Thursday, March 18, 2010

EJ's Best Buddies

EJ's favorite buddy to wrestle with is Daddy. EJ is a pretty strong kid, if you are not aware of his attack, you would say that he is a bit strong for his age. There's no day that he don't want want to wrestle with his Dad.
Aside from Daddy, he also love wrestling with the big doggie in our house. It is the stuffed animal that we bought long time ago in a garage sale.
See how he is abusing big doggie lol. He is not very fond of wrestling with Champ as the little one bite him when he wants to play lol.
Happy St. Patrick's day everyone!

15 travelers' comments:

Melissa B. said...

Love these shots...thanks so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

ang cute ng daddy and son photo.. happy holiday dyan sa inyo :D

Maria Magcauaus said...

Thanks for visiting, I will drop EC back probably this weekend, just busy with school and parenting!

Yeah, I think your boy really does like to wrestle, look at the poor defenseless dog, ahahah!

Have a nice weekend!

JonaBQ said...

m back and here's my pasalubong for you --->> Beautiful Blogger Award.

Smile Mommy!

Andrea said...

Hope you had an awesome St. Patrick's Day.
Hugs, andrea

Clarissa said...

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

Love their bonding!It must be a lot of fun!

Cecile said...

Rose, ang laki na ni Ej :-); salamat nga pala sa visit at comments :-)...muahhh

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...parang si Akesha...never missed the day without wrestling with hubby.....:)

woi super laki ng doggie...ehehehe....parang sing laki ni EJ...ehehehe!

Mel Alarilla said...

Hahaha, pareho pala kami ni John. Nakikipag wrestling din ako sa mga anak ko nung maliit pa sila. Very serious sila sa pakikipag wrestling sa akin na pinaglalabanan pa namin yung ginawa kong championship belt, hehehe, lol. Pati nga dun sa bunso kong babae eh nakikipag wrestling ako. At siyempre nagpapatalo ako sa kanila at naniniwala naman silang talagang tinalo nila ako. Wow, I really miss those days, hehehe, lol. Ngayon puro computer na ang pinapagkaabalahan nila, sigh!!! Thanks for the joyous post. God bless you all always.

Unknown said...

Hi bakla just bumibisita dito, parang super busy ka sa payu ahh, dami siguro binigay sayo. well. just look at EJ smile pang palakas at pangpadagdag inergiya heheheh

Joie Mojica-Gahum said...

Hi there..thanks for always dropping by my blog..I adore your beautiful kids..This is bunak form Bunak's Boring Life

Josie said...

hello following you from facebook networked blog. visit me here too thanks!

Jules said...

I like the first shot of your hubby with your little boy. They look so happy. =D

The Brown Mestizo

kamz said...

hi ate rose! ang cute naman ng mag ama mo! walang st. patrick's day dito sa amin pero belated na rin. hope you had a fun celebration.

Cecile said...

thanks dear :-)

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