flowers in the garden and bees  too!
I am so glad that we got to visit the Fanchers at the hospital.  As of this writing, he   came home from the hospital but will still  received radiation.  I hope and pray that  they will be given strength to  face these  health challenges.

In celebrating Memorial Day, let us not forget those brave warriors who  did their best to preserve our freedom.  My  respect goes to all the  man and women in uniform  who are  doing their job to keep us safe from enemies.  

3 Fun Family Projects for Rainy Days

It’s pretty standard these days for parents to find their time eaten up by chores, work, car pooling their kids between school, enrichment classes and play dates and basically just trying to keep up with the day to day realities of life. Even when you do get some down time, the chances are the kids are absorbed in TV, a computer game or social media, which can make it a challenge to actually do something together as a family.

Be Prepared

Rainy days are the perfect chance to enthrall your captive audience with some fun, rainy day projects you have on standby – ready and waiting to make memories to treasure. You don’t need to be particularly talented as preparation and enthusiasm go a long way – and at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if things go wrong, it’s the shared time that makes this such a valuable exercise.

Project Idea 1 – Card Games

With one regular pack of 52 playing cards, you can teach your kids dozens of different games. You may have some games that you may remember from your own childhood, and if not the instructions for tons of card games can be easily found online. The easiest for beginners are games like Snap, Old Maid, Solitaire, Memory and 21.

Card games are cheap to play, easy to set up, and create a healthy amount of both competition and camaraderie.

Project Idea 2 – Create Your Own Stories

Every family has a collection of stories to tell, and sharing them is a great way to reminisce, remember those we have known, and strengthen the family bond. You can also use real events to create an entirely new story – embellishing or altering the facts as you choose.

Making a campfire is a great idea if you are planning on telling stories out loud, and if you make some s’mores, your kids will definitely remain interested.  However, they can also be produced in writing, or via a comic strip, drama or song – whatever works best for your family.

Project Idea 3 – Design a Special Poster

Making a poster is a good way to produce something long lasting from your rainy day project. The logistics of your poster – such as size, font, and color are one aspect of the activity, but the main focus to start will be content.

There are so many possibilities. You may need to organize a vote to choose what to create, or have everyone make something different. Some ideas for topics include a poster of house rules, a favorite quotation, promoting a family or charity event or, for older children, creating advertising for a company they would like to own.

There are no limits to what you can create, and with a free poster maker there’s no need to be limited by software costs.

Time seems to pass so quickly, making it even more vital that we grab every precious moment of fun, relaxed family time that is on offer. Simple projects strengthen bonds and create great memories – don’t miss out on making yours.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Kayaking with Kids - A Few Simple Tips

Kayaking is a different and exciting sport with lots to offer; not limiting itself to the adrenaline junkies. Water sports, in fact, holds great appeal to families, though when kayaking with kids, there are a few things parents and adults need to bear in mind.

Safety First

An important rule for all water sports participants is that proper safety procedures become vital when children are involved. Life vests or Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs), high visibility, lightweight clothing, and adequate training are all highly important. In the event of an accident, these things will help a child be able to stay afloat, and be easily spotted and aided by one of the adult members of your trip.

It is also a good idea to check in with a friend, relative, or member of the local parks department. Letting someone know your route, and the time you expect to be back, means if you do have a problem, and do not arrive on time, the alarm will be raised, and help will be on the way quickly. Kayaking is a safe and reasonable sport for children to take part in and enjoy, as long as proper safety procedures are in place, and followed. Check your safety equipment in advance to make sure you do not get caught on the day of your trip missing something crucial.


Correctly sized equipment is very important. A child's PFD should fit tightly, and cushion their head, so they cannot be swept out of it by a current and can keep their head above water in the event of an accident.


Choose the area for your trip carefully, and match the course to the children's ages and abilities. For example, a Delaware Water Gap Map will allow you to plan which courses might be suitable, as this area provides excellent conditions for beginner kayakers. It's important that kids feel safe and happy during the trip, and progress to more challenging courses in their own time. Kayaking can be a lifelong interest, so save the Colorado River until the kids are older. If possible, scout any course you do choose the day before, to get a feel for water conditions, and any potential problem areas you might encounter.


Pick your group with care. A kayaking trip should have a good balance of adults and children, in case one child requires more help than expected or needs to go ashore for some reason. Knowing the temperaments and abilities of the kids on your trip is also an advantage. This gives you a chance to be aware of who to keep an eye on, who can manage by themselves for the most part, and who is likely to bite off more than they can chew.


