Tuesday, April 5, 2016

International Child Abduction on the Rise: What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

International child abduction is on the rise. As more individuals travel and live overseas, immediate action can help locate a parent or grandparent before they are lost forever. The following are red flags and tips that can help protect your children.

Child Abduction Red Flags
Visiting overseas can be an educational trip for your children. It allows them to learn about different cultures and see the world. There are also areas in the United States that may give off European vibes. If you’re worried about a family member abducting your child internationally, there are red flags that you need to be aware of. A partner who has threatened abduction or done so previously may be more likely to do so in the future. They may also have no ties to the state where the child resides. Another red flag is when family or friends live abroad. This provides them the location where they can easily escape. They may even have a strong network in which to hide. Marital instability, past criminal records and a lack of employment can all be signs pointing to international child abduction. You may not want to live in fear, but you need to be watchful of the many signs.

Consider Mediation
If you’re fearful, you may find solace in a mediating or counseling source. There are missing childhood organizations that specialize in international abduction. Before it’s too late, keep your own list handy. If the time comes, you’ll have information available on a former spouse, partner, family members and friends both abroad and in the U.S. It can also help to keep immigration statuses and passport numbers at-the-ready. If you’re going through a divorce, a parent may feel threatened. They may also see international child abduction as the only answer. A custody mediator can keep the attention focused on what’s best for the children. The can also come up with better child-rearing strategies.

Seek a Custody Order
Seeking a valid decree or custody order is imperative in preventing child abduction cases. Relationships between citizens of varying nations are more commonplace today. Ideal Legal Group has a skill set to handle classing cultures. An international child custody lawyer also has the experience and knowledge to navigate the global diverse laws and overcome any legal obstacles that may be standing in your way.

U.S. Passport Restrictions

If you’re going through a divorce, your custody arrangements may not be amicable. This can leave a parent feeling that they have no other choice than to abduct their child to international locations. Fortunately, there are U.S. passport restrictions in place to prevent this situations from occurring. Children 14 and younger must have the permission of both parents when a U.S. passport is issued. Federal law also requires the children to appear with the parents and show the proper identification and parental relationship proof. When parents have dual citizenship, an issued U.S. passport doesn’t prevent them from automatically getting a foreign passport. Foreign embassies don’t have to honor a court order or request that restricts a passport from being issued. The U.S. Department will be able to confirm the issuance of a child’s passport. If a child has not been issued a passport, your attorney can ask to have their name placed into the alert system. If an application is received within the United States or consulate of another country, you will be immediately notified. If you have a court order that states you have full custody, the U.S. department can refuse to issue your child a passport. Your attorney can also require your child to get a signature from the custodial parent before they are allowed to travel anywhere. 

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