Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Road trip to South Dakota, Day One

Doing family road trips is fun although it's hard for someone who's doing all  the driving (Thanks Hon).  He drove 10 hours on our first day though Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and then we stopped for the night in Madison, Wisconsin.  
It's always a treat to me when we drive where there's farming scenery.  
The three states that we passed by are pretty have those farming scenery which I love.  
There's a charm about farms that attracts me, maybe because I grew up in a farm and I kind of miss that now that I am older.  Yeah, I wasn't fond of living in a farm when I was younger, I always wanted to explore but now that I am older, I'd like to live in  a FARM, again lol.
Farmers here in the US has it easier because they have machineries that does things like watering system, big machineries for plowing the field, planting, harvesting, and lifting heavy stuff.  The farm where I grew up from, we  do all the work manually and to this day, a lot of farmers there still do manual labors.  Farmers in the Philippines can't afford to buy  machineries to use in the farm.
The good thing about it is that, a lot of people still know how to grow  plants and still willing to  do manual farm jobs.
I remember when I was about 7 years old, my dad  was already teaching us how to do things in the farm and that knowhow and skills still stuck in me so if I ever decide to live in a farm, I would survive for sure as long as I am  strong enough to do  manual labors.
We noticed that Indiana most have  a lot of corn fields and soy beans in their fields.  According to an article that I read,  their valuable crops includes Corn, Soybeans,  Hay & haylage, wheat, melons,  pumpkins  and mint.
The farming scenery ended when we entered Chicago.  I will continue about  our little adventure in Chicago on my next post. 

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