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Delhi and Mumbai – Two Cities You Really Must Visit on a Tour of India

Whether traveling for pleasure or business, two cities you really must visit on a tour of India are Delhi and Mumbai. Both are leading financial centers and this is one reason why so many international travelers fly into both cities at any given time of year. This is a side of India you won’t see elsewhere because Mumbai and Delhi, respectively, are the two richest cities in the country. Knowing that each city has a healthy tourist trade may help make planning your itinerary a little easier. Whether you fly from Mumbai to Delhi, or from Delhi to Mumbai, you can feel confident that you will be landing in a city that caters to travelers from around the globe.

India’s Capital – Delhi

As the capital of India, Delhi is home to 18 billionaires and has a GDP estimated at almost $294 billion. The amazing thing about traveling to Delhi is the fact that the service industry contributes at least 75% of the city’s economy and has one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country. Among the leading sectors are:
  • ·         Retail
  • ·         Telecommunications
  • ·         Information technology (IT)
  • ·         Media
  • ·         Hotels
  • ·         Power
  • ·         Banking
  • ·         Real estate
  • ·         Construction

While there are poor areas of the city, you will find that many of the areas with 5-star hotels cater to tourists, and are unlikely to be in poorer neighborhoods. If you should get out and about in Delhi, don’t be surprised to see areas which are in sharp contrast to the city center where all international finance is commenced. However, those outlying neighborhoods are where you’re likely to get to taste some authentic cuisine from street food vendors and an authentic ‘flavor’ of traditional Indian culture.

Mumbai – Capital of Maharashtra

As the second-most populous of India’s states and the third largest by area, Maharashtra lays claim to India’s wealthiest city, Mumbai. Formerly called Bombay, Mumbai is estimated to have a GDP of just over $310 billion and has made the top ten list of cities with the largest number of billionaires. While there are 18 billionaires in Delhi, Mumbai can boast 28.
As a leading financial epicenter in Asia, Mumbai realizes revenue differently than does Delhi. The GDP of Mumbai is broken down as:
  • ·         60 percent from customs duty
  • ·         30 percent from the collection of income tax
  • ·         10 percent from employment in factories

And, amazingly, 6% of the national GDP is derived from Mumbai’s economy. The banking sector is huge in Mumbai and this is where you’ll find:
  • ·         Reserve Bank of India Headquarters
  • ·         Bombay Stock Exchange
  • ·         National Stock Exchange

It is no wonder that Mumbai (Bombay) is the wealthiest city in India with so much financial trade taking place in this city located on the western coast and easily accessible by water, land and air.
Both cities have a long and rich history which you can learn of in the many museums and cultural centers throughout. With modern infrastructure and a large portion of the population fluent in English, you should have no trouble getting around. Both Mumbai and Delhi are exciting cities to visit and well worth planning to stay a bit longer in so that you have time to really see 21st Century India.

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