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Common Dental Emergencies

It is important for everyone to make sure they go to the dentist at least twice per year for regular cleanings and checkups; however, there are a few reasons why someone might need to see a Dentist Carrollton Texas in between their regular cleanings. In some cases, these might even include emergencies. There are a few common dental emergencies that everyone should know.

A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

This is one of the most common dental emergencies. There are numerous ways someone might get a tooth knocked out. For example, some people might get bumped in the mouth while playing sports such as hockey or football. In other cases, an individual might slip and fall on a pool deck. Unfortunately, individuals might even get injured in a physical assault. If someone loses a tooth in this fashion, it might be possible to re-implant it into the gum tissue. In order for this to work, people need to get to the dentist as quickly as possible.

An Abscess Is Present

Another possible dental emergency is the development of something called an abscess. An abscess is a pocket of pus that might grow on the gum tissue. This often develops when an infection has been brewing in the mouth for a long time. With an abscess, oral antibiotics are unlikely to work. An abscess has been walled off, making it challenging for any antibiotics to penetrate it from the outside. Instead, an abscess has to be drained by a trained surgeon. For this reason, an abscess qualifies as a dental emergency.

A Broken Jaw

One of the most serious dental emergencies is a broken jaw. While it is unusual for someone to suffer a jaw fracture, these can still take place in physical altercations and in a motor vehicle accident. In some cases, people might get hit by a pitch while playing baseball. It takes a long time for a broken jaw to heal; however, the dentist might want to take x-rays to see if the mandible has been displaced from its proper anatomic location. If this is the case, surgery might be necessary to realign the bones.

Act Quickly for a Dental Emergency

Anyone who suffers a dental emergency must call a trained oral health professional as quickly as possible. The sooner these issues are treated, the faster someone can recover. With the help of a local dentist, individuals can set themselves up for a successful recovery.

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