Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Family Fun Time in Oglebay Last Year #Spring2021

Thanks to a friend who  offered to take our daughter's photos, we got to have a little Spring fun at Oglebay  that day.

Looking at these photos makes me realize  the huge  growth our son has gotten.  He still have a baby face on this photos but now he looks so different.  He became more self conscious of how he looks, how his hair looks, and stuff like that.  He doesn't like his picture taken anymore, I had to beg to take it and even if he let me, he always warn me not to post it on social media so I am always careful of what pics I post.
He doesn't have  braces anymore and he felt relieved about that.  His teeth has straighten so he is happy about it.
She feel a little awkward posing at first but I think she got more comfortable as the shoot goes on.
Being a parent is no joke but it's very gratifying to see how your children slowly becoming an adult.  You get that feeling that makes you say "Did I really gave birth to them?  Did I really raise them right?"  Sometimes, you get to question yourself if you are doing a good job raising them but that's part of parenthood.  There is no perfect manual for it.  It's a constant learning procerss.
One thing is certain, I don't regret giving up my career because I see how my kids have grown in my care and that's good enough accomplishment for me.

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