Friday, January 15, 2016

Raising Responsible KIds

When I was growing up, my parents raised up to be responsible  around the house.  Each kid has  its own chore to do.  We take turns in  cleaning the dishes,  doing laundry, taking care of  younger siblings, and  we help our parents whatever they want us to  help the with.  I used to ask  myself why  other kids don't have the responsibility that me and my siblings have but now I understand.  My parents just wanted to teach us valuable  skills that we can use  when we become adults and they certainly did a great job.  I admit, there were times when I felt like  complaining but it's just the way it is so we just got used to it.
 That's  one thing that my husband and I want to  teach our kids.  For them to learn  basic skills that they would need when they  are  grown up.  Teaching the kids at an early age is vital because it is hard to mold kids   when they are already older.
Both of our kids are  great.  They might have some attitude sometimes but nothing major that we can't handle.  
 Becoming a parent makes me a better me.  I  got to appreciate everything that my Mother did for us when we were kids.  I don't know how she raised 9 kids but she did it all for us.  Sometimes when I  am feeling down, I want to see  her and hug her but we are thousands of miles away, it's hard for me sometimes.
My husband and my kids are the ones that keeps my sanity, they are my rock, the strength that keeps me going.  Blogging also gives me that  avenue to vent out when I am frustrated.  I have no many friends here and I don't go out so it's challenging to express how I feel.  My blogs  gives me that  place to  easily voice out my  opinions and emotions!

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Elizabeth O. said...

It's important to teach kids the value of learning how to do chores at home. It also prepares them for the future which is awesome. Glad you have blogging to lean on when you need to let it all out!

Jessica Cassidy said...

You're doing fantastic jobs Sis R raising responsible and amazing kiddos. My hats off to you. They're both good looking kids too. My kids also have chores at home. They also complain sometimes but good thing they are following their chores.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

You have become a good parent because you were raised well by a great mother. Indeed, you're so lucky to have a strong mother who taught you important life skills that you are now applying in real life.

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