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Monday, March 31, 2014

USS Requin Submarine SS-481 in Pittsburgh #CarnegieScienceCenter

My kids and I have been inside a military ship when we explored the USS Lexington in Corpus Cristi, Texas but we have never been inside a submarine so when we went to Carnegie Science Center, the most fun part for us is being inside USS Requin.  My husband is a retired sailor  so he has been into many ships  and  also part of  the  Navy team  who repaired many submarines  during his active duty times.  But for us, it was a real treat especially that my husband  explained to us  how things works inside a submarine.
If you want a uniquely immersive experience, try to go to Carnegie Science Center and explore the USS Requin Submarine! If you come aboard to this  submarine, you will have the chance to learn how 80 men used their expertise, humor and sheer ingenuity to carve out a rough and adventurous life during Requin's lengthy defense and scientific missions.  Some of which are still classified to this day according to the information I have read.  This state-of-the-art  submarine was battle ready when she set out just days before the end of World War II.   USS Requin holds the distinction of being the Navy's first Radar Picket submarine.
The USS Requin was located adjacent to the Carnegie Science Center building by the Pittsburgh River.  It brought a lot of memories for my husband who spent  20 years in the Navy  and  worked on submarines  when he was in Guam.
Here's what it looks like inside the  submarine.  Come aboard and enjoy the tour.  Everything is  very small.  I have high respects for submariners for getting used to live in a small spaces like this.
I think that what would make  it better for the whole experience  is if Carnegie Science Center would schedule a tour for the visitors and assigned  a Veteran submariners  to  explain things.  We were just lucky that my husband was a  sailor and he knows a lot of stuff about it  which helps us understand  things.  
There was a young kid  assigned there but all he did was say hello and that was about it.  Considering the admission fee that the  CSC collects to visitors, they should at least give  them more information about the subject, just saying.
Oh, we met this old guy as we were leaving and he said that he used to work in submarines but we were out the door when he showed up so we couldn't really ask him questions.  Well, my husband tried to talk to him but he got the feeling that  he just want us to be out ta there lol.  Oh well, we didn't need anyone to explain us things anyway because of my husband but what about others who doesn't  have ideas about submarines?
Overall, it was a great and fun-learning experience especially for  our children.

12 travelers' comments:

Leovi said...

Those photos are gorgeous! I would love to make this visit very interesting and fun!

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

Such an interesting place to visit - you all had fun and the last photo is quite epic looking too haha!

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

I'm sure this was an enjoyable event for you and your family. Fun!

Franc said...

It must be cool to see a submarine in front of you.

Fernando Lachica said...

Very cool to visit like this place; inside the submarine.

Janeane Davis said...

I have never been aboard a submarine. It seems that I have missed an interesting and educational experience.

April McGregor said...

that is so cool. never been in a submarine before.

nova hedges said...

wow!!! must be a great feeling when you've been able to see what's really inside the submarine...your kids looks happy with your tour.

Dhemz said...

that was really a cool experience sis...I would love to go on a sub someday!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Wow! that looks fun Sis Rose looking at the submarine that close. I will feel ecstatic too and my family. What a fun family bonding with your family :-)

Rcel said...

Wow!!! That is so cool, sis! I sure would want to have a tour myself and I am sure my housemates wouldn't say NO, too! Thanks for sharing this! I have only heard of that from a friend and seeing the photos now makes me so excited. I hope we will have a chance in the soon future to check that out! :D

Jonas Labagala said...

I would love to at least visit what's inside the USS Requin or even just a submarine will do.. :D

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