Monday, January 23, 2017

How to Express Personality in a Bedroom

There is no better place in the home to express your personality than your bedroom. It is the one place in the house that is often off-limits to visitors, so you can be as creative as you like when it comes to an interior style. 

The Bedroom Theme

Have you always loved the 1920s? Do you adore the bold colors of the 1960s? Are you a fan of country living? If so, use the theme to create your dream bedroom design, because you can be as brave and inventive as you like. For example, if you love 1920s style, consider installing a beautiful chandelier, which can be complemented by an armoire, art deco dressing table and a waterfall dresser. Click here for bedroom inspiration.

Cosy Bedding

Once you have your theme set, it is time to think about your bedding. Opt for bed linens that work in harmony with your interior design, whilst also selecting a comfortable, elegant style that will make a bed more inviting after a busy day at work or within the home. Cotton bedding is a great choice for a bedroom, because it is soft and hardwearing, so it will not lose its softness or color wash after wash.
Add Your Prized Possessions

Show off your achievements, passions and personality through your decorative accessories. Create a homely atmosphere by featuring photo frames, candles and trophies. You could add your childhood teddy bear onto your bed, or can showcase an instrument in your bedroom. The best way to add a touch of personality to a bedroom is to highlight the items and interests that are close to your heart.
A Stunning Scent

Scents are personal to an individual. So, the room’s interior goes beyond your choice of wallpaper or bedding. You should therefore create an alluring scent that complements your taste, whilst ensuring a room smells fresh and fragrant. You can achieve a beautiful smelling bedroom through different candle scents, incense sticks or a home air freshener.

Use Your Spaces

Do you love nothing more than reading a good book in your bedroom? Why not create a cosy little nook for a comfortable reading area? For example, you can fill an alcove with cushions and pillows, so you have an enjoyable place to read your favourite novel. You could even incorporate a bookcase that features your favourite works of fiction, which will offer an insight into your literary taste.
If you love to dress up and put on makeup, consider incorporating an elegant dressing table, which will show any guests that you take pride in both your appearance and your bedroom. Are you a lover of all things fashion? Instead of adding a traditional wardrobe, why not opt for a more modern rolling rack, which allows you to put your favourite items on display within your bedroom. You can could even use your decorative dresser knobs to hang your favourite jewellery items, which complements your interior whilst offering a great storage option.

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