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Taking a Vacation for Your Health and Wellbeing

Did you know that more than half of the working population in India doesn’t use all their holiday allowance? Most people only get two weeks of vacation time a year anyway, so that means many millions of hard-working Indian citizens are getting little or no time off from their jobs. Not only is this likely to be affecting their health and wellbeing, but they’re missing out on some of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer. 

Taking a break each year gives you a chance to boost your energy levels and allows you to relax and divert your mind away from the stresses of everyday life, including your job. If you’re one of those millions who doesn’t use all their leave, consider all the benefits of taking a vacation and start planning for next year.

Why Indian workers aren’t taking vacations

There are several reasons why workers don’t use their leave allowance:
  • Worry about catching up with work after the vacation
  • Feeling guilty about using leave when colleagues aren’t using their allowance
  • Feeling that two-week vacations are frowned upon by their employer
  • Fear of being judged by workmates if they take extended vacations
  • Fear of asking for a two-week vacation
Surveys show that almost all workers carry leave days over into the next year, and in many cases, they end up losing days altogether when they don’t take them within the permitted time period. Of course, India isn’t the only country where this takes place, and in fact, it’s a common occurrence all over the world. Far Eastern countries and United States workers, in particular, report a reluctance to claim their full entitlement, especially in high-pressure industries. In some countries, workers are required to take their full leave entitlement, but in others, it’s not mandatory, and if you feel under pressure to keep working, it can be hard to ask for time off, even when you’re fully entitled to it. 

This isn’t just a problem that’s confined to low paid workers either. Although the low paid often have harsher working conditions and may well be discouraged or even prevented from taking leave, mid-range and high earners are affected just as badly. In their case, it’s often that employers expect their workers to commit over and above the contracted hours if they’re in a professional or more well-paid position. Employees then have concerns about being passed over for promotion, missing out on the best clients, or being ostracized by their peers. They may even fear for their job security, so it’s not surprising that people from all walks of life feel they can’t take the time off they should.

The importance of taking a break

Downtime is essential for health and wellbeing, and even the most industrious of workers will start to suffer if they never get a break. Employers who push their workers into giving up their leave or working unpaid overtime are behaving in a short-sighted manner because extensive research has shown that improving productivity is best achieved by valuing workers and taking positive steps to safeguard their wellbeing and promote their self-esteem. 

Workers who never get a proper break will inevitably slow down over time, and may be more prone to making mistakes. They’re also more likely to suffer from mental and physical health problems, which would further impact the business’s productivity. There needs to be a change in attitudes to taking time off work, so it is encouraged as a necessary and beneficial activity for both staff member and employee. 

Indians on vacation

The figures for vacations abroad taken by Indian citizens reflect the overall lack of enthusiasm for using their leave allowance. The average global outbound leisure share is currently 53%, but India only reaches a share of 30%, a significantly lower figure. That equates to 4.8 million trips out of India for the purposes of going on holiday, which in a country of almost 1.36 billion is a drop in the ocean. 

A report co-published by internet vacation giant Expedia says that Dubai, France, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand are the countries Indians visit most frequently. That means millions of Indians aren’t embracing global travel and are missing out on the delights of places further afield, including most of Europe, Africa, Australasia, and the Americas.

Financing a vacation

India still has issues with poverty that can’t be ignored, but the country’s prospects have been improving for quite a few years now, and there is an increasing number of middle class and wealthier citizens. Educational opportunities and economic prosperity are on the rise, and that looks set to continue. However, the worry of funding a holiday does add to many people’s reluctance to travel abroad. 

If you’ve been worried about paying for your holiday, then well-managed credit facilities are worth considering. While getting into unmanageable debt is inadvisable, using reputable credit facilities is an effective way of paying for a trip without overloading yourself with a financial burden. 

The options for borrowing money even when your credit rating isn’t very good range from loans and credit cards with exorbitant interest rates and penalties charged by some providers to far more reasonable and affordable terms from others. Look for a reputable broker who can provide sound advice for prestamos con asnef and credit cards that will allow you to budget sensibly for your time away.


The world is full of amazing places to see and experience, and the cost of traveling and staying in many of them can be surprisingly reasonable if you shop around. Choosing a self-catering lodge, cottage, or apartment will save you a significant amount of money over hotel stays, and heading for places away from the most heavily populated tourist destinations can bag you a bargain too. Have a look at a variety of alternative destinations and accommodation arrangements before making a decision. 

Taking time off work will do you and your family a world of good, and you’ll be able to work far more effectively on your return. Start a revolution in the workplace, and let’s see many more Indians taking a well-earned break and exploring the rest of the world! 

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