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Monday, July 20, 2015

Fun Tenth Birthday at Home

I now that  leaping from one digit to  double digits is a big thing so I made our  simple celebration a bit  special by decoratring  even though we did not have a big party.  Only the  four of us celebrated at home.  I woke up early that day  and  decorated our dining room with the  Hello Kitty theme birthday in a box that I got for her earlier.
This is the DIY  birthday  card that I made for  Rye Bean.  The blak heart space is for my husband's message for her, I know that he love to write so I reserved the biggest one for him.
She was all smiles when she woke up,  Glad she loves it even though it's not as frand as her friends birthday  party celebration is.
She love Hello KItty so this was perfect for her, make her day  extra special.
Here's my goofy little lad  trying to  pose for us.
I cooked some of her favorite food for us to eat at dinner time.
My husband had to work  that day so he was also suprised when he arrives home as we didn't tell him that we prepared something.
After we ate dinner, we played  ball at the backyard and had some pgoto fun.
 My son is almost  tall as his big sister.  I can't believe how big they are getting.  They will be taller than me pretty soon.  It makes me happy and at the same time sad, lol.
Five more years and she will be driving, ugh.  I can already ell that she will be a hot rod.  If I am scared to drive, I am sure she is not!
I love that both of them are growing up  liking each other.  They argue once in a while but most of the times, they  get along.  
 I am so glad that she had fun, we all did!   

16 travelers' comments:

ourfamilyworld said...

Happy 10th Birthday to her! I love the Hello Kitty theme and she looked really happy even if it was a simple celebration.

Jennifer (Double Duty Mommy) said...

Happy Birthday!!! My oldest will be 11 later this year so I know exactly how you feel about the driving thing. Oh gosh, no!! lol

Liz Mays said...

What an awesome day of celebration! I really like the cute setup you guys had on the table!

Jennifer Juro said...

My oldest just turned 10 in March! Happy birthday to her, I love that my girls are close as well and good friends for the most part!

April Mims said...

Birthdays are so much fun at that age! My girls were always so excited for their birthday to come. My oldest will be turning 22 this week - I don't know where the time went!

Michelle Maria said...

Your decorations are absolutely adorable . I think any 10-year-old girl would love having a hello Kitty themed birthday party.

Joanne T Ferguson said...

Happy Birthday and hope everyone enjoyed the day! What a great theme and the smiles say it all! Family is priceless to me!

Parent Palace said...

My favorite birthday memories from childhood were at-home birthday parties. It is so fun to look back at those pictures. I am glad you all had such a good time!

Marie Moody said...

What a beautiful Birthday room. I'm sure it'll be a wonderful party. What great pictures, and everyone is all in smiles! Happy Birthday Sweetie! You have gorgeous children. Thanks for sharing.

Franc said...

This is a really nice intimate celebration with the family. Happy Birthday to your daughter.

Angie Scheie said...

This is such a sweet post! My mom did things (and still does) and those special thought out touches speak volumes about how much you care! She is a lucky girl:).

Rebecca Swenor said...

Happy birthday to her. :D I love the Hello Kitty theme and the set up looks gorgeous. It is so sweet that the kids get a long like they do and I totally love the sweet pictures.Thanks for sharing

Six Time Mommy TEST said...

Oh how I love birthdays! Hers looks lovely, i love all the decorations! These are great photos and looks like the day was lovely. Happy Birthday to her! :) - Jeanine

Ron Leyba said...

Happy 10th to her! What an awesome birthday celebration indeed.

rosemary palmer said...

So cute and simple compared to some of these over the top parties you see now. Love this one so much better. Focus on birthday boy or girl, instead of all the "stuff"

Miranda Myrabev said...

Happy belated 10th birthday to your daughter, such lovely decorations and loving the card too. My birthdays as a kid were much like this and they meant more to me than the parties.

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