Thursday, March 24, 2022

American and Natural History Museum in DC

Four years ago, my daughter's class went on an educational field trip in Washington DC.  This is the activity that my son missed out on due to Covid.  His class never get to enjoy this because of pandemic.  
Anyway, on the second day of our trip, part of the  itinerary was Smithsonian where students had the choice to go on three different places.  We went to the National Air and Space Museum first then to American and Natural History Museum afterwards.    I'll make a separate post on the other two. 
I love going and visiting arts center and museums.  There's so much you can learn from in those places.
Old stuff in museums amazes me.  You get to see things that don't exist or use anymore.
Like this one.
Or this one.
You can tell the youngsters are tired and were just sitting around waiting for it to be over.  At this point, nothing excites them anymore lol.
This trophy was awarded to Gertrude Ederle in 1926.  She's an olympic medalist and the first woman to swim the English channel.  In 1920, women not only gained the right to vote but they also get to compete in amateur and professional sports.
This cello is super old, made in 1915 by Luigi Rovatti in Argentina.
Renowned Argentinian American cellist and conductor Ennio BOlognini (19-93-1979) accumulated autographs of well-known musician and other entertainers on his cello.

I love this star spangled banner.

Touring the museum is definitely  super informative for me.

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