Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Parade in Weirton 2014

We tried to incorporate attending to  community activities in our family activities this year.  This is our first year of watching ta Christmas parade here in Weirton.  The  parade  was on the 29th of November
 It was cold that night so I made sure that we were all bundled up so the kids won't get sick.
 While waiting for the parade, I had the opportunity to  take some photos of the beautiful display at the   business establishments  in downtown Weirton.
 There were actually so many who participated but lots of  it were businesses and some schools have participated as well.  So here are the photos, I hope you enjoy  them.
 There  were some interesting  ones but most of it were just okay.
 I feel bad for these majorettes whose  outfits are  shorts and their legs were exposed to the cold weather.
 These cute little  girls from a Dance company are wearing warmer clothes which is nice.
 Fuzzy Peach used the "Frozen" theme  which looks really nice.
 It's funny, my kids  picked some candies that were being thrown but they never really ate them.
 It was a nice event to end the month of November.
Since we were standing right in front of a chinese restaurant, we ended up ordering some chinese food and took it home.  We were not impressed by the food but oh well, it was  cheap and at least we knew now not to  eat or  order anything there.

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Lynndee said...

They call it Holiday Parade here, and they always have it in the morning. We planned to go last year, but when it was time, we got lazy because it was too cold. Hopefully, we get to watch it this year.

Mhie said...

That's great sis, you get a chance to see the parade. We missed the parade this year at my end. Too much going on.

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