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Sisterhood - Nostalgia # 41

Good morning everyone, howdy?  I am forcing myself to function today as I have  some tasks to write and I have to fetch my daughter to school later on.  After I took a shot of nyquail last night, I was knocked out.  Tat was the earliest time I went to bed (10 pm).  Ms. Burrito  is still coughing a little bit but  she doesn't have a fever anymore.  I told her to just rest for today but she wanted to go to school.  Pardon me folks if I wasn't around  lately in your blogs, I just don't have the power to really bloghop although I am trying.  

PhotobucketMy Nostalgia for today is about my sister Yheng (she 's with a cap on).  Before my ranting, let me  first greet her a happy birthday hehehe.  She will be celebrating her birthday in a couple of days.

 I sent her to college  so that she could find a job when she graduate but after two years she told me that she wanted to quit as she wants to get a job.  I told her that she should finish her  college first but she said that she honesty don't think that  school is for her.  So I let her go because if a person does not want to help  themselves there's nothing you can do right?  At least she was honest enough to tell me.  I was disappointed of course.  

Anyhow, she went to Manila to find a job, stayed at my sister's and was jobless for about a year.  Then she got hired as a tutor of a well-to-do family but after 6 months, she wrote my mother to send her some money because she wanted to go home.  I was like "Whaaaaaat?"  Then I have learned that she got knocked up by jobless bum.  Imagine how I feel that time.  She's pregnant, no husband, no job and  she is going home to our home.  I was furious but  again nothing I can do as my Mom told me "she's a family".  My concern is the additional mouth that Mama has to feed which means that I have to send her extra for it, whew.

I am sorry folks for unloading it here, I just can't help thinking about the wrong decisions that she made.  When she gave birth she asked me if we could help her to go to school again, this time I said NO!  I am unemployed and just earning a little online and I can't afford to send three siblings in school all together.  Besides I gave her a chance before and she blew it.  When we went to visit my family two years ago, I told her to concentrate on raising her kids before thinking of her own happiness as she isn't single anymore.  Next thing I know, she got pregnant again and living in with a younger  man with no permanent job.. sigh.
The photo above was taken at the apartment that I was renting when I was still in the Philippines.  They were still very young then, fast forward for six years, two has babies already and the younger  two are still in school but they have grown.

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Paula said...

hi rose, first time to join. hehe mahirap talaga ma-inlove buti na nga lang swerte ako jan. haha

Unknown said...

oh, wow,what can i say. too many mistakes...lessons should be learned. i commend u for ur tough decision on her. she's a family, but she has to mature a bit so as to know her priorities and earn some sense.

ikaw ba ang ate sa inyo, rose?

hope ryelie is ok, pati d2 uso ang ubo, my youngest, too has dry coughs.

Verna Luga said...

sorry Rose naa diay diri.. wahhhh..

pero di murin matiis di ba? yan ang sinasabing minsan sa buhay natin .. nakakagawa tayo ng maling decisyon pero minsan mamimiss natin yung oppprtunidad dahil sa maling decisyon .. hehehe..

anne said...

Life is like that, sometimes we just cant choose the right thing and for what reasons we don't know. I saluted you for being a sister for her, but what you did was right so for her to learned her own mistakes.

Sunshinelene said...

i can really feel your frustration sis. but afterall they are still our family. and they will never understand you until they make the mistake you don't want them to make.

Hope you are feeling better now.

Have a nice weekend ahead!


Lainy said...

As the cliche goes: Life is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice. She made her own choices and blew up her chances, so she is now suffering the consequences. Ang masakit lang neto kasi nga kadugo mo. Siempre gusto natin na mapabuti sila. hahay, Kakalungkot talaga pag kaw na nga etong gumagawa ng paraan para makatulong pero sila mismo walang ginagawa para matulungan ang sarili nila. Imbes makatulong, nakakabigat pa. Sadyang ganyan ata ang buhay.

I hope you are feeling a lot better now.



Lina Gustina said...

