Friday, April 26, 2013

Creative ways to Show your Holiday Photos

So you’ve had the fantastic holiday and you have heaps of cool snaps to show your friends of all those interesting places you visited while you were away. With a little bit of creative thinking you can show them off in unique ways that show your friends what an awesome time you had. There are heaps of creative ways to show friends your photos and let them share in the fun. Here are 5 ways to show your photos off.

Custom Postcards

Rather than just buying the usual boring postcards from wherever you were staying at the time, why not do something different and make your postcards more personalized. There are quite a few companies who can get your photos made into cool custom postcards that actually feature you in them. Your friends are much more likely to keep a postcard that is made from a photo taken by you and they can put it on their wall.

Photo Books

Another cool way of showing off your holiday to friends and family is by getting them made into a photo book. This is an awesome way of storing and showing people your favorite holiday snaps. Not only will it preserve your photos and keep them in a safe place in living color, but it will be easier to take to cafes or restaurants when you catch up with your friends when you get back.

Customized Wine Bottles

What better way to show your friends your favorite holiday snap than to get it made into a label for a wine bottle. Getting them made into labels is easy and will give new life to a cheap bottle of wine. Giving your friends a custom made wine bottle label featuring your favorite snap will provide a great conversation piece and you can enjoy a glass of wine together as you look at the rest of your holiday snaps.

Customized Cards

Christmas cards can get kind of boring after a while, but you can make this time of year more fun with a bit of creative know-how. This Christmas why not give Christmas cards with a difference by using your favorite holiday photos on your Christmas card photos? You can get them made up quite cheaply online and create some awesome designs using photos of you and your family.

Ceramic Photo Tiles

All those breathtaking places you visited and the lovely photos you took don’t need to just become memories that you look at every ten years when you remember. Getting your favorite holiday photos made into ceramic tiles is a gorgeous way of preserving them and allows you to appreciate them every day. Ceramic photo tiles make great drink coasters, or you could stick a magnet on the back and it will become a useful fridge magnet. They make great personalized gifts for friends too! A great idea if you want to giving a small gift to friends when you arrive home from your trip.

10 travelers' comments:

MikiHope said...

I like the idea of customized postcards!! Thank you for the suggestions.

Unknown said...

we do customized cards all the time.:) it is more personal and our relatives loves them.

Trendy Cyndie said...

I love custom post cards for gifts

Marie said...

ohh wow that is awesome idea! I use walmart to print on cups and stuff.

Melinda Dunne said...

I love the ceramic tile that is really neat. We make wine for Christmas as gifts and we do put special labels on them for everyone.

Unknown said...

We have the same customized Christmas photo card sis! I love Amy Adele :)

Nova said...

you do give me an awesome ideas. Next time I will make it more fun then more serious.

Unknown said...

The wine labels idea is a great one! I guess you could do all sorts of personalized labels like for homemade sugar scrubs or gifts in a jar.

Becca Wilson said...

We have lots of photos stored on the computer that I need to do something creative with, these are awesome ideas.

Dhemz said...

I would like to try that ceramic one, but it's beyond my budget...I guess I have to stay with photocards...:)

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