Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wheeling Park Ice Skating Rink

Ice Skating is the first activity that my kids  doesn't want to quit on even though they aren't good at it.  Usually, when they try  a sport or something and they don't feel like they are not going to do well with it, they  don't want to do it anymore.  The ice skating is something different, they are not good at it but they find it fun  and  challenging for some reason.  We have gone to Wheeling Park's Skating Rink this winter and  they are improving their  skills.  I wish we could attend to the scheduled lessons but it is not possible with our  schedules so they are just trying to learn it by themselves.
Wheeling Park is 45 minutes away from home but it's worth driving  there seeing the kids excitement when they are inside the rink trying their best not to fall  as they maneuver with their feet.  I tried it once and I stayed  by the  wall the whole time, I was afraid to fall and embarrass myself lol.
Anyway, here are photos I took on our way to Wheeling.  We usually took the Ohio route because it is faster than  going to the West Virginia side.  Ohio and West Virginia is divided by a river so you can be in Ohio in minutes by crossing the bridge.
 Winter times is my least favorite season.  It  makes me feel so down  sometimes looking at the outdoors.
 This is the bridge we regularly cross to get to the Ohio side. 
 I often wondered if the river will ever  get frozen, I wonder if people would dare cross on it by walking.  It would be dangerous I think but I   am curious about that.
The photos above were taken when we first drove to the ice skating rink in Wheeling.
The first time we came here, the snow was thick that you can't see the pond but on our third time, it was still freezing but the snow   have melted.
Have you gone to  any skating rink lately?

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I just wish that there is a rink here in our area so we don't have to drive far.

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Nova said...

That's a nice and fun things to do during Winter. At least your kids are persistent to learn ice skating and that's awesome. I'm sure time comes they'll be pro.

Ria C said...

Unlike you sis, I love the winter season. It gives me that sense of "calm" and I am not sure why. I don't like the summer because it's hot and makes me sweaty hahaha.

It does tend to become very gloomy with only dark overcasts during winter time. I enjoyed looking at your family snaps. Reminded me of the rainy drive we had from Washington to Maryland.

Joy Ogah said...

These pictures are so beautiful.
I would like to tour around and snap such beautiful pictures!!!

Unknown said...

looks like a lot of fun but im too southern for all of that snow to be honest! I do love some indoor ice skating though

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