Monday, December 12, 2011

Dark Spots

PhotobucketI think that most women love to be a Mom.  To be able to  experience the  completeness of being a woman is amazing, it's a gift that not all woman has experience.  I am a woman who  is not fond of putting any makeup or any other cosmetics  in my face.  The basic thing that I usually use when I go out the house is a lip gloss.  During my first pregnancy,  I developed  dark spots in my cheeks.  My OB Gyne told me that it is just part of being pregnant because of the hormonal change and  I was told that it will go away when the baby is born.  But the said dark spots never went away, my face still has it  until now. 

As you can see in the picture above, both left and right cheeks  has dark spots.  Sometimes I get conscious about it but I won't trade the joy  of becoming a Mom to having a clear skin.  Besides, there are cosmetic products that you can buy nowadays  that can help get rid of hyper pigmentation and other imperfection on your skin.  I tried one product before but it wasn't effective enough to get rid of it.  So I said "the heck with  it" age spots will show anyway as we aged right?

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Seow wei said...

Yes, you're right, I had dark spot too.

rjs mama said...

you still look lovely manay :)

rj's mama

Hazel said...

Hanap ako ng Nostalgia kasi nakabuo kaya ako this week heheh... and I'm going away for like 10 hours pa. Kung pwede sis pakilink mo nalang ako. Salamat. I'll visit the other participants when I get back (meetings, meetings, meetings at work kakaloka)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi guys, please leave your nostalgia url on this post.. Thanks for joining!

Wifey10 said...

joining back ate entry here

Hope all is well with you =)

Dhemz said...

nay, I don't see any dark spots at all...ehehhee! kinis nga nang pisngi mo sis eh...ako naman dami acne...wahhehee!

KM said...

you're ageing beautifully, mommy rose :)

here's my nostalgia entry for this week:


hope you can visit me back. thanks!

Kim, USA said...

With two beautiful munchkins I also don't care Mommy Rose! Here is my entry for NM!

Nostalgic Marveling

Unknown said...

same w/ dhemz, i don't see any dark spots:)
nothing compared to my age spots, wrinkles, and all...yes, acne, too

u said it, "what the..." haha

Lynn said...

Exactly, sis! It will show whether we like it or not. The most important thing is, we'll always be young at heart. :)

I missed nostalgia last week. Happy Thursday!

Unknown said...

i'm back trying to find nostalgia?

Chubskulit Rose said...

This is the nostalgia ate, I can't put the linky anymore as it disorganizes my layout wahhh..

Cookie said...

submitting my late entry...
Wow, ang saya nyo. love your apron!
I'm planning to decorate tonight coz wasn't able to finish yesterday due to migraine.
Happy December!

my entry:

nuts said...

yan ang natural! pretty pa din, basta lagi naka smile..
will link my entry later sis.. :)

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