Monday, August 29, 2011


I was given an opportunity to receive another free costume for my kids in return of an honest review of the costume. This time it's for my son and I chose the wolverine costume for him.  He was so happy when I got the package and immediately  tried it on.

As with our daughter's costume, the fit was good and my son said that it was very comfortable. is the place to go for all your costume needs.  They offer a huge assortment of quality costumes for just about any occasion, even when it means saving the world from a super villain.
From their exciting boys superhero costumes to their dazzling princess costumes, the smile on the kid's face says it all.  They also have a large selection of adult costumes that will surely make the bigger kids a hit at any party. What separates them, from other online stores, is that they offer wholesale prices, so if your shopping list includes multiple costumes, you can save big bucks.
Wolverine Origins Costume displayed proudly by my son.  He is so proud and excited that it makes me wish that I could be a kid again, running through the house, keeping the world safe from evil.  I'm very grateful that my kids have the opportunity to enjoy this kind of thing.  My siblings and I never experienced this type of fun while growing up abroad hehehe.
So for this year's Halloween, our Burritos will be wearing a supergirl and  wolverine costume.  Our daughter  asked us if we  could  wear a costume too during  Halloween.  I didn't really give it much thought at first but since the kids asked, I may order a costume as well.  There is still plenty of time to figure out what I'll be for Halloween.  

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Backyard Fun

We  spent our afternoon at our yard a couple of days ago.  The wind was cool and the kids  just want to hang out  and play.  
My kids definitely love outdoors.  It's a bummer that in few more weeks, the cold weather will be here again.

Even Champ love it so much that he did not attempt to run away.
The cool wind was making me sleepy so I tried to catch a small zzzs but  Ms. Burrito climbed  and  laid in my tummy lol.
My Burritos love each other but most of the times they love to tease each other.  The photos below rarely happens hahaha.  These were take  beside our neighbor's house.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Returned Gift - Nostalgia # 67

My entry  this week is not  old but  a brand new thing to share but of course it has something to do with my experiences in the past hehehe.

I would like to quote what Ate Imriz have said in her comment for last week's nostalgia. "you'll meet more friends but i tell u, most of them were JUST MERE ACQUAINTANCES" if ever u find true one, HOLD ON TIGHTLY. :)

So what my entry this week has to do with that?  Ate Imriz  is right,  sometimes we think that  the people we thought  our "friends" are just merely acquaintances.  Before we went for a vacation, I sent someone  a virtual gift card for  birthday but for some unavoidable circumstances, (we went to a uniform place to pick up our daughter's uniform that day), we were not able to  attend the party and  the said gift was sent back to me.  I did not even know that the person sent it back because I did not recognize the  email address and that there isn't any note to it.  Anyhow, when I received the email, I thought that the store where I ordered the gift card  just sent me a copy,  but when I saw the gift code and pin number , I knew then that the email  wasn't from the store.

I really don't want to say anything about it because  I am not the type of person that would rant  NEGA stuff  over here but enough is enough.   I have read so many crap  already and  making us the bad guys  is the thing I can't accept as we did not do anything  bad except missed to attend the  gathering.  I did not know that not attending a party is a crime that could cause  some people to be mad at you.

Do you  get upset when you invite someone and they don't show up? I'd be disappointed but would totally  understand  because I know that no matter their reasons are, it's their call not yours and you have to understand that.  That is friendship is all about.     So sorry guys but I have to let  this one out from my chest. I considered them friends but if they can't understand that my family's needs  is my  priority,  then so be it.  I wouldn't force anyone to like me in anyway.  I am who I am, and if you can't accept that, it's your problem not mine.

On the bright side of it, I got a new digital album. I picked it up today at the store.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ferryboat Ride

There are two ways to go to Magic Kingdom, either by Monorail or by Ferryboat. We rode the monorail most of the times but we also tried the Ferryboat twice.
It was very relaxing  because you get to see beautiful  views.
he kids loved it and so are we.  It was just so unfortunate that there are two unruly kids  that kept screaming and cussing.  I think the kids were only 6 or 7 years old.  The Mom had a wooden spoon with her but  she couldn't do anything about her kids.  I fe3lt so terrible when one of the kids told her Mom "You disgust me!"  It was like a sharp knife to me.
I am so thankful that both my kids and my friends daughter are very disciplined.  They did not have any problems at all.  I just did not want them to hear those harsh words that's coming form the kid's filthy mouth.
Other than dealing with those  misbehaved kids, our  Ferryboat ride was  fun.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friend for Keeps - Nostalgia # 66

PhotobucketThree years ago, I visited a blog that was being featured at Social Spark. The advertiser picked her entry as one of the  best for the posts that were submitted. I got curious so I went to her blog.  The blog was very dark in color but I  love the content.  I can feel the sincerity of the author while I was reading her posts.  That was the start of our "getting to know each other" online.  I am glad that she did not  got mad when I asked her if she would consider changing the color of her blog.

What I like about this  sweet lady is that, she would tell you things from her heart.  A true friend can tell you  everything, even if it could hurt your feelings because that is what  real friendship is all about.  I found that from her, she is a sincere and very down-to-earth person.  So without further ado, here is the lovely  lady from Texas.
Funny Pictures
Advance happy birthday to you sis, may all your wishes come true.  I am thrilled to have met you  online and  in person.  You are the kind of  friend for keeps because through thick and thin, you are there.
Funny Pictures

Epcot's Spaceship Earth

We bought four-day passes for Disney World attraction. On our last day, we went to magic kingdom so the kids can ride their favorite rides then we proceeded to Epcot. I think of all the them park of Disney World this was my favorite although we did not have much time to explore it.  
According to the info I found, Epcot is twice the size of Magic Kingdom.  It showcase future world full of sensational attractions like the very first one we tried, the Spaceship Earth.  It is the them park's icon that look like a giant golf ball rising high above the horizon.
The line on this particular  attraction was very long but we managed to get in, patience is the key although the kids don't have much of it hahaha.
Flash photography wasn't allowed inside so the pics I took were dark.  You ride  into this space-like cubicle and it took you to different eras.  At the end of the tour, you are given a chance to build your own world and you design it the way you want your world to look like, it was pretty neat.
If only we have  much time, we could have enjoyed more but we left earlier as we have to  get up  at 2 in the morning to ctach our flight and we did not want the kids to be miserable of not having  enough rest.
We only did three attractions  at Epcot but it was so much fun and educational.  I'll post some more pics next time.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spectacular Journey into the Movies

One of the neat things we explored in Hollywood Studio is the spectacular journey into the movies. We took a ride and the tour guide showed us some  beautiful  parts of different movies.
Our princesses awaiting for some magical moments to happen hehehe.
Not sure if you can recognize some of these.
Mary Poppins, remember that?  I'll post some more next time.
We should have   went to Disney Junior coz it's more for kids.  There are so many things we did not see in Disney due to time constraints.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

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