Kayaking can be a great sport to get involved in, and one kids enjoy immensely. With the correct precautions and forward planning, as well as the right equipment, this sport can be great for all the family, keeping people healthy, building team working abilities and giving kids a taste of the great outdoors, along with experiences and memories they will cherish for a lifetime.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Weekend Roadtrip to SugarCreek Ohio

There is something about Sugar Creek Ohio that makes us want to come back  all the time.  We promised that kids that we will take them for a short road trip as soon as  they got done with school.  It  is also a reward for them  for doing so well in school.  They are both straight A's students so they really deserve  some reward from us.  For them it is not about material things but  the bond that we create when we go somewhere and enjoy  things as a family.
 It is always a fun time driving down to Ohio .  Seeing the farm area is very relaxing.  We don't get to see  it  as often as we would like but we take  every chance we get to  see it.
 The kids get to see the the brick factory on the way, the furniture  factory and all other cool stuff that our city of Weirton don't have.
 Sugarcreek is the little Switzerland  of Ohio so it is a  unique place to visit.
 I was excited to see the schedule of the Annual Fabulous 50s Fling, it is on my birthday, yay!
 For some reason, we always miss the  exit going to Sugarcreek  and we have to turn  around and find it lol.  Even with GPS, we  still get lost!  That's the story of our lives, our sense of direction is  not the best.
For the most part though, we  enjoy being lost because we get to enjoy seeing new things that otherwise we won't be able to see if we   get to the destination right away.
There is  a big cuckoo clock  as the land,mark  in Sugarcreek and there's always people there.
We saw a some vehicle there with a Florida license plate so we were not the only ones who are from  another place.
My kids always love seeing the horse carriage  that the Amish people are using as their main  transportation.
Just walking around the town is fun because they have so many neat stuff.  Some of the  buildings are very ornate.
I also love the colorful exterior details of  some houses.
I love houses with this type of  design, wrap around porches and a colonial type of veranda.  But I think that this house is the business center of Sugarcreek.  We haven't gone inside it but maybe next time we will be able to go inside.
There is a  store with so many pretty things inside.  They have some beautiful quilts too.
That big frog never ceased  to amuse my son everytime we go there lol.
Even this rusty chair adds a charm to this house.
There are so much things to see in Sugarcreek.
Little by little, we will explore them as we go back there from time to time.
Here's a short video of my kiddos while having fun on the road.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Discovering Waikato for the First Time #NewZealand

Waikato is a beautiful area, where one can take a campervan hire in New Zealand and explore all the amazing places to see. Whether you visit in the spring, summer, winter, or fall, you can rest assured that Waikato is delightful any time of the year.
For those who are discovering Waikato for the first time, there are several things that you will not want to miss out on. To ensure that you have the best time possible while visiting Waikato, read on:
       Waitomo Caves-How about exploring the underground world of the Waitomo caves, where not only will you be amazed by the incredible designs, but you will also be captivated by the glow worms that light them up. It is truly an interesting place to visit, and one that you won’t want to miss out on seeing while in Waikato.
       Hamilton Gardens-Are you looking for a romantic place to spend the afternoon? Hamilton Gardens is a gorgeous garden that you can visit for free. You will be able to appreciate the different themed gardens they have there, from the Italian Renaissance to the Chinese Scholars garden. A lovely experience for those who appreciate greenery and flowers.
       Bridal Veil Falls-Located in the Waikato region, the Bridal Veil Falls are romantic and inviting, where you can take plenty of pictures from above or admire them from below.
       Raglan-The abovementioned falls are on the way to this seaside town that is a must-visit, especially for surfers. With big waves and plenty of beaches, it is the ideal destination for anyone who wants to catch a good break. With the only seaside resort in the area, make sure to book in advance if you want to skip the campervan for a night.
       Hobbiton Movie Set-If you are a movie nerd, you may love the idea of visiting the movie set where parts of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies were filmed. It’s a charming place to visit as you imagine the presence of little hobbits walking around. It looks just as beautiful as it does in the movie, so rest assured that you won’t be disappointed.
       Maungatautari-If what you are looking for is some time in the wild, a visit to the Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari forest will be a rewarding one. There you can hike up to Pukeatua Peak or visit the wetlands where you can observe the Tuatara and Takehe enjoying their natural habitat.
       Cambridge-For a real countryside experience, drive your campervan on over to Cambridge, where you can see plenty of horses, green pastures, and also go kayaking or rowing on Lake Karapiro. After enjoying the scenery and outdoors during the day, you can go and enjoy a great meal at one of the local restaurants or visit a weekend market in the centre.
Waikato has a unique atmosphere and landscape in New Zealand, yet maintains the charm and beauty that the country is known for. It’s easy to drive around in a campervan here, making it an ideal destination for your New Zealand road trip.


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