Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Music Enthusiast

I took this photo of my daughter  at my FIL's basement when she was trying to learn how to  play piano at my FIL's old piano.  Dad actually gave this to her but hubby does not want to get it  to avoid  complication with  other family members.  That's one reason why we bought our own and I can't believe how  she progressed  in 7 months.

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Olga said...

I'm saving for music lessons for my little ones as well. We have a couple more years to decide which instrument they'd like to play. For now, the li'l girl wants to learn how to play the violin, the piano, and the electric guitar.

Mel Cole said...

Wow! That is really nice that Rye got her Grand Pa's piano. Does this mean that the other Grand children likes to have this piano also sis? That's good that she is a piano enthusiast now.

Unknown said...

I would love my kids to learn how to play a musical instrument too.

lencilicious said...

That's a classic and lovely piano. I remember Ms. Burrito in one of your post, when she was playing a piano for the FBF. Very talented young lady.

Unknown said...

i love kids who's into music

lencilicious said...

I would love to watch Ms. Burrito play live. I'm glad she's enjoying her new hobby.

riablahgs said...

Your little pianist in the making sis! I remember too well how I started tapping on our dining table whenever I hear classical music. My mom enrolled me in piano lessons at the age of 5. I stopped when I was 9 and that is probably the greatest regret I have. I couldn't remember why I stopped but I am pretty sure, it has something to do with my stage fright. I always buckle during recitals.

I'm so glad little Miss Burrito is into playing piano. If I can turn back time, I will definitely pursue my piano lessons. I'd probably end up in any philharmonic orchestra :)

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