Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nostalgia # 20 - Friendly Cat

Hello everyone, I can't believe that we  reached 20 posts already for our Nostalgia.  Hooray for us hehehe.  My entry for this week is about the cat we named  Wapus (we don't know his name).  My FIL's neighbor ows this big and very friendly cat. When we were still living at my FIL's house, he used to come at our front porch and enjoyed being pet.

When we came back from Korea, we hardly seen him around.  Dad said that the owner contained him inside as he got sick once and they did not want him wandering around.  One night, wen we were leaving from my FIL's home, we saw him looking at us at their backyard.  I took a picture of him and he looked so sad.

Below were taken when Rylie was about two to three  months old.  Wapus used to come over and rub his tail on Rylie.  One day, I let Rylie rode on him and he did not object hehehe.  Most cats would hiss on you if you dare touch them especially if they don't know you.
On the morning that we were leaving going to Korea, we slept at my FIL's house and surprisingly, Wapus came over at 4 am.  I always thought that it was very sweet of him to say goodbye to us.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arts for Break Time

Rylie considers me as her very first teacher. Maybe because I taught her first before she even went to school. I felt good whenever her teachers tells me that she is doing good in school even if she did not attended pre-school.  During the  6 weeks of our  sessions at home, arts is what we do during break times.

Now that she's in school, she's always excited whenever she has her art class.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Brad Pitt Feveh

Sharing here is the the photos taken by hubs when we watched the shooting of the movie where Brad Pitt is suppose to be the star but we were unfortunate of not taking a glimpse of him lol.  But here is my very own Brad Pitt!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

My son is not in the mood for taking pictures, I think he was disappointed of not seeing BP too lol.
I would like to thank Elai of elaispreciousangels125 for giving me this blog award.  Since all Mommies are beautiful, please grab this award too.  
Have a great week ahead everyone!

Brad Pitt is in Town

Yup and I am not kidding. Unfortunately, I did not see Brad Pitt on the shooting wahhh.. With my husband and daughter's school schedules, we hardly catch the time of the shooting. We visited my FIL the other day and saw some signs of the film shoot.  
We walked towards the shooting afterwards but they were  just filming one clip of the kids going out of school over and over again so we left.
They changed the name of the convenient store into 711, the church into Lillian Ohio Middle School, and part of the convenient store as post office.
There's a lot of this  big buses that was there.
I think that the theme of the movie is back  then.  The cars  and the outfit of the  stars were the styles  of yesteryears hehehe.
It was hot  during the shooting so we did not stay very long because the kids  was getting agitated.
There  were local people watching the shooting.
Well, I hope to see this movie in the future hehehe.
This is my first time seeing Hollywood (is it the  right term?)  movie shooting.

Some say that Brad Pitt  will be shooting in one of the two houses that was rented at Marland Heights but I don't know when it is.  Oh well, maybe  someday, I would see Brad Pitt for real hehehe.  For now, I wuld have to look at  my own BP at home, my husband lol.
Thanks so much for  visiting my blog.  Your comments is greatly appreciated.

Our Weekend Memoirs
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nostlagia # 19 - Budik

For my nostalgia today, I want to share to you about our family dog back in the Philippines. His name is Budik, he is a very loyal and sweet dog. The excerpt below is from my former post about him:
He was only a puppy when my father passed away. It's weird, but true, on my father's wake, Budik wasn't feeling very good, he looked so ill. He did not want to eat, no matter what we gave him, he did not even want to move. We thought for sure that he was going to die.... please continue reading.
Below is a photo of my daughter and Budik during he kids' first visit in the Philippines. I can't believe that he still remembered me after four years of being away.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Church Choir

Oh ord, I am so late with this Mommy & Me post lol. But that's Mommies world sometimes or should I say most of the times?
Forever In Blue Jeans
Aside from Champ's birthday last Sunday, Rylie also has her first taste of performance. The choir from her school was the one who sung during the mass at St. Joseph's church. The kindergarten class was the last one who performed, they sung and gave actions to the "God Bless America" song.
She had a great time with her friends/classmates. Even the mass was finally over, she was still socializing with her friends. I wish I have that trait hahaha, I am too shy in person folks.
We've visited my FIL after church and stayed there for almost 4 hours. Dad said that Rylie looked like a little lady in her outfit hehehe.
We also did the activities that the church gave to the kids during their Sunday school. I had a special bonding moment with my princess.
Below is the video we recorded. Hubby forgot to zoom in the video before starting it so it is a little bet small.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Driving the Ferrari

Aside from teaching my son a little bit of stuff when his sister is at school, we also spend a lot of time playing outside. He usually drives his motorcycle or his Ferrari.

This also gives me time to do my gardening.

He is very good in driving his motorcycle but find it hard to maneuver a car hehehe.
Even in our kitchen, he wants to ride his bicycle.
Below is the short clip of video I recorded while he was driving around at our backyard.
The flu season is here, my daughter was affected last week then my son, now I have it.
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