Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

Celebrating Mother's Day ever since I became  a Mom is so special.  It's the precious blessing that I have that  no money can buy.  Being a Mom is such a huge responsibility but it comes with great rewards as well.   Anyway, we pre-celebrated Mother's Day in the  State Park but before we left that morning, my daughter made me breakfast in bed (I will make a separate post about that on my food blog), how sweet  After breakfast, we went to Tomlinson Run and had so much fun out there.  We went for a long walk
 My daughter is allergic to mosquito bites so I let her use my  arm protection sleeves.
 I love it that my kids  love to explore nature.  Not many kids  does these kind of activities anymore.  I think with the  presence of technology, most children nowadays are  contained  in the room playing games.
 We were surprised to see some shell casing along the  road of the park.  We thought that was odd that  someone   fired shots out there.  It might be from a sheriff or a police who wants to scare  away some coyote or something (I hope that was the reason).
 My kids look forward to  go to this  lake during warm weather.  Just seeing cray fish and other bugs and critters makes them so excited.  
 Ms. Burrito  does not have a perfect balance so her brother gave him his walking stick.
 Her goal is to  cross the other end and stand on the big rock.  It took a while but she did it.  She fell and had a  wet butt but she's happy lol.
 Mission accomplished, that's a smile of success right there!
 Mr. Burrito was busy picking  empty shells  in the middle of the lake then I asked him to turn around and  give me a smile so I can take a photo of him.
 He smiled, and feel on his butt too.  So of course he blame me for it lol.  I didn't mind being blamed as I got a sweet smile out of it.
 I love seeing my kids having fun if what nature has to offer.  This is the kind of fun that  no gadget can give.
 I always forgot to bring  extra clothes for these Burritos  but good thing, we always have  towels in our car.  
 We stayed quite a good bit at the lake, we let them have fun splashing in the water before heading back home.
 After our nature adventure, we  visited Dad at his house.
 My kids and husband bought me  a gift.  I wish they  look for some coupons before buying it, they could have saved some moolah hehehe.  On the actual Mother's Day, my husband  cooked some breakfast for us and hen we attended the noon mass.  My daughter served in the altar, I was pleased to see that.  It was her second time  being an altar server. 
   We didn't go somewhere  in that day but we are planning to do something special with the kiddos on Father's Day.  A day at Sky Zone would be great since  my kids love jumping on a trampoline.  That's why I am glad to find this Sky Zone coupons at Ann Coupons website.  This would help save some from our budget.  My niece-in-law told me about the new place  near our area so we might check that out.  
How about you, how was your Mother's Day celebration this year?

17 travelers' comments:

Masshole Mommy said...

So happy you had a nice Mother's Day! We ended up going for a hike/nature walk on Mother's Day, too!

MikiHope said...

I took my Mom out to her favorite restaurant on Mother's Day (I had saved up some points from a credit card I have so I had enough for a free meal which made her VERY happy!!)--THEN the next day she fell and fractured her shoulder. At 92 she is lucky that is all she broke but we have someone there in the daytime for her to help her dress and make her meals. Hopefully she will start feeling a bit better soon!

Leelo said...

Great photos! Looks like you and your family had great time together in the nature!

Liz Mays said...

What an awesome way to spend time with the family. It's so cool that you guys were able to hang out in nature like this.

Uplifting Families Parenting Advice said...

This reminds me of my own childhood. We used to go camping a bunch in Colorado. I wish that I could take my own family, its been a long time since I have been up that way.

It looks like you and your family had a great time. :)

Heather Jones said...

Oh what a nice time with your family! That park looks amazing to walk through, so much nature!

Unknown said...

Happy Mom's Day and looks like you had so much fun that day. The pics are nice and kids loving nature that's good.

Susie's Reviews said...

That looks like it was such a great family adventure! We love going on hikes with the grandkids whenever possible, awesome memories! :)

Yellow Tennessee said...

Looks like that was a great Mother's Day. The shell casing could have been from hunters. I'm sure your son thought it was a neat find.

Stefany T said...

It looks like you had an amazing time! We had horrible weather Mother's Day weekend so we weren't able to get out like you did.

Jenny @cookeatgo said...

What a great way to spend Mother’s day! I love when we are able to get out and do things like hiking its so much fun!

Fiona said...

Aww, it looks like you had a really lovely Mother's Day. No better way to spend the day then outside with the ones you love :)

Joanne T Ferguson said...

What great photos and a way to share Mother's Day! I think mother's should be appreciated every day!

krystal said...

What a great and peaceful day! I would love to hit the local park and enjoy the water!

Anosa said...

I am not a mummy yet so not mother's day fun yet but glad you enjoyed yours and you're so right about some kids missing out on what nature has to offer

Kiwi said...

Great mothers day getway! Your family is adorable!!

Mimicutelips said...

Great recap, sounds like everyone had a great time. My kids love their gadgets yet they still appreciate nature. I don't know how long it will last but for now I soak it up as long as I can. I'm not a fan of the outdoors and I'm allergic but I would do a trip like this with my family.

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