Monday, February 28, 2011

Decorating Cookies

Our camera activities for the last couple of weeks was very limited because we all got sick.  In fact I don't have any picture with my burritos so I am posting this  old one when we were decorating cookies.  
Ms. Burrito got  over with  with her ear infection although she is still coughing once in a while.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand got fevered again last night so we did not sleep very well because of it.  My husband took him for a walk yesterday and I guess that was the reason but I am not sure.  I am still praying for their  total recovery so  we could all sleep at night and they would go back  to being active again and  get their appetite back.  Whew, it's hard when your kids get sick.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ear Infection

 Our weekend got  a sudden twist.  We brought Ms. Burrito to the  doctor again because she was complaining of an ear ache.  I can tell that she  was pretty tore up because she was crying a lot.  This is the very first time that she have an ear infection.  She never cried when she gets sick but this one just crushed her.  There's only one doctor provider during the weekend so we have waited  for a long time and during those time that we were waiting, she was miserable.

Then we finally got to see the nurse, she took her vitals, then  brought us in a room.  Of course we have to wait again.  We were comforting her through hugs and even tried to read book on her but still, she was in agony.  I started  massaging her back and she fell asleep.  When the doctor arrived she was sleeping already.  I felt so bad for my Burrito, I hate to see them suffer.

Anyhow, here are some  photos I took to pass the time while we were  in the waiting area.
Mr. Burrito would sit still, he explores every  corner of the room.
I took some shots of the fish in the  fish tank in the  waiting area.
Have a great week ahead everyone!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Steps Visit

We brought our burritos to their doctor last  Tuesday because of their flu.  As usual the doctor isn't the one who looked at them but  a PA.  I hate to say this but we are no longer happy  of their services.  When you singed in, you will wait  to up to 30 minutes before your name gets called.  Then a nurse will check you, then wait again in a room, then a  PA student will  do the same, ask the same, and left then you have to wait again for the health provider.  Then the PA assistant will come, do the same and ask the same questions.  
The only consolation is that while waiting, I have time to take pictures of the kids to pass the time as they get bored so quickly.
We are now looking for another provider.  Maybe we could find  someone that actually care for their patients.  You know what I mean?  The only time we get to see the doctor was during our first visit and that was it.
Do you know what their diagnose is?  None, they just  gave the kids each a dose of motrin and that was it.  I am sure that the bill for the motrin will cost so much.    Our kids still coughs till now.
I hate to rant as I want my blog to have a positive   recording of our  activities but cases like this gets into my freaking nerves.  Oh well, it was our choice to  pick them and now we know we made a mistake and we are correcting it.  We will soon bid bye bye to this establishment.
Hugging each other while waiting for someone to see them.  Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lessons at Home

Below are some photos I snapped during our lesson session at home.  Ms. Burrito  is addicted to learning  stuff, she never want her mind gets idle even if she is sick.  I told her to  lay down in bed  and rest but she said that she's bored just laying there.  Even when she is watching TV, she has to do some crafts while watching.
I am glad that I bought these books for both of my Burritos because it gives us something fun to do aside from playing their toys.
Ms. Burrito is using the first grader book while Mr. Burrito is pre-school book.
The little young man still haven't focus in learning stuff yet, for him playing is much better to do.  But I think through his Ate's motivation, he will be on it in  his own time.
Hope you guys are warm in your side of the world as it is  freezing cold over here again.  We accumulated at least 9 inches of snow since yesterday.

Lost in Paradise

When we visited  one of my father-in-law's sister down in Morgantown West Virginia, we got lost along the way but luckily, we ended up in  a barn that is owned by two sisters.  They have so many  animals there including dogs, ducks, chicken, goats, and who knows what they got that we did not see.  Anyhow, the  women who owned the barn were very nice to even invited us to stop by and  have the kids ride one of their horses.  The kids had so much fun that they want to go back there sometimes.   My husband and I both have a bad sense  in direction so we  usually get lost especially when we did not have  a GPS yet.  But mind you, sometimes being lost is a good thing.  Look at the the smiles of those little burritos.  It is like being lost in paradise.

Sky Watch at the Cemetery

I took this shot when we visited my MIL's grave  on her birth-date two weeks ago.   My husband was smiling when I  clicked the camera because even at the cemetery I was taking photos lol.  But beautiful sight like this  is irresistible. I was hoping that a white lady or something will show up in the photo errrr.  I am just kidding folks lol.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sisterhood - Nostalgia # 41

Good morning everyone, howdy?  I am forcing myself to function today as I have  some tasks to write and I have to fetch my daughter to school later on.  After I took a shot of nyquail last night, I was knocked out.  Tat was the earliest time I went to bed (10 pm).  Ms. Burrito  is still coughing a little bit but  she doesn't have a fever anymore.  I told her to just rest for today but she wanted to go to school.  Pardon me folks if I wasn't around  lately in your blogs, I just don't have the power to really bloghop although I am trying.  

