Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Our Road Trips to Boardman, Ohio

Due to BS restrictions about covid, we halted all of our travel plans altogether.  However, we go to short road trips every now and then just to break the monotonous routine of our  daily lives.  Our kids suggested we checked out this food chain called Raising Cane in Boardman Ohio.  They said that their friends talk highly about it so off we went.
I personally don't like winter but it's a beautiful scenery for road trips when there's snow.
Boardman is 56 miles  from where we live so it takes a little over an hour to drive but the distance is really worth it.  We've never been to this place before so we were surprised that we've never really heard about it until lately.  It looks like a booming little town which reminds us of our place but the only difference is that, their steel mill looks like still going on while the industry here in our place have died.
Ohio is one relaxing place to drive around especially during summer time where fields along the roads  are filled with greens.
Rivers are beautiful too especially when it is frozen with ice on top.  
My body is  always cold but I often wonder if I can endure wandering in the woods during winter times.  That's always in the back of my mind but I'm guessing that my body won't be able to last a long time.  It would be fun to try though to find out how long I can endure it.
We went there three times already and will be going back again for sure.
I noticed that the common theme among business in this place is love and happiness, must be their  theme.  Raising Cane has "One Love" then we saw other businesses with love and happiness as well.  Thought it's pretty neat.
I wish the steel mill in our area did not vanish, it's sad to see it go down.

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