I believe that every one has their own path of life. Life is full of choices; and every decision we made will lead us to different future.
You've done the best that you can do to your sister,'s more than enough :)

Hope you all will get well soon!

Rossel said...

i am sorry about that, tokaya. well, we do not always walk through straight paths even how much we wanted to and sometimes bad things happen along the way.

I can relate because I am also the eldest and the absorber of all the problems in our family. I admire you and salute you, Tokaya for being tough.

may the Lord guide your sister to the right path. God bless you all.

Our Deepest Sympathy

Gen said...

Hmm kaya sabi nila i am only human that can make a mistake... mine is up also..

mine is here

nuts said...

i can feel your sentiments sis. you're right.. you already gave a chance. but at least na realize nila ano gusto mo sabihin. hay pamilya talaga, kahit ano pa mangyari, ikaw pa rin aalalay.

EJ said...

Hey Mrs. Wide Feet, since you love the "card" so much, I have posted it for you. ILY!

Unknown said...

Ganyan talaga ang buhay bading, hindi mo hawak kapalaran ng mga kapatid mo. They a mind of their own. They even don't care kung anong hirap naranasan ng mo as their older sister to get to where you are right now.

hehehe natawa naman ako dito Mrs. wide feet LOL kalurky

Dhemz said...

hahaha...wide feet!

korek si mama mo sis "she's a family" no matter what...ganyan talaga ang mga magulang.

agree ako kay tsang...d mo talaga mapilit...buti tong dalawa masipag mag skul...ang liliit pa nila dito ano...yung dalawang youngest matangkad pa sau...ehehehe...nice naman nang apt mo sis...I like it...:)

sensya po at nahuli ako...busy kasi eh...hope magaling kana jan..mwah!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Yan ang tawag sakin ni Mr. K lol..

Lynn said...

Nakakadismaya nga naman. Sana lang natuto na siya now. :)

Ingatz sis.

Lulu said...

kakadismaya pero anung magawa ng ulirang kapatid na katulad natin hehehe

Shengkay said...

hi Mrs Wide feet! hehehe..
No entry for MM pa..maybe later same with Nostalgia.

Hay..princess is is a matter of choice..

I am single mom becuase I choose it out of love...of course there are times i feel stupid..pero seeing my rainbow?..ha..okey lang maging stupid..but of course before i decide na gusto kong maging mommy I see to it na nobody will suffer..what I mean is i am financially capable of raising my baby if the father will not support my baby..hindi nga! and I am proud of myself becuase I manage to support my little sister kiana and my daughter without the help of anybody.

..we should always be responsible with our action, right?..and planned it.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Iba naman ang case mo Sheng kasi ikaw prepared ka for the consequences, my sis never though that way. The good thing is that she realized her bad decisions now, the bad thing is, it is too late to straighten it out..

Cacai M. said...

I can relate talaga manang Rose.. my mother's family is like yours. Buti nlng at may kapatid sila na katulad sa 'yo. We are not close and I only saw them after how many years I graduated college, my mother did not made an effort but me to see them. I got what I wanted and even gave some but not to the extent of helping them all. I advised and trying to help the eldest so she can also help her other five siblings but she just think of her own benefit, got pregnant before she graduates. Yes, she graduates but then got married. And the others, got messed up by her. Ah! Now, my mother got help and asked if I can help, I gave something and this would be until April, which is my obstacle now. Though I can tell myself, it's okay, I have to help her but they also have to help themselves then have to go on my life. At least it's not hard on my conscience, I already made and effort. So then, still happy FFI!

Here's Nostalgia: Danielle

God bless and kaya natin to! :)

Chubskulit Rose said...

You're absolutely right Cacai, offering as much as we could is the only thing we can, it is up to them to reach the top but if they fail, there's nothing we can do..

Star-chuu said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sister. The important is she learn from her mistakes. And she had made that decision so dapat ang isipin nya ay ang magiging future nang kanyang mga anak. She can't waive her obligation to you. Kaya dapat she will act and find ways to feed her kids by her labor. Maybe you can help her, in other matters, too. Have a blessed day mommy rose!!

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