Sunday, April 3, 2016

Looking Forward to Summer

The kids were bummed out to see  the snow  last night.  They thought the warm weather  is already here but the  cold weather is obviously not done with us.  Even though it was  very cold today, our daughter couldn't take it anymore so he asked her Dad if they can play with her new volley ball outside.  Anyway, the photos below were taken years ago during Father's day at Pittsburgh Zoo.  
 The Burritos had a blast out there.  They want to see everything and tried  things that they could.
 IT was funny, on the photo below, EJ sat on top of this baby elephant statue and it was way too hot that he said it was burning his butt.
 So he go up and stood on top of it.
 ..then jump!
 Kids had so much energy,  it's amazing how they could do things that  makes us adult, so tired while watching  them do it lol.
 What I love about it is that, on the way home, they always crash inside the car and  take a long nap on the way home.
Between the two, Rylie is always the one who runs out of gas first.  EJ is always  full tank when it comes to energy.
 When we go to public places, EJ is never shy  mingling with other kids but our daughter  is always too shy to talk to other kids.
Although we don't have plan on going somewhere this year, I hope that we could take the kids  in places nearby where they could have fun at least for a day especially on  school break.

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