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6 Summer Essentials To Pack Before You Leave

While the focus of your travels should always be the location and whatever it has to offer, what you wear while traveling is definitely important. That doesn’t mean you should dress to impress, but rather as functionally as possible.
In the case of summer, clothes that will wick sweat, keep you cool and not make you look like a tourist because the last thing you want to look like when traveling is a tourist. All it does is make you a bigger target for scammers and thieves.

That said, consider how functional your clothes are and whether you’d be willing to get them wet or accidentally lose them. Will they be easy to wash? How fast will they dry? Can you match one piece with another? These are important aspects of your clothing setup that should definitely be considered before you leave.

Whether you’re going to the tropical islands featured on Caribbeans Best or the sultry wildlands of Africa, here are six essential items of clothing that you should take with.

Linen Tee

Unlike cotton or polyester, linen works well with heat and manages your sweat. It also doesn’t smell afterward or become damaged the same way cheaper materials do. Take enough shirts to last you a few days and focus on ones that feature a lightweight and breathable construction.

Calf Length Oval Skirt

The right skirt here is one that’s conservative, breathable, and preferably has a pocket or two as you’ll naturally be taking a lot with you. Focus on neutral colors that will work with any tops.


When it comes to comfort and versatility, nothing beats a great pair of joggers. Dark gray or black would be the color of choice here as dirt won’t be as visible. Joggers tend to have deep pockets with zips as well, making them great for storage. Consider cropped joggers that don’t taper at the ends for increased breathability.

While cargo shorts are a bit too far from flattering, cargo pants, like joggers, provide a great balance between form and function while being a little tougher than their cozy counterparts. They usually feature more pockets than any other types of pants, each with a velcro strap or zip for added security.

Versatile Jeans

For nights out or cool evening walks, a good pair of jeans is perfect. Black jeans are preferred for being more versatile but dark blue washes work as well. Lighter color jeans tend to pick up visible dirt easily and that’s the last thing you want as jeans tend to survive quite long without needing to be washed.

For the sake of versatility, a long sleeve one would be preferred as you can easily roll the sleeves up, especially if they’re made of a soft silk material. These are about as comfortable as it gets and looks super stylish with almost anything.


With a few extra accessories and a clean pair of shoes, these clothes are all you need to have a great summer vacation. Don’t forget to include more underwear and socks than you’ll ever need, along with some backup clothes. Rather be over prepared than naked and afraid. 

18 travelers' comments:

Masshole Mommy said...

I live in leggings, so I always have to have a few pairs with me. Along with some over sized tees to wear with them of course :)

Alli Smith said...

I always like to be comfortable when traveling. Also, we usually stay in resorts that have washer/dryers in the suites. I don't have to pack as much when I have that convenience.

AiringMyLaundry said...

I agree! When I travel, I'm all about comfort so I bring lots of comfy clothes. I don't care if something isn't in style. If it's comfy, I'll wear it!

candy said...

Always check the weather before we leave on vacation to see what we should include. Think about what you will be doing while on vacation and what you need to bring.

Jeannette said...

These are great as. We are definitely going to be packing a lot of these things when you go on a road trip which is happening very soon.

Anonymous said...

These are great tips on what to pack for a summer vacation. I love all your choices. I always bring a lot of layers so if I don't know what the weather will be like, I can always be prepared.

Tomi C said...

Great choices. I would add a light jacket. Summer days can be warm but Summer nights can be a little chilly.

Sara Welch said...

This list is going to save some people some serious trouble. Nothing is worse than not being fully prepared!

Sarah Bailey said...

This is a great round up of staples everyone needs for a holiday and I have to admit the warmer weather cannot come soon enough! I've had enough of the cold so bring on summer.

Emily said...

Great tips! I think that when traveling it is important to plan for being active and also think about rain. In summer there can still be rain, so layers work great for that.

Heather Jones said...

I'm with you. I dress for comfort and practicality, especially when road tripping. Traveling by air is a little more complicated. I tend to always go from cold places to warm places so I have to pack for both conditions.

Roch said...

Versatile and stretch jeans feel really comfortable and they're a must-have when traveling. I like it also when they can be worn a couple of times rather than one that you can't repeatedly wear for many days.

sandy n vyjay said...

Travel during summer time is less hassles. You do not have to lug your warm clothes. Light clothes ensure you travel with lesser luggage.

ricci said...

I feel like I have been living in joggers lately! I love them, they are so comfy and I find myself leaving the house with them on all the time. LOL!

Terri Steffes said...

I travel a lot and I agree with all your thoughts. I might add that a great pair of shoes is in order, too. I have shoes that feel like sneakers but look like flats. So comfortable!

Unknown said...

I love comfy clothes when traveling but I do always bring a good pair of jeans and sweatshirt for when I get cold, because I'm always cold lol

Our Family World said...

So agree with your choices. Light colored tees and tops are always preferred during the summer. I usually pack a dress or a nice skirt and top for dining out with the husband.

Anosa said...

Leggings and jeans are my life, I always have those whenever I travel. Leggings for when its too hot or I am chilling and jeans everyday all day

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