Friday, May 27, 2022

Fun in Boardman, Ohio

Since Covid hits, we didn't do much traveling anymore so when the restrictions got lifted up, we tried to do some much needed roadtrips to unwind and see other places other than home where we were cooped up for a long time.  I never wanted to go anywhere when the mask was still required in pretty much everywhere you go.  Wearing it  triggers my migraine so I always ended up having a terrible headache when I tried to go.  So I am very happy that there's no restrictions anymore.  I hope this monkey pox doesn't do that to us again.
We started going to Boardman in the winter just to get out even though snow was still heavy.  We just wanted to explore a little.
It becomes one of our weekend routines now though.  
Even though it is a bit far of a drive, we don't mind because we like the place.
We even went there on Mother's Day.
It's nice that they still holds this true.  Weirton  was broken when the steel industry went down.
The Southern Mall was nice to walk around too.
Aside from the shopping area, there are games and other activities you can do.  It's nice that they put this games.
I noticed that they removed these games though.  You can still rent stuff to ride but the games are gone.
Our son doesn't like going to the malls.  Shopping is not his thing but he enjoyed this mall because of the activities you can do.
The nearby mall in our area has gone down to the drain so we had to drive a little ways to find a good shopping areas.  This mall doesn't disappoint.
Just last weekend, we were there and shopped for some clothes for our son.  He is growing like a weed and all his clothes are getting smaller and shorter.

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