Saturday, January 28, 2012

Market Street Bridge

 We crossed the bridge that connects Follansbee and Steubenville a couple of weeks ago.  Market Street Bridge was renovated last year and was reopened  right around Christmas last year.
 We seldom drive this way so we wanted to see how it was after it  was reopened for pubic use.
 We treat the kids at Dairy Queen afterwards.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

White Out

 Our Burritos went out to play in the snow at our backyard last Saturday!  I joined them a little bit but then  my hands started getting so numb so I went inside.
 These two Burritos doesn't mind the freezing weather as long as they can run around and have fun.
After snow ball fighting, they jumped in the trampoline.  They finally came in when their  gloves got soaked.  I made them some hot coco and  hubby made them some grilled cheese.  More pics of them  jumping in a trampoline coming up next time.
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Monday, January 23, 2012

Building Lego

The Atlantis Lego that we bought for Mr. Burrito's birthday is not really suitable for his age. Our six year old daughter however love to work on it. She is 40% done in building it.  
The good thing is that everyone wants to help in building it including Champ, our Jack Russel Terrier.
Champ  thinks that building lego is a little complicated and boring for  dogs lol.
I will show you the progress that my daughter has done next time.  Building Lego is one of her  new favorite past time every time she  get off from school and  done with her  homework.  The word New  is BAGO in the  Filipino or tagalog language.

Giggles and Smiles

With all the times that we have been going back and forth at Robinson Mall in PA, we never knew that there is a  commercial play area called Giggles and Smiles.  If not with out friend, we would never  discover this one as  it is hidden at the  second floor of the mall.
 But anyhow, we spent our  holiday, Martin Luther King's day there.  Ms. Burrito's  friend/classmate  is moving  to PA so we spent  some time with her and her Dad.
 It was a very  lovely day for both kids and adults alike.
 Ms. Burrito tried the wall climbing for the first time.  Good job Anak, you did great for a first timer!
 My Burritos had so much  the whole time we were there.
 We ended our date  with a dinner at Eat'n Park.  We wish you all the best of luck, Dan and Amber!  I hope that we could get together again sometime even though you will be living a bit far from us.   Link  with me every Friday through Color Connection.  You can post any color that you like.

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