PhotobucketMy Nostalgia for today is about my sister Yheng (she 's with a cap on).  Before my ranting, let me  first greet her a happy birthday hehehe.  She will be celebrating her birthday in a couple of days.

 I sent her to college  so that she could find a job when she graduate but after two years she told me that she wanted to quit as she wants to get a job.  I told her that she should finish her  college first but she said that she honesty don't think that  school is for her.  So I let her go because if a person does not want to help  themselves there's nothing you can do right?  At least she was honest enough to tell me.  I was disappointed of course.  

Anyhow, she went to Manila to find a job, stayed at my sister's and was jobless for about a year.  Then she got hired as a tutor of a well-to-do family but after 6 months, she wrote my mother to send her some money because she wanted to go home.  I was like "Whaaaaaat?"  Then I have learned that she got knocked up by jobless bum.  Imagine how I feel that time.  She's pregnant, no husband, no job and  she is going home to our home.  I was furious but  again nothing I can do as my Mom told me "she's a family".  My concern is the additional mouth that Mama has to feed which means that I have to send her extra for it, whew.

I am sorry folks for unloading it here, I just can't help thinking about the wrong decisions that she made.  When she gave birth she asked me if we could help her to go to school again, this time I said NO!  I am unemployed and just earning a little online and I can't afford to send three siblings in school all together.  Besides I gave her a chance before and she blew it.  When we went to visit my family two years ago, I told her to concentrate on raising her kids before thinking of her own happiness as she isn't single anymore.  Next thing I know, she got pregnant again and living in with a younger  man with no permanent job.. sigh.
The photo above was taken at the apartment that I was renting when I was still in the Philippines.  They were still very young then, fast forward for six years, two has babies already and the younger  two are still in school but they have grown.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chuck Meet Ms. Burrito

Ms. Burrito's happy face when she met Chuck for the first time.   We will be seeing you soon Chuck...  The kids really want to go there that is why I told them that Tita Shy invited us for Jake's birthday next month, they go  excited!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Doctors at Home

With the couple occasions tat we've celebrated, I have been out of the picture.  I always forgot to ask hubs to take pictures of me with the kids.  These are the  only recent ones I have.  Introducing  doctors  at our home hehehe. 
I have a migraine  on this day so Ms. Burrito was trying to give me a head massage and Mr. Burrito being sweet as he is  was showering me with kisses.
Do you see my bulging tummy?  Wahhh, I have been neglecting to exercise  and this is  getting outta hand lol.  I gotta get back to working out again.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Sunday, February 20, 2011


 These two burritos were magnetized  together when the loving old man popped out this old magnet that he found in his garage.  Mr. Burrito immediately asked if he could play with it and Pap told him that he could bring it home.  
It's amazing how simple things like this can make children very happy.  Thanks Dad!

Laughter is the Best Gift

We celebrated Mr. K's birthday with my loving FIL. It was a very simple one but memorable with the presence of our beloved Dad.
The kids were very happy that Dad came over.   Earlier that day, Dad locked his car keys inside the house so Mr. K had to go there and climbed in his window to get the key.  I am glad that we live nearby.
I cooked some food  for us to eat.  I was going to bake a lasagna but since Dad  love  the Filipino style spaghetti, I cooked the latter.  Thanks a lot Dad for coming over.
Isn't those laughter the best gift there is? Thanks for visiting everyone.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Birthday Gifts to Mr. K.

First of all, I would like to thank all of you guys who left birthday messages for my husband.  It made his day even wonderful reading your thoughts and wishes.  Below are the gifts I bought for him at CSN.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sean from CSN for  giving me a chance to work for their company.
A rifle case for the  hunting gun that he bought earlier.  He is planning to go hunting next season with a friend that is why he is gearing up.
Another item I bought at CSN is the pair of hunting boots which my son adores.
He said that he is big enough to hunt too so he tried his dad's boots lol.
Alrighty folks, thanks a lot for coming by and for leaving your thoughts.  Have a great weekend!

NOT a sponsored post.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Our Valentine's 2011

Good morning everyone, would like to update this post I made last night. I forgot to post this card that Ms. Burrito made for me. Thanks Anak, I love you!
I had severe migraine on Valentine's day, so there was nothing fancy, but of course it is still very special for us with our burritos. Hubby had classes that day, when he came home, he brought me two pots of cyclamen plants and a sweet card, thanks a bunch hon!
After taking   pills after  pills, I got a little better so  we went and visited my FIL.  The kids were surprised as Pap got them  treats for Valentine's day (will post it in my spice up blog).  They also had  cupcakes from Daddy and candies from Jen and Shelby.
Love the  personal note that Mr. K wrote  on the card (you may read it on my nostalgia entry).  Love you bunches Hon!
Thanks a lot folks for dropping by.  I have to go to bed now as I am totally exhausted from cooking, baby sitting, doing laundry, cleaning, wahhh.  I'll just  write my tasks tomorrow. 

It's been..

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