Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Greatest Things In LIfe

Another design that I got from Katazoom is this Family quote that I also love.  I was planning to  put these all together at the bottom of the Personalized Family Name wall decal that I put in the mirror located at our hallway.  Since I have our Family name up top, I decided to  removed the  word Family and use it  somewhere else.
My two  eager Burritos had fun  doing it with me.  They even compete to who will do  which part.  It is hard sometimes but they  know how to compromise and  work together so it's all good.
I asked my son about our  newly decorated mirror and he said "It's pretty and I like it, but how am I going to  see my face in there?"  I laughed because at a very  age of six (turning 7 in a couple of weeks), he is so concerned of how he looks like lol.  Anyway, here is the whole new look of our  new mirror or should I say, Family Decorated Mirror.

FAMILY... The Greatest things in Life aren't Things..
This wall decal cost $19.99 so if you like it, you can order it HERE.  Believe me, it's a fun and easy thing to apply in your wall and add that little spark.

Disclaimer:  The author of this blog did  NOT received monetary compensation.  The product  described above was provided for FREE.  Opinion are not influenced in any way.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Fun-Cam Moment with my Daughter

Just some fun-cam moment  with my daughter before we went to church last Sunday.  The men at home are not camera friendly these days so it is just me and daughter that is always having fun in front of the camera.  Oh well, I think when they look at our albums, they will ask themselves, "Where were we in all those times?" lol.
 Wow, two more weeks and 2013 will be a history.  What fun times did you and your family  do this year?  Ours included  the Texas Trip visiting  our friends in San Antonio and exploring  their  city and Corpus Cristi.  We also did  some road trips to Ohio and  West Virginia.  Hopefully, next year will be as fun as this year, God-willing.


Hubby and I  make  it a point to  motivate our children to do good in all their endeavors because we want them to have a good life in the future.  We sometime asks them what they want to do when they  grow up.  Our daughter  would love to  be a scientist  or an artist and our son's answer would always be a musician.  He said that if he can't be a  rock star that he would  love to be a DJ.  Hmnnn, he might love the  american dj uvled bar16 if he become one.  Here's a shot of our little performers at home.  Our bed  became their  official stage lol.

Fort Steuben Bridge

We went to the bank  today and withdrew some cash.  I sent it to my family back home for Christmas.   While we were  at the bank, I saw some  of the postcards that they have about West Virginia and saw   one of the post cards about the Fort Steuben  Bridge.  It reminds me of the same shot I took  a couple of months ago.

The image below was also taken   at the same date of that at the top somewhere in Steubenville, Ohio when the trees  still has leaves in them.

Anyway, after sending the money via Western Union in Krogers, we went to Fort Steuben Mall for some  shopping.  Hubby and I  made use of the moment like  it  was some sort of a special date as the kids were not with us.  We  had  a snack at Quiznos, both of us  have never tried their sandwiches yet but it was good.  Better than Subway from my opinion.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Filipino Martyrs Celebration #The Kids

Our daughter   and other members of the SJS Choir sang during the  Filipino Martyrs Celebration p program.   They sang a song that our parish priest  love and was very fitting  for the occasion.

After they  sing, they got to mingle and play with each other .  Here are some  fun shots I took of the kids and our  friend's  kids.

That was a night to remember, full of fun, and young and adults  had a blast.  Need I say more?

Filipino Martyrs Celebration # Foods

There were so many attendees during the Filipino Martyrs Celebration that a lot of people were standing.  Gladly a friend   reserved us a table when we were still at the church attending the mass.

Lots of Filipino foods were served.  I  only bought some pandesal for our share.  A friend of mine bakes them and I just ordered it from her since I did not time to prepare anything.

There were many guests but still a lot of  foods were  uneaten after the party.  I think the committee went overboard with the food which isn't bad as it is  good to have left over.  A friend of mine even gave me  some when they came home.  We  went home  early that night so  we did not really know  how it ended.

Gorgeous Engagement Rings

It seems that right around Christmas and New Year, a lot of lovers out there gets engage. Did you notice that? I think that they wait for this special holiday to pop the question as it is more memorable. Speaking of getting engaged, I just some gorgeous engagement rings online and my oh my, they are stunning.  Diamond rings for engagement  are just precious!  I know I almost  passed out when I thought that I have lost the  ring that my husband gave me before.  So now it is  in the safe place.  I would not    risk  losing it as  it's one of my most favorite piece of all the  jewelry he gave  me.

Filipino Martyrs Celebration #Traditional Dances

There were several Filipino traditional dances that were performed during the Filipino Martyrs celebration here in Weirton. A group of Filipino community in Pittsburgh and West Virginia has a group where they  perform  Filipino traditional  folk dances.  
If it's not far from  where we live, I would like my daughter to participate in it as she is interested but it is just a hassle to go to the practice every weekend as it's far.  Weekend is family time for us and if we will be spending it for the practice, we won't have time for us.

Oath Taking Ceremony for Citizenship

I had my   citizenship interview l on the second  week  of November, passed it, and  I was told by the officer who interviewed me that  I will get the notification by mail to when will be  the Oath taking ceremony.  He said that the tentative is December 20th but  up to this moment, I haven't gotten the letter yet.  I am getting a little worried.  Will I  be worried and get me an  abogado de inmigracion?  No, I will give it  a little time since they have 120 days to decide  whether to grant me the citizenship status or not, I hope that they do because  I passed everything that I needed to pass.

Holiday Parade Float In Town

We went for a drive last weekend to see a piece of property we saw online.  As we were going out of town, the traffic was very slow and my husband was getting frustrated.

Then we saw  that  there is one vehicle  that is  pulling a holiday parade  float.

Hubby asked "Why do you keep taking pictures?"   I just told  him that I might get  a unique or special  one out of it and voila, I saw these shadows.

Hubby asked again when I finally stopped clicking "Did you find one?"  I said "Oh YES!"
Shadow Shots

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Kids Designed our LEGO Minifigure Family

Time flies doesn't it?  I wasn't able to order customized card this year.  For some reason, that slipped  by my  schedule and now it's too late.  I think, I will just buy me some regular cards to sent out to family and friends.

Anyway, when my kids came home from school today, I was working on a post to be published on my blog.  They saw me designing the LEGO Minifigure  Family  via website and  and they asked if they can do it so I let them.   I took a picture of them  doing the LEGO, look how  eager they are designing it lol.
Below is the LEGO Minifigure Family they made.  They included   my father-in-law and our two dogs.  They wanted to add their rabbits but there is no option for it.  I asked them why the  scenery is in North Pole and their answer  was "So we  are nearby Santa Claus", I laughed.  

My kids had so much designing the LEGO Minifigure Family.  It took them  for about thirty minutes  because both of them have different ideas .  I just wish that LEGO have added an option where you can actually print what you design.  I think that it  would be a great Holiday card to sent out to.

It's been..

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