Wednesday, April 20, 2016

How To Attract Birds To Your Garden!

Your garden is one of the most beautiful areas in your property and is an excellent way to appreciate the wildlife. If you want your garden to be a haven for wildlife, there are some ways you can attract them to visit your garden.

Bird seeds

Birds are so beautiful to look at. If you want them to visit your garden, you should be putting out bird seeds for them to enjoy. You could either put these on a bird table so they can perch and relax for a few minutes to eat them. Or you could throw them out onto the garden for them to nibble. It’s a great way to encourage them to visit your garden. Just make sure you are using the right bird seeds. And don’t put them out if too many cats are around!

Bird bath

An excellent way to attract wildlife to your garden is to buy a bird bath which they can enjoy going in. It’s an amazing sight which you will not forget in a hurry. You will soon see them visiting and having a drink and wash. They can also be a beautiful ornament for your garden as they come in so many materials such as cast iron or bronze. As you can see here, you can even get eco-friendly ones to help the environment!

Hedging plants

Another great way to get birds to come for a visit is a hedging plants. It’s a great place for beautiful birds to rest so you will get some amazing photos. It will also attractive other wildlife to your garden. Hedging plants can also make a beautiful feature in your garden, and you may even get some delicious fruit of it which you can enjoy!

Compost bin

A compost bin is ideal for attracting lots of animals to your garden, especially birds. It’s a great way of recycling all your garden waste into organic compost. Animals will often use it as a form of shelter. And birds will stop and enjoy any seeds and insects which are around in the heap!


If you want some birds to come to your garden, a native shrub is fantastic for encouraging them to visit. A shrub is an attractive feature in the garden. They are perfect for feeding birds such as sparrows and tits! As this article says, you may even see some thrushes in the summer months who will come and visit your garden!

A tree

A perfect way to encourage wildlife to your garden is to plant a tree in the area. They are a fantastic place for birds to nest, and you may even see some other wildlife visiting like bats or squirrels. As this feature explains, smaller trees such as conifers or yew are perfect for birds. And if you have space, you could even have a couple of large trees which will attract a lot of wildlife, and make a fantastic feature in the garden.

Just remember to be wary of other animals that may harm the birds, so don’t put anything in places where they may be in danger!

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